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What Is The Migraine Piercing

Risks Of Daith Piercings

Daith Piercing (migraine/headache piercing)

As with any body piercing, daith piercings carry risks. Some these risks are more serious than others and include:

  • infections during healing with pathogens, such bacteria, yeast, hepatitis, HIV or tetanus
  • bacterial infections that occur after healing has occurred
  • allergic reaction
  • nerve damage, including loss of sensation
  • swelling
  • pain
  • scarring or keloids

Before undergoing daith piercing to relieve a migraine, it is wise to speak with a qualified acupuncturist or auriculotherapy practitioner. These alternative therapists may help an individual decide whether daith piercing is a preferable option to the therapies they offer.

A migraine is more than just a regular headache. It is an attack of severe head pain that generally lasts for hours but can last days.

Migraines are usually accompanied by sensory symptoms, including:

  • flashes of light
  • increased sensitivity to light and sound

Which groups are most affected?

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are more commonly experienced by certain groups, including:

  • women
  • those aged 35 to 55
  • lower socioeconomic groups
  • Caucasians

Migraines are the cause of a huge financial burden. A person who experiences regular migraines spends an average of $145 per month on migraine related healthcare costs. By comparison, those who do not get migraines spend an average $89 per month.

Tragus And Daith Ear Piercings For Migraines With Reviews

We want an easy way out of the migraine pain.

I suffered for years trying anything I could get my hands on to get relief.

After going through many health courses and learning what causes migraines and headaches Ive been migraine free for 5 years now.

In this I am going to share everything there is to know about tragus and daith ear piercings for migraines, along with reviews like the one below.

What Do The Experts Think

Dr Chris Booth is a nationally accredited acupuncturist with several practice locations around NSW, Australia. In our discussion he raised a few interesting points:

  • The upper insertion point of the Daith piercing seems to correspond with the large intestine point used in Chinese auricular acupuncture. Large intestine channel points are often selected for the treatment of headache and migraine, and other forms of head pain, due to that channels pathway across the face, however the large intestine ear point is not one commonly used for these complaints.
  • There are other points on the ear which are more important for the treatment of migraine.
  • Other points near the Daith piercing location target the small intestine, appendix, mouth and esophagus similarly, none of which have a particular affinity with the head or migraine.
  • The location of acupuncture points on the ear are very specific. If the piercer was intending to pierce one of these points, they would really need to know how to accurately locate the point.
  • Would there be any issue with having a permanent structure, or hole, at the site of an acupuncture point? Dr. Booth responded I cant say for sure, but there are plenty of examples of traditional techniques for altering the tissues at the site of a point. These include scaring the point by cutting, burning or chemically irritating the site with herbal pastes. These techniques would leave a permanent scar over the point.
  • Simon Evans, CEO of Migraine Action said:

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    Daith Piercing For Weight Loss

    Daith piercing can do help for weight loss, this is said there are some acupoints in the ear that corresponding to the stomach, through work on these acupoints can make the stomach feel the satiety and then reduce the food quantity.

    In theory, it is possible, especially in traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy. As we have talked before, this therapy need a long regular puncture, the strength and the location is accurately measured by the experienced acupuncturist.

    So this is not good method for weight loss, lets image, if this method can help, so there will be lots of people in a queue before the piercing studio, the fitness room will be empty. In reality, this is not true.

    We should pay more attention to the exercise and diet for weight loss, this is the healthy weight loss method and no side effects.

    Do Daith Piercings Help Treat Migraines

    What Is A Daith Piercing &  Can It Stop Migraines? en 2020 ...

    There are many claims about Daith piercings and their ability to treat or cure migraines. There is no clinical data to support this, but many people claim to have migraines cured by the simple addition of a Daith piercing. If youve ever suffered from migraines, a fresh and fashionable piercing is definitely worth a try!

    What is a Daith piercing?

    The Daith is located near the inner cartilage fold of a persons ear.

    This type of piercing has been available for many years and is becoming increasingly popular. Supporters of the Daith piercing for treatment of migraines and headaches claimed that the piercing activates a pressure point which may help relieve symptoms. The Daith is in a particular area which affects certain nerve branches which reach the brain:

    Amongst other doctors, Dr Chris Blatchley from the London Migraine Clinic has used some medical terms to define the process which you can research. There are also a multitude of doctors throughout the world in various high-ranking positions, who support the claim that Daith piercings cure headaches. However, no clinical studies have been performed.

    Others claim that Daith piercings are like a form of acupuncture and hence treat migraines in that manner. Again, there have been no studies on this taking into account the placebo effect.

    Daith piercings are on trend and look great. If it happens to help with your migraines or headaches at the same time, win-win!

    We cant wait to see you in salon.

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    No Magic Pill Erpiercing

    Daith piercing is a piercing in the place where the cartilage ridge inside your outer ear, called the helix, ends above the opening to the ear canal. Acupuncture targets this area to relieve migraine headache pain. So the theory is, piercing this trigger point permanently relieves migraines.

