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What Side To Get Daith Piercing For Migraine

Daith Piercing For Migraines Headache Relief Which Side

Daith Piercing For Migraines Which Side Should I Get It On?
    However, if the pain and pressure occurs most on the right side, do a daith piercing on the right side and see if it will stop the headaches. The best way to determine which side of daith piercings will help migraines is by massaging the ear or head on one side first. If the results are encouraging, get a daith piercing on that side.

What Is A Daith Piercing

Daith piercings are located in the innermost fold of your ear cartilage . Other than the fact that they look ridiculously prettyespecially when combined with decked-out earlobes and helixesdaith piercings are also anecdotally thought to relieve migraines by activating a soothing pressure point on the ear. Shannon Freed, senior manager of piercing operations at Studs, says there is no scientific or medical evidence to back this claim, but does point out the fact that acupressure/acupuncture practitioners often pin point the daith area to treat ailments like migraines, tension, and cluster headaches .

Of course, daith piercings arent for everyone. Unlike, say, your lobes, your cartilage is pretty unique to you and your ear. The smaller your cartilage is, the less likely youll be able to get it pierced .That’s why Freed says it’s important to see a professional piercer who can assess your ear anatomy before moving forward with the placement .

Which Side Should You Get A Daith Piercing On For Migraines

Like I said, there is zero guarantee that getting a daith piercing will help migraines, but if youre willing to take a gamble, its best to choose the side of your head that your migraine feels most prominent. If your migraines arent specific to one side, pierce the ear you dont sleep onitll make your healing process way smoother . And even if your daith piercing doesnt stop your migraines, youll at least have some sick new jewelry, right? Right.

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Is There Any Medical Proof That Daith Piercings Are Effective For Treating Migraine Symptoms

More studies are desperately needed to prove the effectiveness of this piercing. However, the medical science behind the theory is sound. There is a branch of the vagus nerve that runs through the ear, and piercing this specific spot stimulates that nerve. Doctors are not clear why this helps migraine symptoms, but they are aware its effective in many patients. Vagus nerve stimulators are available in many forms.

Dr. Chris Blatchely is a medical doctor in London that specializes in migraine treatment, and hes the first to offer the piercing as part of a medically controlled treatment plan.

Hes collected data from migraine sufferers that tried daith piercings and is seeking the help of neurologists to continue his study.

You can read his full report here. After speaking with him via phone and asking about the anatomy and physiology of this small area in the ear, he theorized that many patients experience relief initially and throughout the healing process because of nerve stimulation. His study showed a decrease in the effectiveness of the piercing in some patients after about two years. He believes that it may be due to the area being fully healed, which suggests the nerve is no longer stimulated as aggressively. However, its been over two years for me, and I am still migraine free.

Daith Piercing For Anxiety

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Daith piercing for anxiety is getting more popular as time passes as more people are knowing about this. People are slowly acknowledging it. However some still dont know what it is. Daith piercing is the piercing in the inner cartilage fold of the ear and is below the rook piercing. It is believed that the daith piercing is done to ease the anxiety. It also helps to relieve other such symptoms like headaches and anxiety. According to some people there are some of the points where when pressure applied. This can help release the anxiety a little bit. There is no understanding of exactly how the daith piercing helps with the anxiety and migraine issues. But there are a few proposed mechanisms that can help us understand how the daith piercing works.

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Things To Consider About Will A Daith Piercing Help Tension Headaches

Piercings are typically less than $100 so this could be an economical treatment alternative if it works.

The precise position is an important factor in the results you receive. Your acupuncturist may be able to test this, recommend someone, or mark the spot for an accurate piercing.

will a daith piercing help tension headaches

Anecdotal feedback suggests you pierce the ear on the side where you most often experience your migraine headaches.

Can Ear Piercing Help Migraines

A daith piercing is a type of ear piercing that runs through the fold of cartilage that sits right above your ear canal. This piercing became popular as an alternative remedy for migraines through social media posts and comments on online migraine forums.

There have also been individual reports of people whose migraines improved after getting a daith piercing. One 2017 report showed that a middle-aged man who was unable to get relief from medications had a major reduction in migraines after getting a daith piercing.

Researchers believe that the piercing could potentially help because this area of your ear is connected to the vagus nerve, which carries pain signals to your brain, says Fayyaz Ahmed, MD, a neurologist and honorary professor at Hull York Medical School.;

Early studies have found that you can stimulate your own vagus nerve using a handheld device to send an electrical pulse into the side of your neck. This method may help treat migraines, but there’s no evidence that a daith piercing can have the same effect.

