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Is Weed Good For Migraines

Core Components Of Cannabis

Cannabis is famous for its two major components,Cannabidiol andTetrahydrocannabinol . Both of these can actuate numerous effects that can help medicinally. THC is ordinarily associated with the general feeling of being high and a state of happiness. CBD slows down mental activity and helps you feel relaxed.

What Is The Process To Obtain A Medical Cannabis Prescription

The laws that allow cannabis for medical purposes in Canada currently are called Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations . Patients must first meet with a physician or other licensed medical provider and have cannabis recommended for medical purposes.

Dosing cannabis depends on the patients physiology, prior cannabis exposure, the cannabis strain and the formulation. The average amount used for medical purposes is 1-3g of dried leaf per day.

Where Is Medicinal Cannabis Legal

There is a clear trend towards legalization. Current regulations and enforcement vary significantly between countries:

  • Australia legal
  • USA legal in 29 states. Federally illegal.
  • United Kingdom illegal
  • Many European nations have legalized medicinal cannabis which are not listed here.

If you would like to know about your countrys current status feel free to ask in the comments.

Are There Syndromes Linked With Cannabis Use

Yes. There are two important syndromes linked with cannabis use that are relevant to people with migraine.

  • Cyclical vomiting syndrome: the impact of cannabis on the nausea/vomiting mechanism is complicated. Some people develop recurrent vomiting with cannabis use. This cyclical vomiting syndrome is also seen in people with migraine, children and adults.
  • Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome: cannabis plays a role in the vascular tone. It has been associated with this syndrome of arterial spasm in the brain. This syndrome is serious and can be associated with strokes and brain hemorrhage. Cannabis use has been described as a risk factor, and migraine as well.
  • Evidence That Cannabis Helps With Headaches

    Is Medical Marijuana The Right Way to Treat Migraines ...

    Evidence has been mounting over recent years indicating the utility of cannabis as a treatment for headaches. Conventional analgesics used to manage headache pain are not always effective. What’s more, they can sometimes lead to more headaches a condition known as medication overuse headaches.

    A number of studies and surveys of human participants have presented findings indicating that cannabis may ease headache and migraine severity.

    A July 2020 study published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine explored the efficacy of dried cannabis flower as a treatment for headache and migraine pain. Between 2016 and 2019, 699 participants engaged in the research, sharing details about the intensity of their symptoms and the dried cannabis flower they used to treat their pain. Changes in pain intensity were measured on a 0-10 scale both before and after consuming cannabis.

    The authors found that 94% of participants experienced symptom relief within a two-hour period. The average reduction of symptoms was 3.3 points on a ten-point scale, with males experiencing greater relief than female users. Young users also experienced more significant relief than older users. Cannabis containing THC levels of 10% or higher appeared to offer more effective symptom relief for headache sufferers.

    Migraines Can Be Caused By:

    • genetics
    • hormonal changes
    • certain types of drinks
    • A woman suffering from migraine

    Additional possible causes include strong smells, loud noises, or bright glare, intense exercise, changes in the weather or pressure, menstruation, and food additives.

    Migraines come with myriad symptoms that regular headaches do not. These additional annoyances can include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light or sound, and a general inability to function in their daily life. Some are even more extreme, including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy, and mood disorders. You may even have migraines alongside asthma and autoimmune disease. So, the question remains: does weed help headaches? Keep reading for the answer.

    To Thc Or Not Thc: The Cannabinoids That Work Best For Migraines

    The 2019 Journal of Pain study argues that different concentrations of THC and CBD do not impact efficacy. However, other recent research has found that migraineurs prefer hybrid strains with high-THC and low-CBD concentrations. This preference may be due to the potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antiemetic properties of THC.

    For Crisci, though, experience has led her to favor low-THC strains. I prefer a sativa hybrid with a high CBD level as a prophylactic or preventative medicine, as a pure sativa can make some, myself included, feel anxious. Ill microdose immediately, once I feel a migraine coming on. 

    For full-blown migraines, Crisci prefers indica dominant high-CBD strains. Indica strains lower pain levels more effectively for me, and CBD lowers the THC high. Personally, I do not want to feel high while suffering the effects of an intense migraine, she reflected.