    But Dr. Estemalik says theres no medical research that supports this theory. While some people swear that a daith piercing actually gets rid of their migraines, whats probably at work is a temporary placebo effect, says Dr. Estemalik.

    A placebo is an inactive treatment, such as a sugar pill, that mimics an active medication or therapy. The placebo effect happens when you believe the placebo whether a pill or, in this case, a piercing is effective. In turn, the placebo has an effect on the medical condition and can positively affect the perception of pain.

    Placebos aside, there is no scientific evidence or clinical trial results that support ear piercing as a solution to migraines, Dr. Estemalik says. Theres nothing in literature Ive heard of, nothing Ive read about, nothing I have studied out there that supports such a procedure to treat migraine headaches, he says. Receiving a piercing in that area will not alter the pain pathway of migraine.

    Do Daith Piercings Hurt What Is The Healing Time

    In short, yes. Because of the cartilage thickness and how hard it is to reach the daith, it can be a challenging area to pierce. That means it can also hurt a bit more than other piercings and even take longer to heal.

    Most professionals say to expect redness, some throbbing, and sensitivity for at least a few days. If it continues to feel sore well past your initial piercing, consider visiting a professional or your piercer. These piercings can take several months to heal, and they can become infected easily without proper aftercare. To keep it clean, touch it as little as possible, rinse it with saline solution and warm water often, and try to avoid sleeping on that side for as long as you can.

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    The Whole Piercing Process

    The first thing that the piercer or artist will ask you is to sit on his chair. He will then proceed and have the area disinfected with his own special concoction. Most piercers use 99% alcohol or a mixture of water and soap to disinfect the area that will be pierced. This helps prevent the possibility of getting an infection due to a bacteria being pushed through the hole in your ear.

    The areas that will be pierced will then be marked, so the piercer knows where to properly place the needle. They will then ask you to look at the marks in the mirror and ask you if you think the marks are good enough.

    After you confirm, they will place a sharp and hollow piercing needle on your cartilage.

    You can definitely choose the type of earring that will be used for your piercing, but always remember that the fancier the earring, the more expensive your piercing will cost.

    What People Are Saying On Social Media

    Piercer Discusses DAITH Migraine Cure Piercing

    I think its a bit like everything else we read or hear, someone I know got rid of the migraines when he/ she changed their diet, or only drank water, or eats 5 bananas every day For some people, yes it may have an effect, for every one, no. I dont have any food triggers, and only drink water. But my triggers are everything else, not enough sleep, too much sleep, bad sleep, low blood sugar, wind, cold temperatures and warm temperatures. Sunlight, sharp lights in general. Noise. Stress. I get a migraine just going to my mailbox if the weather is just right for it. Inge S

    The thing with this is that its on a pressure point. If you walk into any regular piercing parlor and get a Daith piercing, that doesnt mean its going to help your migraines. You need someone who knows what theyre doing when it comes to piercing AND pressure points. That way, they can put it in exactly the right area. Emma A

    I have horrible migraines and Im currently taking 5 medications to help with them. I am willing to get this piercing to see if it works so I can get rid of all these medications. And if it doesnt work Im ok with it because Ill have a new piercing Each person is different what might work for one person might not work for another. Roxann G

    As cool as this sounds it is bull*%& # I have it pierced on both ears and have for almost 7 years and I still get really bad migraines. Bliss H

    There are a few considerations you should be aware of before getting a new piercing.

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    How Do You Take Out A Daith Piercing

    The key to swapping out your daith jewelry is first making sure your piercing is totally healed. Remember: These bbs take time to heal, so if youre unsure, book a follow-up appointment with your piercertheyll be able to take a peek before you get started. Freed says daiths are usually pierced with rings or curved barbells, so keep these tips in mind when the time comes to swap em out for something new:

    • Rings: Freed says piercing studios like Studs use , which have a small post that is attached to a ring by a hinge and click shut. To change it out, gently pull the smaller segment away from the larger segment and open it up, she explains.
    • Curved barbells: Start by gripping the curved barbell with your thumb and index finger, says Freed. Then twist one of the ballstheyre both removableto the left, counter-clockwise. P.S. If youre removing your jewelry over a sink, make sure you put the stopper down so you dont lose your earring .

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    Daith Piercing For Migraine

      Migraine is a painful neurological condition in which the patient goes through a series of headaches and other severe symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and noise. Various temporary migraine treatments are available in the market in the form of medicines however, an ancient acupuncture technique, “Daith Piercing for migraine,” has turned out to be beneficial for the long-term prevention of migraine.

      There is substantial patient data to support its effectiveness.

      Here is what you should know about it!

      What Is Daith Piercing?

      As the name indicates, daith piercing is basically an old acupuncture-based technique in which the small cartilage of the ear connected to the ear canal is pierced.

