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What Is Cove For Migraines

Whats Included With Your Cove Subscription

Headaches vs. Migraines: Whats the Difference?

First of all, did I mention that a subscription to Cove is just $4 per month? You can get trusted migraine treatments sent right to your door month after month for just a few bucks. That means no trips to the doctor or pharmacy, just reliable, effective medication from a licensed MD from the comfort of your home. How can you beat that?

How Do I Cancel My Cove Subscription

In order to cancel your Cove subscription, you have to call Cove customer service at -456-2683, or fill out the cancellation form found here. The customer service team is only available from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm EST.

If you have a refill happening in 24 hours, it would be best to call them so it can be updated on your file versus filling out the cancellation form.

This Cove migraine review notes that if you have not received a confirmation email regarding your cancellation, your request has not gone through. It would be best to reach out to the company via phone to ensure your request is fulfilled.

Does Cove Take Health Insurance

Cove is a completely self-pay service. Insurance isnt accepted for medications or doctor consultations at least not yet so the prices listed on their website are what all users pay, period.

Certain migraine medications arent covered by health insurers, federal health care, or third party payers. Especially if you need one of these medications, Cove is one of the most affordable options at your disposal. With meds priced at $10 to $35 per month, you wont find a much cheaper option for FDA-approved, clinically-proven medications.

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First A Little About The Costs

I dont do anything without knowing how much it will cost me ahead of time. I wrongly assumed Id have to pay a lot more than I currently pay at my local pharmacy as Cove does not work with insurance companies. Compared with my insurance plan, Cove was a better deal for me AND delivered to my doorstep. Their plan shipped more tablets per month,15 tablets instead of 9. Per tablet, Coves cost is $1.13 compared to $1.66 with my insurance.

Cove fees are easily found on the website and comparatively affordable. Typical treatment plans are between $20-$79 dollars per month depending on what is prescribed by your migraine doctor.

The online consultation with the Cove doctor is $4.00. That is not a misprint. $4.00. So, even if you go through the process and choose to not move forward with the treatment plan, your total risk is $4.00. There is no catch. And, for $4.00 per month you have continued access to your doctor.

The Health Insurance Marketplace

Where to Buy Affordable Sumatriptan (generic Imitrex®) for ...

The Health Insurance Marketplace allows you to apply for insurance plans in your state. When you apply, youll learn whether or not you qualify for financial assistance.

People with limited incomes can get tax subsidies to help pay for their insurance coverage. Youll be able to see information like copayments and deductibles on available plans before you make a choice.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketplace is open for enrollment. You can apply anytime between now and August 15, 2021. If you miss this window, open enrollment will run from November 1, 2021, through December 15, 2021.

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The Two Best Things About Cove Are That Its Both Affordable And Convenient

  • You get annual doctor access for just $15, and your first month of medication is free
  • The online consultation only takes 15-20 minutes, and you can do it whenever you want.
  • You can message your doctor at any time to ask questions and adjust your treatment plan.
  • Your medication gets delivered right to your door every month. No more waiting rooms, lines, or pharmacy visits.

Its important to know that if you get migraines, simply living in the world is a trigger, which means a life-disrupting episode is both inevitable and unpredictable. You know its coming, but youre never certain about how to stop it. Cove gives you the tools you need to take control of your migraines, including prescription medication, ongoing access to your doctor and Coves care coordinators, educational content, and a free migraine and trigger tracker.

Cove is the best service for treating your migraines. Theyre not just a prescription medication delivery company, but rather an all-encompassing treatment plan that helps to empower migraine sufferers and make it easier for them to take control of their condition.

  • Sign up today to get your first month of prescription migraine medication for free.
  • Stop sitting in a waiting room. Cove makes it easy to message your doctor online and discuss your migraine treatment.
  • Get the migraine medication you need, delivered on your schedule.

How Much Is Cove

Initial consultation is a one-time purchase of $30-50. The price varies based on insurance coverage. No insurance? No problem. If you need to pay out-of-pocket, the consultation is just $50 which is on par with many co-pays and less than seeing an in-person specialist.

Monthly fee for ongoing care is $10 a month. For this low monthly fee you get unlimited access to your Cove doctor, regular check-ins, the ability to make changes to your treatment plan at any time, plus tools and tips on how best to manage your migraine. No commitmentsyou can cancel this service at any time.

All generic prescriptions are just $12 a month. Cove offers 20+ FDA-approved prescription medications. Your doctor will work with you to determine which medication is best for your migraine.

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Dealing With Migraines While Mom

Ive suffered from chronic migraines since I was a teenager. I know theyre a migraine versus a good ole headache, because first, my vision goes spotty for about 30 minutes and then once my vision comes back, the headache ensues. Thank goodness theyre not debilitating, but they certainly make motherhood extra. Everything is extra loud, extra dramatic, extra needy. You name it. Its just extra.