    Kimless notes that individual responses to cannabinoids varywhat works well for one may offer less relief for others. That said, some level of THC appears to offer greater alleviation. Most of my patients require a small amount of THC and not just CBD alone to experience relief, said Kimless. 

    Polston added that the therapeutic terpenes, flavonoids, and phytocannabinoids also present in cannabis may play a role in easing migraine. More in-depth research is needed to determine what, if any, role these compounds may play, he said.

    Clinical Studies On Cannabis Use For Headache

    The schedule 1 classification of marijuana in 1970 has made rigorous clinical studies on the treatment efficacy of this substance difficult. Currently, there are no placebo-controlled clinical studies examining the use of cannabis for headache; nevertheless, there have been a number of other studies published that give insight into its therapeutic efficacy ., However, care should be taken when interpreting the findings from these studies. With one exception, these studies did not include a control group, and given that the placebo effect can be altered by the context of treatment, it is reasonable to expect a significant placebo response given the pre-existing public popularity and notoriety of cannabis. Moreover, self-reports and case studies may have a bias toward immediate improvement without awareness of possible dependence, rebound, or withdrawal responses, which are important concerns in headache treatment. In fact, studies show that headache can be induced in 23.2% patients undergoing cannabis withdrawal.

    So Cannabis Plants Are Like A Mix Of Many Things

    Yes. Talking about cannabis is very misleading, as different strains contain different chemical mixes. In medicine, drugs are usually pure. They contain one chemical product in controlled quantity for which the properties have been studied on animals and then humans. From a medical perspective, dealing with a plant that contains unknown amounts of many chemical products is difficult. Research principles are difficult to apply to cannabis.

    Best Cbd Dosage For Migraines & Suggested Use

    First, it is worth saying that CBD treatment is highly flexible, and no approach will fit everyone. You should adjust your daily CBD oil dosage according to your body weight and the severity of your symptoms.

    Thus, a person with a mild headache can experience relief with only 5 mg of CBD per day. But this amount may be insufficient for a person with acute throbbing pain in the entire head. The same thing concerns weight. The heavier you have, the more CBD you will require to achieve relief and vice versa.

    Nonetheless, it is better not to take enormous CBD amounts to achieve fast results. First, you should check whether you have any allergic reactions. For this, start with 10-12 mg of CBD per day and gradually increase CBD intake if you experience no relief. What about the time of the day? Should you take CBD oil for migraines in the morning, during the day, or before bed? There is no exact answer to this question as well. It depends on your goals.

    Studies show that low CBD doses promote wakefulness when taken in the morning, while high doses provoke sleepiness. Thus, if you need to stay fresh during the day, but your condition requires high doses, it is better to take CBD before bed. Finally, you should always consult your practitioner before taking CBD.

    How Can The Cannabis Plant Influence Our Brains

    Our brains have a cannabinoid system. This system is present also in animals. It plays an important role in the regulation of other brain systems. It regulates emotions, hunger, movement, cognition and pain. The cannabinoid system has no unique function of its own. It mostly influences the other systems . The cannabis plant contains many different chemical substances that act on this system.

    Research Reveals The Best Weed Strains For Migraines

    important point to the potent migraine-busting effects of cannabis. Migraines are serious problems, often accompanied by light-sensitivity and nausea. And typical over-the-counter pain relievers are often powerless to stop them.

    One study that the frequency of a migraine headache was decreased with medical marijuana use. But its important to understand exactly what kind of medical cannabis the researchers used. Testing 120 adults whose physicians recommended they try medical marijuana, the study gave subjects a combination of and . These two are the major active components in cannabis, and theyre believed to have the strongest medicinal properties.

    However, there are two important facts worth noting. First, researchers found that higher doses of the THC-CBD combination were way more effective at reducing migraine intensity and frequency. Second, test subjects who smoked cannabis experienced more immediate migraine relief than those who ingested cannabis. With those major factors in mind, here are the ten best weed strains for migraines.

    What Has Reignited The Cannabis Debate

    The Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Migraines ...

    In 2007 a young girl named Charlotte developed pediatric refractory epilepsy syndrome. She had literally hundreds of seizures per day and every medication she tried failed to help. Her parents had obtained all kinds of different and powerful medications which had significant side effects and were taking their toll. Charlotte remained unresponsive to treatment and within a few years her condition worsened until she was no longer able to walk, speak or eat. On several occasions she stopped breathing and came close to death.

