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What Is The Piercing Called That Helps With Migraines

What Is A Daith Piercing And How Is It Connected To Migraines


A daith piercing is a piercing through the inner fold of cartilage just above the ear canal. Typically, those who receive the piercing wear a hoop or semi-circle earring.

So why is this specific piercing and location rumored to alleviate migraine symptoms? Well, the inner fold of cartilage coincides with a pressure point often targeted in acupuncture given to migraine patients, explains neurologist and headache specialist Deena E. Kuruvilla, M.D., Director of the Westport Headache Institute and executive board member for the Association of Migraine Disorders. So it’s believed that when the piercing hits this acu-pressure point, known as the vagus nerve similar to the way ear seeding and acupuncture work it can help relieve migraine pain, explains migraine specialist Chris Blatchley, M.D., medical director of the London Migraine Clinic.

If You Suffer From Migraines And Headaches Then Perhaps Consider A Daith Piercing

Since 2015 we have had clients come in regularly requesting daith piercings specifically for the treatment of migraines and headaches. We were a bit sceptical at first, and there is no medical reason why this works. The daith is not actually in an acupressure spot, however, the results have been quite amazing. For the majority of those who get a daith piercing, their migraines either disappear entirely, lessen in severity or decrease in frequency. The side of the head that the migraines/headaches tend to arise from is typically the side of the daith piercing. Alternately you can pierce both daiths to cover all the bases.

What Ear Piercing Helps With Pain

The ear-piercing that is said to help alleviate the pain that comes with migraines is the daith piercing.

In addition, the rook, which is the cartilage in the middle of the ear is said to be helpful in easing period pain.

However, consider there isnt really a study about the relationship between getting a piercing and the reduction of pain.

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Do Daith Piercings Actually Help Migraines

If you are considering going for a daith piercing, you must know more about it to understand what it is all about, how it is done and how to take care of the new piercing.

The effects of daith or migraine piercing have not been officially investigated. It makes it difficult to determine the authenticity of the claims regarding their effectiveness. People who enjoy piercings and body art can give it a try as it is a simple and inexpensive procedure, and opting for it is a personal choice. There is no real scientific evidence that suggests bypassing regular migraine treatment in favor of piercing can prevent the frequency or intensity of migraine headaches.

Natural Remedies For Migraines

I heard the daith piercing helps stop migraines... COMMENT ...

There are several natural remedies that are proven to help treat migraines, Ahmed says. You should still check in with your doctor before trying these remedies.

Natural treatments that can be effective include:

  • Acupuncture uses needles to pierce specific areas of your body to treat pain. Studies show that acupuncture may help you have fewer migraines. A 2016 review of 22 studies found that three months of acupuncture treatment cut the number of migraines cut in half for 57% of participants.
  • Acupressure involves using your fingers to press into and stimulate certain pressure points on your body. Certain pressure points on your hands and neck can help relieve the pain from migraines you can find a more in-depth guide for how to use acupressure on yourself here.
  • Certain vitamins and minerals may also help to treat migraine pain. One early study found that taking 400mg of the B vitamin riboflavin daily helped cut down the number of migraines patients experienced. A daily dose of 400 to 500mg of magnesium can also help prevent migraines, according to the AMF.

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Conch Piercing For Migraine

Conch piercing for migraine is something many people swear by, but there is no scientific evidence that getting the conch part of your ear helps with migraine at all. Many people get conch piercings for migraines and other types of chronic pain but while it helps some people it is not a proven thing. The daith piercing is also said to help with migraines.

What Piercing Helps You Lose Weight

The principle of losing weight is not really associated with piercings but with acupuncture, which is said to help to control your appetite and to lead to weight loss.

According to, Ear Stapling involves having your ear pierced at certain acupuncture points with a stainless steel staple and will, allegedly, control appetite, food cravings and, ultimately, help you lose weight.

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Just So What Side To Get Daith Piercing For Headaches

You can get a daith piercing done in one or both ears. Some advocates of daith piercing suggest that it should be done on the ear which is on the side of the part of your head that pains the most during a migraine. Thus, if you get a left-sided migraine more often, get the piercing done on your left ear.

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Can Cartilage Piercings Cause Nerve Damage

DID THE DAITH PIERCING HELP MY MIGRAINES?? | Migraine Update 10 Months with the Daith Ear Piercing

The horror story that comes with the tragus is that in that particular location if pierced incorrectly you can cause nerve damage but Stephanie says that’s not the case, ‘While it is true that veins, arteries and nerves run up and branch into the side of the face, piercing one in the ear is a very wide spread myth.

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When To Seek Professional Treatment

There are several cases where, even if you live with migraines and are treating them, you and/or a loved one will need emergency help. Call 911 if:

  • Your headache is the most severe youve ever had.
  • You have speech problems, motor difficulties, and/or visual disturbances.
  • Youve lost your balance.
  • The headache sets on very quickly.