As a family of 5, our world is INSANE. From sports to work and everything in between, we are constantly busy. So, worrying about migraines and standing in line at the pharmacy trying to figure out if our insurance is going to cover our medication just isnt an option.

You can imagine my excitement when I was introduced to Cove. Cove is a subscription migraine service that sends you the prescription medications you need, when you need them. When you sign up for Cove, youll first take an online consultation about your migraines and medical history. From there, youll get paired with a doctor who will review your consultation and work with you to build a personalized treatment plan. Cove then ships your medication right to your door each month! And if you ever have any questions, your doctor is always there for you.

Cove Migraine Review: Are These Medications Effective

Best Things to do During a Migraine – Facebook Live Q& A with Cove

Cove is a telemedicine company that provides personalized treatment for migraine sufferers, but are their medications effective? We provide you with an honest review.

USA Rx does not endorse any products. Our goal is to provide our visitors with transparent, accurate, and trusted information to health and medical products available to them. When visitors buy products through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Read more about our Ad Policy Here.

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Migraines are one of the most debilitating conditions around. Contrary to popular belief, migraines are more than your run-of-the-mill headache. The symptoms can be much worse.

Migraines are often associated with severe throbbing, pounding, and pulsating pain, and can be triggered by a number of factors.

Seeking medical attention is usually the only recourse to resolve the effects of an intense migraine. But trying to muster the strength to head to the doctors office is easier said than done. Most times, migraines make you want to curl up into a dark ball.

Thankfully, there is a telemedicine company offering hope to those suffering from the recurrence of debilitating migraines Cove.

Cove offers an at-home option for those seeking relief from migraines. They offer over 20 clinically-proven treatments, from preventative to acute medications and supplements. The whole process is overseen by a licensed medical professional.

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Is Cove Migraine Medication Worth It

After much research, yes, Cove Migraine is worth it.

It appears safe to say that regardless of the Cove treatment plan you commit to, youll have 24/7 access to medical support if you find any of the medications unpleasant or ineffective.

Ultimately, customers found it easy to make adjustments to their plans or cancel them when needed as well.

And at the end of the day, Cove Migraine treatment plans are hassle-free, affordable , and convenient.

What else could you ask for?

We recommend trying Cove out for yourself, since you can easily cancel at any time if it doesnt work for you.

What Should Be In A Migraine Kit

There are tons of migraine relief products out there, so where do you even start? For a to-go kit, it can help to focus on small, lightweight items that make the biggest difference in getting your headaches under control, like:

Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication

Acute medication, which is the kind you take to relieve attacks in the moment, is more effective if you take it when you start to feel symptoms coming on, so itâs important to have your pills with you when you need them. Consult with a doctor if youâre interested in prescription medication, or keep your over-the-counter painkillers in your kit so youâre not stuck trying to run to the drugstore before your headache gets any worse.

Water bottle

Youâll probably need water to take those pills, not to mention itâs crucial to stay hydrated during a migraine attack since dehydration itself can cause headaches. And we know, this is a heavy item, but itâs the only one on the list, and we promise itâs worth the weight.

Speaking of hydrationâ¦

Hydration supplement

When you get dehydrated, itâs not just water your bodyâs missing. You also need electrolytes, which is a fancy word for minerals like sodium and potassium that help regulate key functions in your body. You can usually get the electrolytes you need from a healthy diet, but you do lose them throughout the day through bodily fluids like sweat.

Some other things they swear by?

Instant hot and cold packs

Sunglasses or eye mask


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So What Is Cove Exactly

Cove is a telehealth company with a single focus: helping people with migraine. They offer a slew of cutting-edge treatment options, from daily pills and monthly injections to dietary supplements, all conveniently delivered by mail. The system is designed for people who suffer either acute or chronic migraine. It is particularly good for patients without insurance and those whose plans dont cover the totality of their needs or whose locations limit their access to specialists.

Cove might not be ideal for patients with migraine-adjacent disorders like cluster headaches or those who have found success with certain in-person treatments like Botox or physical therapy. While Cove provides fast and reliable shipping, its important to note that they dont ship outside the United States. Also, there are currently nine US states where telemedicine restrictions make it impossible for the company to operate.

Do Cove Treatments Have Any Side Effects Or Other Downsides

Buy Rizatriptan (generic Maxalt®) for Migraines

There are possible side effects from treatments offered by Cove, whether or not they require a prescription. These may be more pronounced in certain preventative medications that have the off-label benefit of managing migraine. During your initial consultation, Cove doctors will identify safe treatments that are not contraindicated for you given your symptoms, medical history, health conditions, and current medications.

If the doctor recommends treatment, youll also be able to review information about how available drugs work and whether there are potential side effects. As you begin and continue treatment, you will be able to watch for those side effects or any other questionable experiences and contact your doctor at any time.

