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Which Ear Piercing Helps With Migraines

Daith Piercing: The Ugly

DID THE DAITH PIERCING HELP MY MIGRAINES?? | Migraine Update 10 Months with the Daith Ear Piercing

Is the daith piercing dangerous? Not quite, but it does come with risks, of course.

The piercing process itself can be painful, and the area can remain tender for weeks while it heals. As with any piercing, the ear piercing for headaches also carries a risk of infection. For a few of the people who wrote in, the experience was unpleasant:

Expect pain.“No daith piercing for me. I’m too scared.” Judy B.

They can close up if the jewelry is removed.“Tried both daith piercing and acupuncture, no relief for me with either. Had to take the daith piercings out for an MRI and they closed over anyway. Even though they didn’t work I was going to keep them because they were cute, but as a migraine sufferer you’re always having tests and removing jewelry anyway!” – Peta H.

It might make it worse, or disappoint.” I did not receive any relief from my headache piercing, in fact, I think it made them worse. I had it for 10 days, had migraines for most of those days and ended up taking it out because it was just the most terrible headaches I have ever had. Not to mention I had a rejection and now 2 weeks after having it removed I am still having migraines every day and there is pressure on the inside of my ear. I got mine pierced at a reputable establishment where they do thousands of these yearly. It is all about your individual anatomy, I’m not too sure there is a cure for migraines. Good luck to anyone who has had results, I hope it continues for you and you have relief.” – Sharon P.

Daith Piercing For Migraine: The Good

With the question is there really a piercing that helps with migraines? buzzing so loudly around the internet, we decided to put it to the largest, most brilliant group of people with Migraine we know: the MigraineAgain

We’ve received more than sixty responses from real people – many of whom are pleased with their daith ear piercing.

Reduced migraine frequency so far.“Over the last year, I’ve had both daiths pierced. I have gone from 5-12 migraines a month to I’ve had 4 since October I actually needed my meds for.” – Jennifer H.

“I’ve suffered from migraines since a head trauma when I was 10. I use yoga, breathing exercises and lots of prayer as no meds ever really helped and I got too many side effects. I choose to get the ear piercing for migraines in both ears about 2 months ago and I’m thrilled so far. When I first notice my aura coming I manipulate my ears and do acupressure and I’ve only had one mild migraine rather than 2 or 3 a week. I’m still waiting for a major one to hit for the full test but so far so good.” – Theresa H.

Some are even migraine free.“Had migraines since elementary school. Got both ears done with the daith ear piercing in Dec. 2016 and have since come off of Topiramate 200mg daily. No migraines since having it done. Wish I would’ve had it done sooner. The place I had mine done offered numbing to have piercings done, didn’t hurt at all.” – Crystal B.

“I have gotten the daith ear piercing and I’ve been migraine free for 3.5 months.” – Lisa C.

What Is Daith Piercing

A daith piercing is a piercing through the smallest fold of cartilage in your ear, right at the point where the outer ridge that runs along the top of your ear connects to your inner ear, just above the ear canal. Because its a small, curvy piece of cartilage, it can sometimes be hard to pierce, and once its done, most people dont change the jewelry often. It can take months to heal and can easily become infected if not pierced or cared for correctly. Still, some people with migraine have reported that their daith piercing resulted in reduced pain during migraine attacks, leading others to seek out the piercings exclusively for their potential to reduce migraine pain. Its important to note, however, that any reported results are widely believed to be placebo.

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Do Tragus Piercings Help With Migraines

The tragus and the daith are at roughly the same pressure point on your ear that acupuncturists target to treat migraine headaches. Acupuncturists place needles in ear cartilage to relieve migraine symptoms. Its thought that acupuncture activates channels in your brain that turn pain off.

How to treat an infected daith piercing

  • Clean the area. Cleaning the infected area is your first line of defense against the infection spreading.
  • Apply a warm compress or do a sea salt soak. A warm compress can help the infection drain and relieve pain and swelling.
  • Avoid over-the-counter antibiotics or creams.
  • Can Ear Piercing Help Migraines

    Migraine Piercing: Can a Daith Ear Piercing Help ...

    A daith piercing is a type of ear piercing that runs through the fold of cartilage that sits right above your ear canal. This piercing became popular as an alternative remedy for migraines through social media posts and comments on online migraine forums.

    There have also been individual reports of people whose migraines improved after getting a daith piercing. One 2017 report showed that a middle-aged man who was unable to get relief from medications had a major reduction in migraines after getting a daith piercing.

    Researchers believe that the piercing could potentially help because this area of your ear is connected to the vagus nerve, which carries pain signals to your brain, says Fayyaz Ahmed, MD, a neurologist and honorary professor at Hull York Medical School.

    Early studies have found that you can stimulate your own vagus nerve using a handheld device to send an electrical pulse into the side of your neck. This method may help treat migraines, but there’s no evidence that a daith piercing can have the same effect.