Getting a daith piercing in a specific pressure point could theoretically help migraines by continuously stimulating your vagus nerve but it would require an extremely precise placement of the piercing.;

The American Migraine Foundation states that a piercing practitioner who isn’t trained in acupuncture probably wouldn’t be able to properly place the daith piercing. And even if the piercing is precise, there’s no guarantee that it would offer relief.;

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Do Daith Piercings Help With Migraines


    The use of daith piercings to help relieve migraines comes from acupuncture. Studies have shown that acupuncture can heal migraines. According to WebMD1 reported study, After completing the study, all of the participants including those in the sham group reported fewer days with migraines than before the study began.

    • A daith piercing works in the same way acupuncture works to relieve migraines.
    • Both hormonal and stress-related migraines are related to the pressure the patient feels in the ear, temples etc. resulting in headaches.
    • Piercing the ear relieves tension points, thus stopping the migraines.

    How does the daith piercing for migraine relief work? The pressure point is located in the cartilage found in the innermost fold of the ear. By piercing this cartilage, the pressure and tension are relieved, this stopping the migraines.

    FACT CHECK: According to the statistics:

    In the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. Some migraine studies estimate that 13 percent of adults in the U.S. population have migraines, and 2-3 million migraine sufferers are chronic.

    Acupuncture techniques work by stimulating nerves in muscle tissues and under the skin. It makes the body produce endomorphs pain relieving substances. As a result, the body is relieved of any pressure and pain that is causing the discomfort.

    Upside Of Daith Piercings

    Watch me get a daith piercing for migraines

    What most respondents mentioned that they liked about getting a daith piercing was that it actually benefited their migraines or even if there was no change, they got a cute piercing out of the deal.;

    I liked that it was something new and wasnt medical because at that time I was kind of frustrated with all the doctors and everything for not figuring out my migraines since it was all new to me. Alexis Ziegler

    I felt a sudden release of pressure afterwards which was lovely. Rachel ;

    It looks good. Helen Fairbrother

    It helped with my migraines! They havent left but they have had a slight improvement and anything is better than nothing. Annie

    Getting the piercing itself was much less painful than I had thought it would be. It was sore for about a week, then a just a little tender to the touch for maybe another week, then no pain whatsoever. -Betsy

    Gave me some hope. Even if it doesnt work it still looks cool 🙂 Ximena Bañales

    It honestly was relatively low on the pain scale and it was a quick and easy process. The aftercare has, funnily enough, become therapeutic and is a time for me to do some relaxing self care -Natasha N

    I got a cute piercing out of the deal! Makenna Bond

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    Tips For Getting A Daith Piercing

    If you decide to move forward with a daith piercing, take our advice:

    • Chat with your doctor about alternative migraine treatments and whether this is the best next step for you.
    • Research licensed professional piercers in your area.
    • Make sure youre on board with the cost of a professional piercing and the energy to follow aftercare instructions.
    • Pick which ear to pierce. Some non-medical sources suggest piercing the side where you get most of your migraine to keep the pressure on that point.

    Dont rule out conventional migraine solutions. Your doctor can recommend one of these common options:

    • over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory meds
    • prescriptions like triptans, ergots, steroids, beta-blockers, and even anti-seizure pills
    • prescription injectable anti-migraine medications

    How Long Does It Take For Daith Piercing To Help Migraines

    Healing generally takes up to 2 months but for some people it can be longer as everyones bodies heal differently. It could be sore to touch durning the healing process so I recommend sleeping on the opposite side as to not bother the piercing. The less you touch and mess with the piercing the quicker it will heal.

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    Migraine Relief After The Daith Piercing

    After doing her own research, my doctor suggested I take 400mg of riboflavin a day. She found a product on Amazon, which included magnesium and feverfew specifically for migraine sufferers.

    I ordered it immediately. This is not medical advice. Please consult your own doctor before taking any supplements.

    To get through these few months while my piercing site fully heals, Ive reinstated every tactic from my former migraine days.

    Im using my back buddy to reduce the tension in my shoulder, washing my hair with mint shampoo, balancing my diet, getting plenty of sleep, and rubbing migraine gel on the back of my neck.

    Its been 17 days since I took out my daith piercing. Ive had three full blown migraines lasting 2-3 days each. I started the riboflavin supplement, MigreLief, four days ago and it seems to be helping.

    The first day I took it during an aura, and the pain never arrived.

    Ive also stopped drinking coffee. It lowers my blood sugar which can bring on a migraine attack.

    For the last 5 weeks, Ive been taking 1 capsule of a brain booster supplement that contains caffeine. It provides a steady release of energy and Im not jittery or anxious.

    My focus has improved and even my skin has a new glow. I miss coffee more than Id like to admit and Im currently looking for something to fill that void, but I have to admit, I havent felt this good, mentally, in a long time.