    As a last resort and in desperation her parents decided to try a cannabis oil. It was a blend that was high in the CBD and low in the psychoactive THC compounds. This meant Charlotte did not experience any intoxication or high associated with marijuana but still received the therapeutic benefits.

    Astonishingly, her symptoms improved within hours and stayed that way. She improved dramatically and became a functional individual. Word began to spread within the epilepsy community and a flood of parents of children with epilepsy moved to Colorado where treatment access was available. Since then the treatment became known as Charlottes Web.

    In 2013 the prominent CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta retracted his anti-marijuana stance:

    Why Is The Remedy Strain Good For Migraines

    You wont find this strain in every dispensary, but it is one that should be on your list. Similar to all strains, you should try to catch the migraine before it knocks you out for the count. Remedy is a strain that will instantly combat your migraine but wont put you out of action.

    If you are interested in finding out more about how to apply for a medical marijuana card, then click on the link below.

    We’ve done the research for yo

    What Can You Do For Your Migraines

    USAToday Health reports on Ethan Russo of the Montana Neurobehavioral Specialists who says, Some people say it makes the pain go completely away or can prevent migraines from coming on. Others say it lessens the pain and allows them to focus on other things to get their work done.”

    also takes the position: Unlike most headache medications, cannabis is unique in that it works as both a preventive agent and an analgesic. At any point in the migraine, they could use cannabis by smoking, vaporizer, etc., and about 80% of these people get significant or total relief, he says. And, if someone has a chronic migraine, daily use in whatever form will often lead to a complete remission.”

    So, without working pharmaceutical options, migraine sufferers will always try something that seems to work. With enough credible research and authorization to purchase medical marijuana, they may have found a legitimate treatment.

    How Cannabis Can Help With Migraines

    Emma Stone

    For those who regularly experience migraines, life carries unique challenges. Seemingly harmless sensory stimuli, like bright lights, strong aromas, or loud noises, can trigger unbearable pain. Stress, neck tension, and even jet lag can set a crippling migraine in motion too. This intense pain can be accompanied by a loss of sensation, nausea, or alarming visual changes. The disruption associated with chronic migraines can be so constant it can even erode ones sense of self. 

    Although drugs commonly prescribed for the prevention and treatment of migraines help some individuals, they dont offer relief for all migraineurs. Similar to many heavy-hitting medications, a host of unwanted side effects may ensue with use. However, evidence is accumulating that cannabis may be an effective treatment for migraines and chronic headaches. 

    A November 2019 published in the Journal of Pain reported that cannabis could reduce migraine and headache severity by 50%, and although tolerance can increase, cannabis use does not exacerbate headaches or migraines over time. Concentrates appeared to offer more significant relief than flower. 

    New study finds cannabis effective for treating migraines

    So now we know cannabis can ease migraine symptoms, what are the most effective ways to harness its benefits?

    Take Away: Best Cbd Edibles For Migraines

    Migraines are among the most common conditions in America.

    While they are treatable, most of the conventional medications cause severe side effects and may be addictive when used over time. This is where CBD edibles come in.

    While CBD is not yet approved by the FDA for the treatment of migraines, research and anecdotal evidence suggest that it is a potent analgesic that may help manage the pain and some of the other symptoms.

    Ensure you consult your doctor if you wish to use CBD, and you are already on other medications.

    If you have any questions regarding how our CBD edibles can help you, feel free to contact us.

    Cannabis For Prevention And Acute Treatment Of Migraine

    In 2017, Italian researchers provided more evidence on the use of cannabis for both prevention and acute treatment of migraine. The researchers first studied the proper dose of cannabis. A group of 48 people with chronic migraine were given oral doses with different levels of THC and CBD. Investigators found that at an oral dose of 200 mg, acute pain dropped by 55 percent. In phase 2 of the research, 79 people living with chronic migraine were given either a daily dose of marijuana or amitriptyline . The participants were also able to use 200 mg of marijuana for acute attacks.4