    Getting a daith piercing in a specific pressure point could theoretically help migraines by continuously stimulating your vagus nerve but it would require an extremely precise placement of the piercing.

    The American Migraine Foundation states that a piercing practitioner who isn’t trained in acupuncture probably wouldn’t be able to properly place the daith piercing. And even if the piercing is precise, there’s no guarantee that it would offer relief.

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    How Its Said To Work

    The theory behind ear cartilage piercings for migraines is similar to the theory behind acupuncture. Acupuncturists believe that electricity, nerve endings, and pressure points in your body can be stimulated, realigned, and otherwise modified to treat pain.

    In the case of tragus piercings, the theory hinges on the vagus nerve. This is the longest of the 10 nerves extending from the bottom of your brain into the rest of your body.

    Some health conditions, like depression and epilepsy, have already been proven to respond to vagus nerve stimulation, in cases where other treatments didnt work.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, researchers are looking into ways that vagus nerve stimulation may also treat headaches. People who get piercings to treat migraines believe that puncturing the daith or tragus provides vagus nerve stimulation.

    Keeping This In View Which Ear Do You Get A Daith Piercing For Migraines

    You can get a daith piercing done in one or both ears. Some advocates of daith piercing suggest that it should be done on the ear which is on the side of the part of your head that pains the most during a migraine. Thus, if you get a left-sided migraine more often, get the piercing done on your left ear.


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    Daith Piercing For Migraines

    Daith piercings are probably the most well-known type of inner ear piercing for migraines. This piercing is done on the innermost fold of cartilage directly above the opening to your ear canal. This spot is also used in acupuncture to treat migraines. It is a very small spot and can be difficult to pierce. Once pierced, the area can take a long time to heal and is prone to infection.

    When it comes to daith piercing for migraines, there are no findings that a piercing on one side is better than the other for relieving migraine pain.

    Should You Have A Daith Piercing


    The bottom line is that we dont know for certain whether daith piercing really helps with migraine. Of course, no migraine treatment is 100% effective, but there are other treatments which have more robust scientific evidence supporting their use. These include other non-drug treatments like relaxation techniques, acupuncture or physiotherapy.

    If you like the look of the piercing anyway, and think that any effect on your migraine symptoms could just be an extra benefit, then it could be worth trying. Just make sure to go to a licensed technician, to minimize the risk of complications.

    But if you arent keen on the idea of caring for a piercing in such a fiddly area, you are likely to be better off looking into other options. Since the benefits of daith piercing are unclear, its hard to say whether its risks are worth taking.

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    Daith Piercing: The Bad

    Even while some people noticed results with the Migraine piercing, many noticed no results, slight results, or only temporary improvement. The following daith piercing reviews for migraines show the negative side.

    Relief was only temporary:“It worked for a month or so while there was built up pressure from the healing of a new piercing. When it was fully healed, it no longer worked the same. But, it provided relief for a few months. – Hannah S.

    “The Migraine piercing worked at first. Not after it healed. Oh well, I like the piercing anyway.” – Julie L.

    Looks cool, but didn’t help.“I had both ears done with the ear piercing for migraines – no relief at all for Hemiplegic Migraines but my migraines are atmosphere-related not digestive. I wish I had read this before I tried it. I know someone who had great results. If you’re not sure I would try it and if nothing else you’ll have a “hip” piercing. Seeing an acupuncturist first is a very good suggestion.” – Kimberley G.

    “The daith piercing helped slightly. I get better pain relief from occipital nerve block shots.” – Joy L.

    “Daith piercing didn’t work for me. Acupuncture is next for me. Am forever hopeful that something will work.” – Lis M.

    “Got the ear piercing for headaches, it’s just pretty, didn’t help at all.” – Angela M.

    “I have Chiari and daily chronic migraines…got the daith and unfortunately didn’t help one bit.” – Tanya B.

    If You Suffer From Migraines And Headaches Then Perhaps Consider A Daith Piercing

    Since 2015 we have had clients come in regularly requesting daith piercings specifically for the treatment of migraines and headaches. We were a bit sceptical at first, and there is no medical reason why this works. The daith is not actually in an acupressure spot, however, the results have been quite amazing. For the majority of those who get a daith piercing, their migraines either disappear entirely, lessen in severity or decrease in frequency. The side of the head that the migraines/headaches tend to arise from is typically the side of the daith piercing. Alternately you can pierce both daiths to cover all the bases.

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    Which Side Of Daith Ear Piercings To Relieve Migraines

    Which side to get daith piercing for migraines? Migraines can affect one side of the head, or come at random on both sides of your head. Some people are able to relieve migraines by massaging the particular side of the head that suffers the migraines.

    So, should it be the left or right ear daith piercing for migraines? You can pierce the left ear cartilage if you get the migraines more often on the left side of the head. However, if the pain and pressure occurs most on the right side, do a daith piercing on the right side and see if it will stop the headaches.