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Is Cove Migraine Right For You

All Coves doctors focus on migraine treatments, so patients can rest assured that theyre getting the best possible care for migraine headaches.

Patients can connect with doctors via phone, 24/7 instant messaging within the platform, and email.

The apps messaging system is secure, so you can feel comfortable sharing info with your doctors and storing health records right within the app.

Cove offers over 20 different migraine solutions as well as advice for migraine sufferers in need of:

  • Lifestyle changes

Nerivio: Coves Newest Migraine Treatment Device

Nerivio is an FDA-approved, wearable migraine treatment device that uses electrical signals to relieve symptoms during an attack, and can even prevent them in the first place. This device was designed in collaboration with Theranica.

This device is worn on your upper arm and is controlled right through your smartphone. Its a medication-free alternative that works by sending electrical signals that disrupt the pain messages that your brain is sending out.

This product was released to the public in 2019 and was subsequently named the best invention of 2019 by Time Magazine, which is an incredible accomplishment and is very telling about the effectiveness and validity of this innovative new treatment.

The easiest way to get your hands on Nerivio and start your non-invasive treatment is to order online through Cove.

Limited $10 Off Your First Order

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Other Migraine Kit Options

Everyone with migraine is different, and you know your body best. Here are a few other ideas for how you could customize your kit:

  • If youâre not a big fan of pills, you might want to include a Cefaly® headband or CBD instead.
  • If you tend to get headaches from hunger or need to take your acute medication with food, consider including a granola bar or a small bag of nuts.
  • If nausea is a particular concern for you during attacks, you can also add in an acupressure wristband like a Sea-Band or even a sick bag.
  • If you get neck pain with your headaches, some people like to include a foam roller as part of their kit.
  • And if youâre worried about ever needing to go to the E.R. when no one you know is around to help, keeping an emergency contact card on hand canât hurt.

Ultimately, the best migraine kit is the one that works for you. As long as you remember to keep it with you, youâll be more prepared for attacks when they happen. And if you need more help managing your migraine, consult with a Cove® doctor today.

The information provided in this article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should not rely upon the content provided in this article for specific medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor.

What Causes Migraines Anyway

Cove Migraine Treatment Review – Lauren Cecilia Mims (Currently Colorado)

Truthfully, scientists arent totally sure what causes migraines. But, they have identified a variety of migraine triggers that can take you from happy-go-lucky to crippling head pain. Interestingly, these triggers can vary from person to person. So, while you may be able to commiserate over symptoms with a friend or family member, its possible that triggers are completely different. Weird, right?

  • Sensory overload
  • Changes in weather
  • Migraine medication overuse

Does that last trigger have you doing a double-take? Its true: taking migraine medication too often can give you rebound headaches, or medication overuse headaches. Thankfully, this type of condition can be avoided with the right treatment plan, which their expert team will help you find.

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Categories Of People With Migraine Who Would Benefit From Cove

In my opinion, this service is highly needed and would be helpful for:

  • Those people who are managing infrequent, episodic migraine with their primary care physician and not seeing significant improvement. Its time to advocate for yourself by seeing doctor with expertise in migraine.
  • People with no insurance coverage or poor coverage. Check out the costs by clicking Our Offering on the Cove site and get yourself an upgrade in managing your head.
  • Much of my day is spent in social media channels. Its so frustrating to see people limited by the insurance companies to doctors with no expertise in effectively helping them get migraine under control. When someone has infrequent, episodic migraine its time to jump on it and get it under control. Its so much harder to manage migraine once it chronifies.

    Its equally frustrating to see people taking over-the-counter meds too often when there are much better options to manage migraine and their overall health. Personally, I ruined my stomach from OTC meds and cant use them anymore. I have few options for basic pain relief now. If Cove was available years ago I would have taken advantage of it, saved my stomach and not lost years to poorly controlled migraine.

    Coves Preventative Migraine Treatments

    Preventative migraine medications are designed to do just that, prevent migraine. These are medications that need to be taken continuously for those who suffer from frequent migraines. This type of treatment can also help to lessen the severity of an attack when you do experience one.

    This treatment type is recommended for people with severe or recurrent migraines that dont typically respond well with acute medications. Cove has three different preventative medications available.

    Beta-blockers are used to block adrenaline from binding to beta receptors. When used, these medications can help keep your heart rate and blood pressure lower. This helps to lower the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.

    Anticonvulsants are typically prescribed to prevent conditions like seizures. These work to soothe the excited nerve cells in your brain which can trigger the series of events that bring on a migraine.

    Antidepressants are used to regulate serotonin levels as a drop in serotonin levels has been linked to migraines. By keeping serotonin levels at a healthy level, you can prevent migraines.

    Build Your Plan

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