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Is Sativa Or Indica Better For Migraines

How Was It Grown

Many individuals prefer marijuana that has been cultivated indoors or outdoors. If youre one of these folks, youll want to experiment with strains that match your preferences. If you have been following this article, you will find that where the cannabis strain is grown significantly impacts the Sativa vs. Indica vs. mixed effects.

Why Use Sativa Strains

Unlike Indica, Sativa strains have unique properties and characteristics to cater to different needs. Among the common features of Sativa strains include:

  • Giving you a head high
  • Reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Relieving headaches
  • Improving appetite
  • Enhancing focus and concentration 

Although Sativa contains relatively low amounts of THC and CBD compared to Indica strains, its CBD levels are even lower than THC.


Indica Plants Physical Appearance

The indica plants are a lot shorter than the sativa ones, usually not more than 6 feet. Despite its short appearance, this plant has stouter and fatter leaves to protect the plant from the harsh climate and heavy weather.

Because of their dense nature, cannabis indica plants are robust and are essentially resistant to diseases and plant health problems, therefore able to produce large and good yields. Indica buds appear to be a lot thicker than sativas, and they begin to flourish near the root of the plant. Indica leaves are wide and flat and basically looks like a sativa leaf that doubled its width, making the leaves appear short and stout.

Sativa Strains That Might Help With Migraines

1: Amnesia Haze

When it comes to potency, its hard to beat this sativa strain. Coming in at just over 25% , this is a knockout of a strain that will teach you quickly that a little goes a long way.

This green is the sort of bud thats worth every penny, as a few hits will get you high, so you wont have to consume very much of it at all.

Best of all, it can help ease the pain associated with migraine headaches and could leave you feeling a lot better.

2: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, pronounced like the fuel, burns through like fuel and really gets your engine going. People describe the impact of this strain as very hard-hitting.

Its the sort of high that sneaks up on you and hits you all at once, giving you a great head high, which means the body stays happy and energetic, while the head feels a lot lighter and freer.

As one might imagine, this is a great way to fight off a pesky migraine. A high-energy high keeps you awake and alert, while the cleanness of it tamps down the pains typically associated with a migraine headache. Its the best of both worlds.

3: Jack Herer

One of the best selling points with this strain is that it tastes like a cream dessert. Smokers love putting this into a bong, filtering it through a bit of water, and enjoying the crisp, clean, milky taste of this potent strain.

4: Strawberry Cough

Another very fragrant strain, Strawberry Cough has a slight hint of strawberries when smoked, and a big fragrance of them when you smell it.

5: Bruce Banner

Figure Out Your Tolerance And Know The Potency

Is Cannabis an Effective Remedy for Migraines?

Even though they may be the same type of strain, e.g., different Indica strains, they will have different potency levels in terms of THC percentage. This is because you want to understand your tolerance in addition to the potency of the cannabinoids.

For instance, strains such as Pineapple Express are considered a mild and tolerable strain amongst weed users. However, if you are a new user, you dont want to opt for strains with a high cannabinoids percentage. Ask your weed seller for advice so they can guide you to the right strain!

Using Sativa For Treating Chronic Pain

Although its possible to use Indica for chronic pain, theres some evidence to suggest that Sativa may provide more effective and faster acting relief. One small study focusing on the use of Sativa extracts in rats experiencing neuropathic pain had a couple of interesting findings. Sativa extract tends to remain potent beyond first past metabolism, which is where the liver breaks down any drugs useful products. This indicates that a high level of the useful elements of Sativa extract remain available for use by the body and they make their way around the circulation quickly and without interruption.

Second, the study highlights how Sativa extract reduces neuropathic pain. Again, conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are poorly understood, so theres potentially a rheumatological and neurological component to them. However, as Sativa extracts bind to the receptors that can prevent neuropathic pain, it is effective in treating certain chronic pain conditions. Additionally, the same study highlights how it reduces the activity of some pain-increasing proteins and enzymes, some of which are present in incredibly painful conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia and shingles.

Cannabis Involvement In Migraine Biology

Cannabis and its cannabinoids appear to work through several neurological pathways and electrical channels in the brain, nervous system, nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.

In some of these pathways, they activate the same circuits and brain receptors that many migraine medications target. Cannabinoids including THC have been shown to have a protective quality against pain stimulation in the brainstem. The brainstem is believed to play a central role in the generation of a migraine attack. It is also suspected to be involved in the transmission of pain.

There is also evidence to suggest that the endocannabinoid neurotransmitter system is a potential target for migraine treatment. Triptans may act on the brains endocannabinoid system to help treat migraine attacks. Activation of cannabinoid receptors in the brainstems may also reduce or prevent migraine pain by inhibiting cortical spreading depression and the subsequent migraine attack.

A deficiency in the endocannabinoid system has also been theorized as a potential cause of migraine and other chronic pain disorders such as chronic migraine and medication overuse headache.