    • The best way to determine which side of daith piercings will help migraines is by massaging the ear or head on one side first.
    • If the results are encouraging, get a daith piercing on that side.
    • However, you can also opt to relieve headaches with daith piercings on both sides of the ear.

    If you are trying to determine which side to get a cartilage ear piercing to stop a migraine or headache, you may also want to see an acupuncturist. The practitioner will help determine whether one piercing on either the left ear or right ear is all you need, or both. This way, your piercing may be a long term solution for your migraines.

    If You Decide To Get A Daith Piercing

    24 Piercing Snug Prix Télécharger Télécharger

    If you decide to get one just to try it, or because you like the way they look, do it as safely as you can.

    Find a piercing professional to get daith or any type of body piercing. Look for someone whoâs licensed, although each state has its own laws about who can pierce ears. Make sure you trust your piercer and feel confident about the process before you get started. Let your doctor know youâre thinking about a daith piercing so you can go over any potential health risks.

    Any piercing studio should be clean, ventilated, and well lit, with a separate room for piercings. It should have a sink for the piercer to wash their hands before and after the procedure, and liquid soap and paper towels nearby, not reusable cloth towels. All equipment needs to be new or properly sterilized and always in unopened sterile packaging. Donât get a piercing in someoneâs home or a public bathroom.

    Before you get a daith piercing, a professional piercer should do the following:

    • Go over the procedure with you step by step
    • Select the appropriate jewelry for this piercing
    • Discuss possible risks and complications
    • Review what to expect as your piercing heals
    • Give you verbal and written aftercare instructions

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    Ear Piercing For Migraines: Truth Or Myth

      If you suffer from migraines, you are likely willing to try anything that may help stop them. You may also have pierced another part of your body and are wondering what the big deal is about getting one more piercing. But is piercing for migraines the answer? While it has gained popularity in recent years, there is little scientific evidence that piercing offers real, long-term relief from migraines.

      Does Daith Piercing Work In The Absence Of Studies We Look To The Community For Answers And Insights About The Migraine Piercing

      The daith piercing first gained internet fame over a year ago, but unlike most fad treatments it refuses to fade as a hot topic. This is due in part to the sheer number of testimonials available – with a wide range of experiences with the ear piercing for migraines.

      Even while the internet and Migraine community buzz about the possibility of a simple treatment like an ear piercing that helps with migraines, most physicians and major non-profits are skeptical at best.

      How does it work? Simply put, the daith ear piercing is done on a very specific point on a specific part of the ear called the daith.

      The theory behind the ear piercing for migraines is rooted in acupuncture: the spot pierced is supposed to line up with an acupressure point that links to the digestion system.

      Western medicine is skeptical about a piercing that helps with migraines because Migraine is a complicated, historically tricky disease. Unfortunately, there have been no clinical studies on the piercing to date, so there is little evidence outside of anecdotes to back up the Migraine piercing.

      Even so, Migraine drives us to try crazier things than an ear piercing, and the lack of clinical evidence is not stopping many, many people with Migraine from giving it a shot.

      For many, the cost/benefit seems attractive: for $40-50 per piercing, it’s less expensive and no more painful than other needle-based therapies we’ve tried.

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      Daith Piercings X Migraine Buddy

      Majority of body piercings are desired for their aesthetic value, aiding one in creation of their own personal style, vanity, and commonly used as a tool for self-expression. Some piercings however can serve with a deeper purpose. Unlike other fad treatments which have faded out over time, the daith piercing till today remains as a hot but debated topic even today.

      With todays advancement in technology coupled with the ease of content sharing, migraine communities and the Internet have provided migraineurs with a diverse range of perspectives on daith piercings. With the variety and abundance in responses, this has not only provided affirmation for some on their thoughts on daith piercings but also fed on their skepticism and apprehension about the topic.

      Can Ear Piercing Mitigate Migraine Pain

      Does a DAITH Piercing Really Heal Migraines? | 6 Month Update

      So what does piercing your ear have to do with migraine pain? Why the ear instead of, say, the nose? Getting a piercing in your ear for migraines may seem strange, but many people in recent years have been trying it to relieve their migraines.

      The idea is that piercing the same spot on the ear previously treated in acupuncture would bring a constant pressure and alleviate migraine pain.

      Ear piercings for migraines and anxiety are done on very specific locations on the ear. The reason is related to acupuncture. This Chinese practice involves inserting small needles into various places in an effort to relieve pain and improve a variety of health conditions. There are specific points on the ear, two in particular, that are known to relieve migraine pain.

      Some people who have found acupuncture helpful but wanted a more permanent solution have turned to ear piercing. The idea is that piercing the same spot on the ear previously treated in acupuncture would bring a constant pressure and alleviate migraine pain. Practitioners of this approach believe they have fewer migraine episodes and fewer migraine symptoms overall.

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