      Wearing delicate jewellery is preferred, such as stylish earrings to keep the hole intact.

      Though it may seem a bit painful initially, you can proceed further to seek out the piercings if you have access to an expert acupuncturist.

      He will pierce a small curvy portion of your ear, which will definitely help reduce migraine symptoms.

      This technique has become immensely popular among migraine patients, and now more and more people are using it for long-term relief.

      What Is The Connection Between Daith Piercings and Migraine?

      Triggering specific points with the needles can do wonders, and this is how daith piercing for migraine works.

      Is Daith Piercing An Effective Remedy Against Migraine?

      So the first step?

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      The Main Reason Behind Migraine Piercing:

      Almost two persons out of five in America are suffering from the chronic diseases of migraine due to the work load that they do all the day. It is an episodic condition that is mainly caused by the lack of consistent and good treatments. Many of the migraine sufferers always struggle to avoid the known triggers but the experience periodic episodes. Perhaps, if you are owning to hit or miss the nature of migraine medical treatment, then the anecdotal will claim about alleviating, preventing, or even the stooping of migraines together.

      In the mid of 2015, many of the sufferers of migraine start spreading that the migraine piercing are helping them to the cure to migraine pains. The first article that gets published about Migraine piercing was at the State University of NYs website. With the title of A Piercing, the new and best alternative for the migraine pain.

      Downsides Of Daith Piercing

      Pin on Migraine Piercing

      Without solid evidence that daith piercing is an effective treatment for migraine headaches, experts cannot recommend it. What’s more, the practice has a number of negative aspects, including but not limited to:

      • Pain at the time of the piercing: It’s typically more difficult to pierce through cartilage than the less-resistant flesh of the ear lobe.
      • Recovery: It takes longer for cartilage to fully heal.
      • High risk of infection: There’s less blood flow to cartilage, which makes it harder for white blood cells to arrive at the site of an infection to ward it off.
      • Allergic reaction: Certain metals can cause an allergic reaction in people predisposed to them.

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      What Diet Has To Do With Migraine

      Did you know that certain nutrients can help prevent migraines? These include magnesium, B vitamins, chromium, copper, iron, calcium and manganese. If you are prone to headaches, you should have your nutrient balance checked once a year with a blood test.

      You can have this done at any family doctor. Just say that you have frequent migraines and that you would like to have the nutrients all examined in detail.

      Since I regularly take capsules containing exactly these nutrients, the pain has actually become less. Unfortunately, they have not completely disappeared, but they are significantly better. As soon as I notice that something is brewing again, I take Migradolor.

      You can register on the Store pharmacy website smart and try the capsules. They are admittedly a bit expensive, but worth every penny!

      Does Daith Piercing Work

      As with any decision regarding your health, the final verdict on whether the daith piercing is right for you ultimately lies with you. It would be wonderful if there was more data-driven information available on the Migraine piercing, but that requires funding for double-blind placebo studies that isn’t planned at this time.

      Until then, these daith piercing reviews for migraines can help you make an informed decision with your doctor. An ear piercing that helps with migraines is an unlikely silver-bullet treatment, but stranger things have happened.

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      To Pierce Or Not To Pierce

      There is a divide in opinion regarding the effectiveness of daith piercing for migraines. As there is little to no scientific information to back any claims, there are a number of doubtful doctors on one side and a community of believers on the other. Quite simply, there is no clear-cut answer on what to believe.

      While many have found it to be a temporary source of relief, by contrast, others have found the daith piercing for migraines to be ineffective. At the moment, there is a relatively limited amount of research to verify the positions.

      Equally important to consider is the argument of the placebo effect. This occurs when patients feel better or show the physical response of recovery following the consumption of an ineffectual remedy.

      In spite of the positive effects found in a number of patients following a piercing of their cartilage, some doctors dispute the daith piercing for migraines as merely a result of the placebo effect. Currently, a doctor at the London Migraine Clinic is seeking to debunk this though. He appears to believe in the viability of this method, and is leading medical research on the matter.

      Should you be on the verge of deciding whether to get a piercing or not, one comforting fact to bear in mind is that piercings are not a permanent decision. If it is not for you, just take it out. As with most piercings, it should close up quite quickly once the jewelry is removed, although the healing may take a little longer.

      What Are The Risks Of Daith Piercing

      Daith piercing for migraines ?

      According to the leading headache specialists, researchers and advocates in the United States, the risks of a daith piercing far outweigh the reward. Any results from the treatment are believed to be attributable to the placebo effect, meaning they are temporary and psychological rather than physical. In addition, the piercing itself is often painful and carries a high risk of infection. It may even make migraine symptoms worse in the long run. The Cleveland Clinic says there is no evidence to support the claim that daith piercings help relieve migraine. In addition, the American Migraine Foundation firmly believes that seeking piercing from a nonmedical third party is not a solution to migraine pain. Please visit our website to learn about alternative treatment options.

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