    To recap, heres what is working for me:

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    Which Ear Should Get The Daith Piercing For Migraines

    Daith piercings provide relief for some migraine sufferers ...

    This is probably the most commonly asked question, and the answer is simple: The same side as the pain. If you have migraine symptoms on both sides of your head, you may want to start with one side, then try the other. As a side sleeper, I think getting both sides pierced at the same time would have been miserable. But, if youre a back sleeper, this may not be so bothersome. If you decide to pierce both sides, sleeping on a donut-type pillow helps tremendously.

    These pillows are specifically made for fresh ear piercings!

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    Do Daith Piercings Actually Help Migraines

    If you are considering going for a daith piercing, you must know more about it to understand what it is all about, how it is done and how to take care of the new piercing.

    The effects of daith or migraine piercing have not been officially investigated. It makes it difficult to determine the authenticity of the claims regarding their effectiveness. People who enjoy piercings and body art can give it a try as it is a simple and inexpensive procedure, and opting for it is a personal choice. There is no real scientific evidence that suggests bypassing regular migraine treatment in favor of piercing can prevent the frequency or intensity of migraine headaches.

    Side Effects Of Getting Daith Piercing

    Daith piercing is more painful than the one you get on your earlobe since the cartilage is also pierced; it can be a little bit more painful and will also take longer to heal just like any other cartilage piercings. With ear lobe piercing, even if you let it close the mark when you stop wearing earrings, it will disappear after sometime. But with the cartilage piercings like the daith piercing, if you let it close after some time, it will leave a very visible mark on your ear.

    Hence make up your mind for that before you get the daith piercing. Another important thing that you need to know is that the daith piercing, just like any other piercings is more likely to get infected. The reason behind this is that it is close to hair and they can get tugged in the process. So, if you are getting an infection, make sure you consult your doctor before the infection can get worse. If you are taking any antiplatelet and other heart drugs, then you should stop it before getting your piercing. Because then you bleeding wont stop due to that medicine.

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    Searching For Which Side To Get Daith Piercing

    Want to know more about Which Side To Get Daith Piercing? You are in the right place. Expand your knowledge of piercing. Gather all the necessary information, choose the style, design and wizards. Read the reviews. Decide on your desires and start transforming your appearance. Do not deny yourself the joy of a new piercing! Here you can find everything about Which Side To Get Daith Piercing.

    Daith Piercing: The Ugly

    Daith piercing to get rid of migraines

    Is the daith piercing dangerous? Not quite, but it does come with risks, of course.

    The piercing process itself can be painful, and the area can remain tender for weeks while it heals. As with any piercing, the ear piercing for headaches also carries a risk of infection. For a few of the people who wrote in, the experience was unpleasant:

    Expect pain.“No daith piercing for me. I’m too scared.” Judy B.

    They can close up if the jewelry is removed.“Tried both daith piercing and acupuncture, no relief for me with either. Had to take the daith piercings out for an MRI and they closed over anyway. Even though they didn’t work I was going to keep them because they were cute, but as a migraine sufferer you’re always having tests and removing jewelry anyway!” – Peta H.

    It might make it worse, or disappoint.” I did not receive any relief from my headache piercing, in fact, I think it made them worse. I had it for 10 days, had migraines for most of those days and ended up taking it out because it was just the most terrible headaches I have ever had. Not to mention I had a rejection and now 2 weeks after having it removed I am still having migraines every day and there is pressure on the inside of my ear. I got mine pierced at a reputable establishment where they do thousands of these yearly. It is all about your individual anatomy, I’m not too sure there is a cure for migraines. Good luck to anyone who has had results, I hope it continues for you and you have relief.” – Sharon P.

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    Do Conch Ear Piercings Hurt

    Do conch ear piercings hurt? If your ears are naked except for the lobes, the conch might not be your best foray into the more advanced piercing world. During the procedure, you can expect to feel sharp pain and pressure. In the hours and days that follow you can expect a hot, throbbing pain.

    How much does a conch ear piercing hurt?;How much does an conch piercing hurt? How much a conch piercing hurts depends on whether youre using a needle or a dermal punch. A needle piercing would be about the same level of pain as most cartilage piercings about a 5 out of 10 on the pain scale.

    Whats the most painful ear piercing?;According to research and evidence, industrial ear piercing is considered the most painful ear piercing. In industrial ear piercing, double piercing takes place, one is on the upper ear helix and another is on the opposite side of the ear. A single piece of jewelry connects both holes.

    Can you sleep on conch piercing?;If youre a side-sleeper, youll have to avoid sleeping on the side of the piercing until its fully healed. Both experts agree that sleeping on the piercing could cause irritation and delay the healing process. Sleeping on your side can cause sagging or wrinkling of the skin.


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