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Which Essential Oils Are Best For Migraines

Why Should You Try Essential Oils For Headaches

Best Essential Oils for Headaches!

There is research backing the use of many of these essential oils. Where there isnt, many researchers are calling for more research to be done to quantify the health benefits these oils can provide. While essential oils cant cure or remove your headaches entirely, they have shown in many cases to reduce symptoms, duration, or severity of the headaches. And, more importantly, using them has very few side effects or risks.

Simply Stacie writes about how essential oils have worked for her:

At first, I doubted they would work. I was skeptical, but also willing to try it out and see if it made a difference. To my surprise, I discovered essentials did help and, in fact, took the pain away altogether for some of my headaches. It was a light bulb kind of moment. I thought wow these things really do work!

Teri on also discusses at-length how essential oils have helped with her migraines and corresponding symptoms. She writes:

Although it cannot abort a Migraine, it can offer some symptomatic relief and comfort. In my personal use, I find aromatherapy helpful for fighting nausea and helping me relax or get to sleep while Im waiting for my medications to kick and for the Migraine to end. Some oils help me feel less of the panic the Migraines sometimes induce.

So Uh How Exactly Does Smelling An Essential Oil Relieve A Headache

They work like this: Essential oils are quickly absorbed by smell receptors that are linked to the limbic system, which controls heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and stress, Elizabeth Ko, MD, medical director of the UCLA Health Integrative Medicine Collaborative and assistant clinical professor of medicine of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, previously told WH. Basically, certain oils can trigger responses in the body that relieve anxiety and tension and promote relaxation, all things that can trigger headaches and migraines.

In fact, some smaller studies have found that people had less headache pain after they applied peppermint and lavender essential oil to their skin. One study even found that there wasnt a significant difference between using peppermint oil for reducing pain and taking acetaminophen . Pretty cool.

My Favorite Essential Oils

Different oils offer different benefits and I use them based on the desired outcome I want or the specific issue Im dealing with at the time.. Some essential oils can reduce stress, which can alleviate tension headaches, or soothe pain. As I stated earlier, Ive struggled with headaches and migraines for years. So I have gone through my fair share of testing out different oils. Here are my favorite oils to use for each specific kind of headache.

  • Tension Headache: These kind of headaches are the worst for me. I can slowly feel my shoulders rise up to my ears as my muscles get tighter and tighter. My favorite oil to use is actually not really an oil. There is a blend of oils in it but let me tell you it works! Its Young Livings CBD Muscle Rub. It has a hot and cold sensation of menthol and gives a boost by infusing it with an array of Camphor, Clove, Helichrysum, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, and more essential oils.
  • Stress Headache: For stress headaches I usually like to use a calming oil like Lavender, Eucalyptus or Peace & Calming and then a hot oil like Peppermint to take my mind away from the pain. I apply the peppermint to my temples and the calming oils to my neck.
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    The Best Essential Oils To Manage Migraine

    So, what does all of this mean in the context of eliminating or at least reducing migraine headaches?

    First, see if you can identify some of your biggest migraine triggers. Then you can select the oils that are most supportive in overcoming those triggers. For example, stress has always been a big trigger of mine. I would experience let-down headaches, so after the stress would pass and my body would begin to relax, it was like clockwork an instant migraine. Thats when I started working with lavender essential oil during times of heightened stress. I would apply lavender oil on the soles of my feet before I went to bed. This not only helped to manage stress in my body but it also improved my quality of sleep another benefit for managing migraine.

    One study on essential oils and migraine concluded that, Inhalation of lavender essential oil may be an effective and safe treatment modality in acute management of migraine headaches.

    Another study on lavender and the nervous system discovered that, lavender reported to be useful in the treatment of acute as well as chronic or intractable pain.

    Muscle tension is another trigger for me, so I use a blended oil called Deep Blue which helps me to get ahead of the tension before it builds up to trigger a migraine.

    How To Use Essential Oils

    Top 5 Essential Oils for Migraines &  How to Use Them

    Okay, now we know what they are and how to select quality, therapeutic-grade oils, now what do you do when you get the oils home?

    Essential oils can be used in one of three ways: aromatically, topically or internally.

    • Aromatically: Just smelling the aroma of an oil can create a response in the brain that will elicit emotions and internal benefits. Some will create an invigorating or uplifting effect. Others will create calming or soothing feelings. This empowers you to be able to choose the oil for your desired health outcome.
    • Topically: Essential oils easily penetrate the skin and offer benefits not only to the area applied but once theyre absorbed into the bloodstream, they can have therapeutic benefits to your body overall.
    • Internally: Some essential oils can be taken internally via veggie capsules, a drop under the tongue or on the roof of the mouth, or even in beverages and in cooking. Before taking essential oils internally, I strongly suggest connecting with someone who is familiar with essentials oils and can properly guide you on internal use.