Widely recognized migraine triggers are known to degrade the endocannabinoid system. This results in an imbalance that increases the levels of CGRP and other chemicals known to be involved in migraine.

What Should We Expect In The Future

Expect more heated debates, controversial headlines and the progressive relaxation of strict marijuana regulations.

We still dont know what combinations or ratio of cannabinoids and cannabis compounds are going to be effective for what disorder and symptoms.

New medicines may be developed based on cannabis plant-derived cannabinoids. These may be more effective in targeting specific diseases or symptoms, and with fewer side effects.

To discover these potential new treatments, much more research is desperately needed. Fortunately, research is on the increase. We are still only in our infancy of understanding all the functions within the cannabis plant and its potential.

This plant holds promise to deliver a whole new class of treatments across a wide range of disease, chronic disorders and symptoms. Medicinal cannabis presents an exciting new frontier for medical scientists and researchers which will ultimately benefit the patient.

What do you think? Is medicinal cannabis for migraine a new hope or a smokey haze with little real substance in it? Let me know in the comments.


Get a list of the top proven preventative migraine treatments according to guideline recommendations from the US and Europe.

Cannabis For Headaches And Migraines

The study, published online recently in the Journal of Pain, is the first to use big data from headache and migraine patients using cannabis in real time.

Previous studies have asked patients to recall the effect of use in the past. There has been one clinical trial indicating that cannabis was better than ibuprofen in alleviating headache, but it used nabilone, a synthetic cannabinoid drug.

Cuttler, the lead author on the paper, said: We were motivated to do this study because a substantial number of people say they use cannabis for headache and migraine, but surprisingly few studies had addressed the topic.

Cuttler said: We wanted to approach this in an ecologically valid way, which is to look at actual patients using whole plant cannabis to medicate in their own homes and environments.

These are also very big data, so we can more appropriately and accurately generalise to the greater population of patients using cannabis to manage these conditions.

The study found a small gender difference with significantly more sessions involving headache reduction reported by men than by women . The researchers also noted that cannabis concentrates, such as cannabis oil, produced a larger reduction in headache severity ratings than cannabis flower.

How Does Cannabis Work In The Body

Located throughout the human body is the endocannabinoid system . The ECS is a biological system consisting of endocannabinoids as well as cannabinoid receptor proteins that are found in the central nervous system and brain. The endocannabinoid system plays an important role in regulating many bodily functions such as pain, digestion, appetite, and mood.

Where cannabis comes in is that research shows that phytocannabinoids found in the plant, such as THC and CBD, also bind to these receptors in our bodyjust like the endocannabinoids. This suggests that the compounds in cannabis influence the way the ECS regulates bodily functions, including pain control. Below, we look at research delving deeper into the subject of cannabis and migraines.

Can CBD Treat Migraine Headaches?

The Best Cannabis Strains For Migraines

Purple Kush People who suffer from migraine are always told to just sleep the pain away. Well, that is easier said than done. When migraines are preventing you from getting your much-needed rest and sleep, it is time to get an indica-heavy cannabis strain, and thats where the Purple Kush comes in. It is a common strain of cannabis that is pure indica that contains 17 percent to 22 percent THC and 0.07 to 0.01 percent CBD. It gives a pleasant numbing sensation, a full-body relaxation, and a deep and rejuvenating sleep. With just a hint of Purple Kush, there would be no migraines to keep you up at night anymore.

You can use either indica or sativa for migraines because each has beneficial advantages. Because you are after the migraine relief that it can bring, you should do extreme research on the strains itself and which one will be perfect for migraine. Also, make sure that you only purchase cannabis strains from reputable dispensaries and companies so that you will have no problem with potency and quality.

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Indica Vs Sativa Effects

Its all in the terpenes. Trichomes that produce on the cannabis plant contain terpenes, with these and cannabinoids the cannabis plant provides the entourage effect. THC is the star of the show, although, without the terpenes and cannabinoids your high is usually short-lived without a lot of desired effects.

Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief

Best CBD Strains for Migraines & Tension Headaches: Indica ...

And aside from the amount of THC and CBD that a strain has is the type of marijuana you want to consume. There are three types of cannabis strains: indica, sativa or hybrid strain . 

This may not be supported by research, medical marijuana users reveal that they have experienced efficient pain relief effects with indica strains. In one study, respondents say that indicas and not sativa strains are perfect for pain relief of different kinds of pain including muscle pains. Indicas were also thought to be effective for the treatment of sleep problems and sedation. 

There are also reports regarding weed strains that are effective against pain. Some of these are for pain which has high CBD levels or indicas with high CBD. 