    After 3 months, those who received marijuana had a 40.4 percent reduction in migraine attacks compared to 40.1 percent of those who received the antidepressant. Researchers also found that the medical marijuana used for acute treatment reduced pain intensity by 43.5 percent. The most common side effects were drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. In addition, many participants reported less stomach aches and muscle and joint pain.4

    Another study in Europe found that 10.2 percent of people with migraine self-medicated with marijuana. Results were varied, with some people reporting that low doses helped relieve migraine while higher doses triggered headaches.3

    Indica Or Sativa Which One Is Better For Migraines

    There are two primary subspecies of cannabis:IndicaandSativa. Among these two, Sativa contrives high THC levels and low CBD levels. Consequently, it tends to produce more uplifting, dynamic, and euphoric effects. Thus, Sativa is mostly useful during the daytime.

    Then again, cannabis Indica has a moderate THC level and extremely high CBD levels. It gives more calming, relaxing, and soothing qualities. Indica conveys more sedative effects and might be more proper for use at night as it can bring drowsiness.

    Ingesting Marijuana For Migraine: Pros

    There are plenty of ingestible cannabis options, like oils, tinctures, baked goods, gummies, chocolates, and drinks to name just a few.

    Unlike smoking, THC reaches the bloodstream through the digestive tract, making it less harmful to overall health. The effects also last longer up to 12 hours in some cases with the high peaking between two to four hours.

    What Is Marijuana And Is It Legal

    Medical Marijuana For Migraine

    Traditionally, the smoking form of cannabis has been called marijuana. Today, some oral forms are also called marijuana. Topical forms that you rub into your skin are more often known as CBD oil as CBD is the active ingredient.1,2

    Cannabis for recreational and medicinal use is illegal under federal law. However, several states allow medical marijuana, and a few states have legalized recreational use. Each individual should talk with their doctor and learn the laws of the state they live in before using medical marijuana.

    Are There Scientific Reasons That Could Support The Use Of Cannabis For Migraine

    Yes. The cannabinoid system does regulate pain, emotions and sleep. Acting on the cannabinoid system may in fact influence every neurological disease because it is a generic regulator of our brain networks. The problem is that this system is very adaptable, extremely complex, and the final result of modulating many systems is not always clear.

    Faqs Aboutcannabis For Migraines

    Whats the best way to consume weed for migraines?

    There is no single perfect way to take marijuana that works best for everyone. Some people prefer smoking because you feel the effects sooner, while others prefer tinctures, drops, vaping, or edibles. The strains listed in this article make for some of the best edibles for migraines, but you should choose your method. This article can help.

    How do you make cannabis tinctures?

    Tinctures are an extract of marijuana with an alcohol-based solvent. They are easy to make at home. The process involves decarboxylating the cannabis, mixing it and the alcohol in a jar, and then letting it sit for several weeks. Finally, strain it to get the final product. Here are some reasons to love tinctures.

    Does CBD oil work for migraines?

    CBD oil could also work for migraines, although some users find that the presence of THC helps with migraines. It is certainly worth trying, especially if you have no other legal options in your state. Purchase CBD oil in our store.

    Whats your favorite go-to strain for migraines? Tell us in the comments below!

    Happy growing!


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    What Side Effects And Symptoms Of Headaches Can Medical Marijuana Treat

    Medical cannabis for headaches helps by:

    • Reducing inflammation
    • Relaxing tense and inflamed muscles
    • Reducing blood pressure and dilating arteries
    • Reducing pain center receptor nerve signals

    It can also help with some of the other headache symptoms mentioned above, including:

    • Chronic fatigue
    • Irritability
    • General muscle aches

    If youre suffering from headaches regardless of whether theyre simple tension headaches, or more severe headaches like migraines marijuana can be an effective remedy.

    Historical Use Of Cannabis For Headache

    Historical reports, though not ideal forms of evidence, are important resources for understanding the potential use of cannabis in the treatment of headache disorders. Clinical publications between 1839 and 1937 provide valuable insights into the most effective practices, challenges, and benefits during an era when cannabis was commonly used to treat headache. A summary of historical treatment practices using cannabis for migraines can be seen in . Historical sources indicate that cannabis was used as an effective prophylactic and abortive treatment for headache disorders. Although dosing varied among physicians, most prescribed alcohol extractions of the drug in the range of ¼ to ½ grain .,, This dose was likely chosen to minimize the effects of intoxication while also providing effective therapeutic relief. Other providers suggested that doses should be progressively increased until modest effects of intoxication were felt. For prophylactic treatment, these doses were usually administered two to three times daily for weeks or even months.,, Acute treatment often involved higher doses taken as needed and, in some cases, smoked cannabis was recommended.,

    Smoking Marijuana For Migraine: Pros

    Smoking of things such as joints, pipes, water pipes , and vaporizers is the best-known way to use marijuana.