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    Tbis Or Other Physical Injuries

    Traumatic Brain Injuries or other injuries to the head and/or neck may provoke migraines. TBIs trigger an inflammatory response in the brain. There is no off switch for brain inflammation so this can contribute to inflammation and pain. Similarly, damage to the blood vessels in the brain activates the coagulation , resulting in severely decreased blood flow and impeded drainage from the brain. This causes pressure to build and contributes to symptoms like migraines.Finally, when nerve fibers are damaged, signals from the nerves can misfire, leading to shooting pains.

    The Reboot Your Brain Kit may help balance and heal TBIs. Topically applying Parasympathetic blend on the vagal nerve behind the on the neck can help manually override any TBI damaged nerve signaling. Parasympatheticis also helpful in relieving headaches, dizziness and nausea both when applied behind the earlobe on the vagus nerve and on the temples.. Read more about TBIs HERE

    Why People Are Turning To Essential Oils & Aromatherapy For Headache Pain

    Throbbing. Pressure. Pain.

    When those familiar sensations rear their ugly head you know its time to take action.

    So what do you do?

    Reach for the ibuprofen or acetaminophen?

    Maybe. These days, more and more people are reaching for essential oils instead.

    It might seem like an unlikely choice, but for those whove experienced their healing power, its the natural first step.

    Research in recent years has confirmed that essential oils are potentially effective natural remedies for a host of health conditions including headaches, migraines, sinus, and pain management.

    Headaches are never fun, especially when theyre frequent.

    And just ask anyone who suffers from migraine attacks and theyll tell you just how much it impacts ones quality of life and productivity.

    And because the root causes of headaches are so varied, its sometimes hard to know specifically what to do to prevent or minimize future ones and their symptoms.

    Headaches can be caused by:

    • Unmanaged chronic stress and anxiety
    • Dehydration

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    What’s The Best Way To Use Essential Oils For Headaches

    When it comes to actually using essential oils, say the doctors, you’ve got options. If you’re out and about, the easiest thing to do is inhale it. Dr. Crystal recommends placing a few drops of the oil into a tissue and breathing into it. If you’ve got a carrier oil at hand, like coconut oil, Dr. Elmore says you can mix the two and massage it into your temples or forehead. For those times when you need a little extra reinforcement, Dr. Crystal suggests “placing a few drops of oil onto a hot or cold compress and applying it to your forehead.”

    How To Use Peppermint Oil For Headaches Recipes

    Best Essential Oils For Headaches
    • Add peppermint oil to your massage oil

    You can add the oil to your massage oil before applying it on your skin. However, ensure you are not allergic to any of these oil before applying it.

    Drink Peppermint tea

    • You can add peppermint leaf inside a warm water to make a peppermint tea. This will help you think clearly and be in control of your body.
    • Put a few drops in your bath water
    • Adding a few drops of peppermint to your bath water can really help you relax better.
    • Also, having a bath can reduce the intensity of headaches and migraines.

    Inhale peppermint oil

    • Steam inhalation can heal a sinus headache.
    • To enjoy this benefit, you should add 3 to 7 drops of peppermint into hot water.
    • Place a towel over your head and keep your eyes closed.
    • Ensure you breathe through your nose and do this for 3-5 minutes anytime you have a headache or a migraine.

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    The Basics Of Essential Oils For Headaches

    The use of essential oils, for aromatherapy or massage, is based on the premise that the body has the potential to heal itself, and that by carefully choosing the right oils, people can harness those innate healing powers to alleviate a variety of ailments, including headaches. Research is sparse, however several studies have revealed benefits of the more popular scents. Headache benefits of other, less-studied scents are based on knowledge accumulated during this centuries-old tradition.

    The practice of using essential oils is thought to stretch back to ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese, with each society contributing to the discipline. Several oils specifically have shown promise in alleviating headache pain. These oils work by:

    • Reducing inflammation
    • Managing hormone levels
    • Minimizing sinus pressure or allergies

    For a brief overview of types of headaches, their causes, and other treatment options, check out the video below.

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    So Why Do I Have A Headache In The First Place

    It’s fitting that essential oils attack headaches from so many different angles, because the condition is extremely complex. According to Drs. Elmore and Crystal, there are a ton of reasons why you might have one in the first place. These include:

    • Dehydration
    • Bright lights

    There are almost as many types of headaches as there are triggersover 150, according to the International Headache Society. And not all of them respond to essential oils. “Tension-type headaches and migraines tend to be more responsive to essential oils than other types of headaches are,” says Dr. Crystal. This is because essential oils are particularly good at combatting symptoms of stress, says Dr. Elmorea major cause of both tension headaches and migraines.