Furthermore, several cases warrant calling your doctor, including:

  • The pattern or intensity of your headaches has shifted.
  • Treatment approaches youre taking are no longer working.
  • Youre experiencing significant side effects from medications.
  • You need pain medications three or more days a week.
  • Your headaches get worse when youre lying down.

What Can You Expect When Getting A Daith Piercing

As with all piercings, a daith piercing should be done by a professional who will use proper tools and uphold proper sanitation standards . This piercing, which again, is most often a hoop that hugs the innermost cartilage fold of the ear and takes 6-9 months to fully heal after piercing .

Be prepared to sacrifice all use of in-ear headphoneslike AirPodsduring the entirety of the healing process, adds Pearce. Some jobs require the use of inner-ear instruments such as stethoscopes and earplugs, both of which can prove to be quite traumatic to a new daith piercing. Daith piercings, like all new piercings, are best to be left alone while they heal.

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Pearce notes the following to help the daith piercing heal:

  • Do NOT touch, twist or handle your piercing or jewelry at all during the healing process.
  • Rinse your new daith piercing daily .
  • Maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated and get adequate rest.
  • Schedule a check-up with your piercer so they can check on healing and make jewelry adjustments as needed.

As with any piercing, you can expect tenderness to the area. However, if you feel extreme pain or suspect infection, notify your piercer and seek medical attention as needed.

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Likewise What Side To Get Daith Piercing For Headaches

You can get a daith piercing done in one or both ears. Some advocates of daith piercing suggest that it should be done on the ear which is on the side of the part of your head that pains the most during a migraine. Thus, if you get a left-sided migraine more often, get the piercing done on your left ear.

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How Long Does It Take For Daith Piercing To Help Migraines

Daith piercing to help with migraines. Hope it works ...

Healing generally takes up to 2 months but for some people it can be longer as everyones bodies heal differently. It could be sore to touch durning the healing process so I recommend sleeping on the opposite side as to not bother the piercing. The less you touch and mess with the piercing the quicker it will heal.

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What Piercing Can Help Migraines

Daith piercings have become increasingly popular in the last 20 years, Here, we have tried to provide all the information about the daith piercing for migraine and anxiety along with certain reasons as well as tips of using it.Daith Piercings as Migraine TreatmentStill, scientific backing still seems to be largely missing .Lately there has been an upsurge in online content about daith piercing as a treatment for migraine, It all started with an article in a student newspaper at State University of New York in 2011, you cause direct stimulation toAdvocates suggest getting the piercing on the same side of the head as the migraine usually begins or where the most pain is felt, The article was titled A Piercing New Alternative for Migraine Relief.

What Are Some Migraine Treatment Options

While daith piercing may not be a proven treatment option for migraines, there are treatment options that are recommended. Dr. Ahmed says at home, you can take migraine medication and avoid triggers such as light, sound and even certain foods. Additionally, having a consistent routine is helpful.

Patients should not lose hope, adds Dr. Ahmed. The most effective approach towards treating headaches involves a multidisciplinary approach for patients with severe or frequent headaches this might include combining non-pharmacological interventions, lifestyle changes and medications.

For patients who would also like to try functional medicine, it is supported by the medical literature. In fact, one study found evidence of acupuncture being at least as effective as prophylactic drug treatment for treatment of acute migraines.

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Vns Daith Piercing Not Just For Migraine

Our director, Tracy Perkins, has written a book about how VNS Daith Piercing can help with a migraines and a multitude of other issues. It covers the How, Why and Where you can benefit from the rapidly expanding frontiers of Vagus Nerve Stimulation. A useful read to understand more about Vagus Nerve Stimulation and the benefits it provides. This is now available to buy direct from

VNS Daith Piercing A method of Vagus Nerve Stimulation using precision Daith piercing techniques to alleviate the symptoms of migraine, headache, anxiety, depression and many other conditions.

VNS Daith Piercing are specialists in Vagus Nerve Stimulation and specialist piercers, focusing on the daith as the activation point for the healing stimulus. Over the last five years we have conducted the largest clinical study ever undertaken in this new treatment.

Using the very latest technology, all our approved practitioners will be using specialist tools and equipment to locate the optimum point for the VNS Daith Piercing.

Book an appointment for your VNS Daith Piercing at any one of five clinics in the UK offering this unique treatment.

Does Daith Piercing Work

An ear piercing…curing migraines? Some people say theirs are doing just that

As with any decision regarding your health, the final verdict on whether the daith piercing is right for you ultimately lies with you. It would be wonderful if there was more data-driven information available on the Migraine piercing, but that requires funding for double-blind placebo studies that isn’t planned at this time.

Until then, these daith piercing reviews for migraines can help you make an informed decision with your doctor. An ear piercing that helps with migraines is an unlikely silver-bullet treatment, but stranger things have happened.