    Its effects begin after just a few minutes, making this ideal for immediately addressing a Migraine episode. Aside from pain, it directly addresses other symptoms that might accompany the headache, such as or .

    Smoked marijuanas effects peak within 30 minutes and last two to four hours, depending on potency and individual tolerance.

    Prolonged Medical Cannabis Use Reduces Migraine Frequency Study Finds

    Gianna Melillo

    Medical cannabis use results in long-term reduction of migraine frequency and is associated with less disability and lower antimigraine medication intake, according to a study published in Brain Sciences.

    Medical cannabis use results in long-term reduction of frequency and is associated with less disability and lower anti-migraine medication intake, according to a published in Brain Sciences.

    Between 1% and 2% of the global population suffers from chronic migraine, and traditional preventive treatments can include antidepressants, beta-blockers and anticalcitonin gene-related peptide agents. While abortive medicines, such as and , are commonly prescribed to treat the condition, these medications carry the risk of adverse health outcomes.

    In recent years, the use of MC for the treatment of chronic pain in general has emerged, along with an increase in demand and use by migraine patients, authors wrote. Whilst the available evidence suggests involvement of the endocannabinoid system and a potential for MC treatment to be therapeutic in migraine, more research is required to demonstrate the efficacy parameters of MC treatment for migraine.

    Data revealed:

    Due to the studys design, investigators cannot determine whether reported improved sleep quality can be attributed to decrease in migraine attacks or as a direct result of MC treatment. Overall, MC resulted in long-term reduction of migraine frequency in over 60% of treated patients.


    What Should We Expect In The Future

    Expect more heated debates, controversial headlines and the progressive relaxation of strict marijuana regulations.

    We still dont know what combinations or ratio of cannabinoids and cannabis compounds are going to be effective for what disorder and symptoms.

    New medicines may be developed based on cannabis plant-derived cannabinoids. These may be more effective in targeting specific diseases or symptoms, and with fewer side effects.

    To discover these potential new treatments,much more research is desperately needed. Fortunately, research is on the increase. We are still only in our infancy of understanding all the functions within the cannabis plant and its potential.

    This plant holds promise to deliver a whole new class of treatments across a wide range of disease, chronic disorders and symptoms. Medicinal cannabis presents an exciting new frontier for medical scientists and researchers which will ultimately benefit the patient.

    What do you think? Is medicinal cannabis for migraine a new hope or a smokey haze with little real substance in it? Let me know in the comments.


    Get a list ofthe topproven preventative migraine treatments according to guideline recommendations from the US and Europe.

    What Cannabis Strains Serve Well

    Medical Marijuana May Cure Migraines

    The brains natural cannabinoid receptors seem to respond more fully to strains with high THC content. At the same time, there is a need for more extensive research of strains and their treatment for migraines.

    Absent thorough research, you are left with anecdotal input. So, while user reviews compliment these strains, these are not recommended with medical authority.


    • Sour Dieselis a heavy favorite among medical patients because of its simultaneously energizing and analgesic effect. With 19-25% THC, Sour Diesel relieves depression, stress, and pain with few downsides except its strong diesel aroma.
    • Candyland can be rough on first time smokers, but it starts with earthy, sweet, and spicy taste and aroma. For frequent smokers, it is good for social environments. With a 19% THC content, the effects are uplifting and happy with some risk of paranoia is overused. It relieves depression, stress, and pain at the risk of dry mouth and eyes.




    There are many edibles and edible recipes, but you may want to favor those that promise a high THC and/or long effect.

    • Sweet n Sours are THC high as is the brands Peach Banana Rings .
    • Kind Bake Lozenges leave an Indica-like heaviness and distraction from pain.
    • Iris Gummiesare popularly used for daytime medication of chronic pain, nausea, depression, and pain.


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