    Also: If you’re experiencing headaches that are more frequent or severe than usual, or keep you from doing normal activities, you should get them checked out by a doctor before exploring alternative remedies. And if you’ve got a headache and are confused, vomiting, numb or weak on one side, experiencing a high fever or stiff neck, or are having trouble seeing, speaking, or walking, get yourself to the ER, stat.

    Headaches From Tension And Stress

    7 Best Essential Oils for Headaches (Our 2021 Review)

    It is caused by constant mental pressure and stress. It is lingering pain in the sides and back of the head. Using peppermint or eucalyptus oil is found to be most effective for relieving headaches from tension. Massage the forehead and back of the neck with diluted peppermint oil. It is also good to inhale lavender oil or have EO therapeutic bath with lavender oil.

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    Top 9 Essential Oils For Migraines

    September 18, 2020

    This content was updated for accuracy and relevance on November 12th, 2020

    To have experienced migraines is to dread them. They come in all sizes and originate from different spots in the head. Some begin at the back of the head, while others grow between the eyes. But, one thing that all migraines have in common is their unpleasant nature.

    If youre a fan of natural remedies, you may be wondering what essential oils are good for migraines.

    While migraines can strike at any moment, this doesnt mean you cant be prepared. With the right EOs, you can build a fortress to defend your head against migraines. The question, of course, is which essential oils are right for helping decrease migraines. Lets explore the answers below!

    Other Essential Oils That May Help Alleviate Stress And Tension Headaches

    Essential oils such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and chamomile oil all have proven scientific backing for their use in treating headaches and migraines.

    There are also some other essential oils that you can add to a headache essential oil blend. These oils can help to alleviate tension, relax muscles, and help provide topical pain relief.

    Clove essential oil. There are no scientific studies directly linking clove oil and headache relief. However, scientists have found that clove essential oil has compounds that help relieve pain and promote healing.

    Bergamot essential oil. If stress is causing your headaches, then adding a drop or two of bergamot oil to your headache blend can help soothe your headache. Researchers say that bergamot essential oil helps alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety and can improve mood.

    Basil essential oil. One study found that using basil oil in an essential oil blend for headaches, that also included rosemary, lavender and rose essential oils, was an effective aromatherapy remedy for relieving headache pain.

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    How Can Essential Oils Help

    Essential oils are highly concentrated oils made from the leaves, stems or other elements of a plant. So basically think of plants in their truest most concentrated selves! Its amazing and 100% natural. Oils can offer lots of health benefits and have been known to reduce anxious feelings, help with sleep and relaxation and can help ease certain conditions like headaches or migraines.

    Essential Oils For Migraines


    Essential oils have many attributes that make them particularly well suited to offer migraine relief because of their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

    While migraines can result from a variety of triggers, a key cause is inflammation, which dilates and constricts the blood flow within the brain. The repeated dilation and constriction causes the nerve walls, which are sensitive to pain, to stretch, resulting in the discomfort of a headache.

    Essential oils can be used to address the underlying trigger of the migraine, along with offering symptomatic relief and comfort. For example, oils can be helpful for managing pain, alleviating panic, fighting nausea and supporting relaxation and sleep.

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    How To Use Eucalyptus Oil To Get Rid Of Migraines And Headaches

    The best way to use eucalyptus oil if you have throbbing headaches is to mix some essential oils for migraine relief.

    Make an essential oil blend using 2 drops of eucalyptus oil, 2 drops of peppermint oil and a tablespoon of olive oil or other carrier oil. Massage onto your forehead and temples for headache relief.

    Alternatively, eucalyptus and lavender are good essential oils to diffuse for sinus headaches.

    You could also inhale eucalyptus oil directly from the bottle to help clear your sinuses and get relief from sinus-related headaches.

    Find out more essential oil blends for sinus infection.

    Essential Oil Blends For Headaches

    There are many essential oil blends on the market that are specially formulated to treat headaches, relieve pain and ease tension. A blend can give you great bang for your buck, as it gives you the benefits of many different oils at once without requiring you to purchase each oil separately.

    The head relief essential oil blend from Healing Solutions is a unique blend of eight different essential oils and has a soothing and relaxing scent. The head ease synergy blend from Edens Garden likewise contains nine different essential oils that work powerfully against both migraine and cluster headaches. The Plant Therapy essential oils Tension relief blend is especially beneficial for tension headaches when diluted and applied directly onto the neck and shoulders.

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