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Is There Any Scientific Proof Or Research Supporting Daith Piercing As Pain Treatment

No. While some people with migraine say they have experienced relief from their symptoms after getting a daith piercing, the only evidence that supports this is purely anecdotal, and there is no research that supports that theory. The American Migraine Foundation believes that many results are temporary and may be a product of the placebo effect, so it does not recommend daith piercings as a treatment strategy in light of potential risks like infection and pain. For more discussion about daith piercings and what others who have tried them say, visit the .

Reviewed for accuracy by the American Migraine Foundations subject matter experts, headache specialists and medical advisers with deep knowledge and training in headache medicine. to read about our editorial board members.

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Can You Go Blind From Cartilage Piercing

Going blind because of a helix ear piercing true or false? Growing up, you might have heard your friends or parents mention that you might go blind with a helix piercing this is absolutely untrue. There’s no connection between your ear cartilage and your retina, and a quick Google search will show you nothing.

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Miss Demeanour Client Feedback After Having A Daith Piercing Done By Us To Treat Migraines

Chantelle J

I got my daith done about two-three months ago now as I had 1-2 migraines a week that would sometimes last over a day. I refused to go on medication for it and gave this piercing a go. Ive only had 3 migraines since having this piercing, which has completely changed my life. Its definitely worth a shot from people who suffer from migraines.

Angie H

I got mine done over 6 months ago and have had no migraine.. Had a couple of headaches .. So glad have had this done

Brigida S

I have no migraines at all only a couple of groggy headaches

Do Daith Piercings Actually Work

I Tried the Daith Piercing for Migraines via ...

Dr. Neruker does not recommend daith piercings as a migraine treatment. There is not a ton of scientific evidence that a daith piercing is actually helpful for migraines. The science does not back it up,” she explains. She adds that much of the research conducted on the efficacy of daith piercings for migraine treatment have been through limited case studies that suggest it could be beneficial for some people. “There have not been any big randomized trials or clinical trials to see if it’s efficacious for migraines.”

Moy believes that daith piercings could potentially offer short term migraine relief, but not in the long term. She explains, “There is no scientific research about daith piercings and migraines and whether it would work long term or for everyone, which makes suggesting iffy.”

Although from a clinical point of view, there is not a ton of evidence about the efficacy of daith piercings for migraine relief, there have been anecdotal accounts that it has worked for certain individuals. Brian Keith Thomspon, a piercing expert and owner of Body Electric Tattoo, states that he has personally heard “more positive results than negative ones” regarding how a daith piercing affected his clients’ migraine pain.

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Ways To Stimulate Migraine Relief Pressure Points

Acupressure is often self-applied. Its good to get guidance on these methods, and, in addition to professionals, there are many resources that can help. Specific techniques vary, but generally, heres what you can do:

  • Locate the point youd like to stimulate .
  • Press on the area with your thumb.
  • Continuously apply pressure while making small circles.
  • Repeat the process on the opposing pressure point.

Acupressure is also performed by licensed massage therapists with training in this modality. Regular sessions may be helpful along with other treatments as a preventive measure. These professionals undergo significant training and are licensed by states to perform this work.

Does Acupuncture Stop Migraines

Acupuncture is a holistic health approach originating from traditional Chinese medicine. In its practice, acupuncturists insert needles in the skin on specific points on the body at varying depths to help relieve pain, tension and discomfort.

In acupuncture, although needles are inserted on the body, the practice is pain-free. The connection between acupuncture and tragus piercings and daith piercings in healing headaches, anxiety and migraines is that a pressure point that is a possible cause of migraines and headaches are relieved.

In the modern practice and use of acupuncture, it is possible to treat the following ailments:

  • headaches, including reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines
  • muscle spasms and pain
  • chronic back problems and pain
  • allergies
  • mood, depression

Acupuncture points are located on the meridians through which viral energy runs according to traditional Chinese medicine theory. Clinical trials have shown effectiveness in the use of this technique to stop migraines or at least reduce the frequency of severe headaches and anxiety in a good ratio of patients.

Acupuncture is believed to stimulate the bodys natural painkillers, increase blood flow, stimulate nerves, muscles and tissues. The traditional Asian practice of acupuncture has the goal of balancing the bodys energy, called the bodys life force or qi or chi.

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Ear Piercing For Migraines: Truth Or Myth

    If you suffer from migraines, you are likely willing to try anything that may help stop them. You may also have pierced another part of your body and are wondering what the big deal is about getting one more piercing. But is piercing for migraines the answer? While it has gained popularity in recent years, there is little scientific evidence that piercing offers real, long-term relief from migraines.

    What Can Trigger A Migraine

    Daith Ear Piercing for Migraines | Headache Myth or Miracle?

    Like some other headache disorders, migraines can also be brought on by certain triggers. These vary from person to person, with the most common being:

    • Experiencing stress or anxiety
    • Hormonal changes, especially menstruation, menopause, and hormone replacement therapy
    • Using too many pain-killing medications

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