And aside from their CBD and THC content, components in weed-like terpenes and flavonoids are also responsible for pain relief. Among the best strains for pain include ACDC which is as a hybrid with high CBD, Purple Kush which is an indica-dominant hybrid with high THC content and Harlequin which is a mostly sativa strain with balanced CBD and THC levels. 

Good medical cannabis is CBD oil. This is a natural oil effective for muscle pains, muscle strain, back pain, nerve pain, and arthritis pain. Other preparations for pain are cannabis sativa creams, tinctures, capsules, and edibles. Your doctor can help you find the ideal cannabis sativa or indica strain.  

Find The Right Strain For You

Whether you want to relieve anxiety, pain or depression, the right strain is out there. Use our online tool to narrow the search.

Get Started

Marijuana affects people differently, so youll have to do a little testing of your own to find which strain would be the most effective for your migraine. There are hundreds of different strains out there and while finding the right one may take time. To help you out, I compiled a list of 10 strains to help you start your migraine-free journey.

What Triggers Migraines

One thing to note is that every sufferer experience migraine differently. A migraine you have can be altogether different from how other people encounter them. Even sensitivity to light may cause headaches to many people.

Individuals who suffer from migraines can often identify specific migraine triggers. 


These can be seasonal or even allergic reactions. 

Irregular Environments:

It can incorporate bright lights or loud noises. Gathering lights and even strong smells can trigger migraines. 


It can be any stress. Examples incorporate business-related, depression, tension, and even physical stress. 


Tiredness, stream lag, or irregular sleep would all be able to prompt migraines. 

Change of Diet:

Some migraine sufferers say that when they skip dinner, overeat, or have a little something , it triggers a migraine. Specific foods that contain tyramine or nitrates are also known to trigger the pain. 

Indica Vs Sativa Faqs

Although there are plenty of resources for learning about the differences between cannabis types, sometimes you just want to know the basics. Below are answers to some common questions about indica and sativa marijuana.

Is there really a difference between indica and sativa?

There is no difference in the effects of indica and sativa.

What is sativa used to treat?

Sativa strains used for medicinal purposes are believed to treat conditions related to depression, anxiety and pain. *

Does sativa give you energy?

While there is no scientific evidence that sativas give you energy, they are believed to be uplifting and euphoric.

Does sativa give you a body high?

Sativa may provide a cerebral head and body high, although more research is needed on this topic.

Does sativa give you the munchies?

Sativa strains may help stimulate your appetite and give you the munchies, but it depends on your body chemistry.

Will sativa keep you up at night?

Smoking sativa likely wont keep you up at night like drinking a coffee late in the day would.

What is indica used to treat?

Indica strains used for medicinal purposes are believed to treat conditions related to insomnia, anxiety and inflammation.*

Does indica make you sleepy?

In general, indicas tend to be relaxing which can make people feel sleepy.

Does indica give you a body high?

Some indica strains are known for delivering heavy body highs.

Will indica make me feel paranoid?

Will indica turn my eyes red?

How Do Chemovars Affect Thc And Cbd Ratio

In addition to the cannabinoids in each strain, you have to familiarize yourself with chemovars or chemical varieties. While you can generally distinguish the THC and CBD ratio amongst the three strains, many cannabis sellers are slowly moving away from Indica, Sativa, and hybrid classifications alone.

Instead, they classify their cannabis based on the THC and CBD ratio, using a term known as chemovars.

You can distinguish chemovars into three main categories, i.e., Type I, Type II, and Type III.

  • Type 1 chemovars refer to strains with a high THC ratio
  • Type II chemovars refer to strains with a balanced THC and CBD ratio
  • Type III chemovars refer to strains with a high CBD to THC ratio

Unlike broader classifications such as strains, using chemical varieties affords you more accuracy in describing the type of strain you take. After all, according to experienced cannabis users, the strain alone may not necessarily be the best classification for describing the effects you feel or experience.

Evidence That Cannabis Helps With Headaches

Evidence has been mounting over recent years indicating the utility of cannabis as a treatment for headaches. Conventional analgesics used to manage headache pain are not always effective. What’s more, they can sometimes lead to more headaches  a condition known as medication overuse headaches.

A number of studies and surveys of human participants have presented findings indicating that cannabis may ease headache and migraine severity. 

A July 2020 study published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine explored the efficacy of dried cannabis flower as a treatment for headache and migraine pain. Between 2016 and 2019, 699 participants engaged in the research, sharing details about the intensity of their symptoms and the dried cannabis flower they used to treat their pain. Changes in pain intensity were measured on a 0-10 scale both before and after consuming cannabis. 

The authors found that 94% of participants experienced symptom relief within a two-hour period. The average reduction of symptoms was 3.3 points on a ten-point scale, with males experiencing greater relief than female users. Young users also experienced more significant relief than older users. Cannabis containing THC levels of 10% or higher appeared to offer more effective symptom relief for headache sufferers.

What Does A Sativa High Feel Like

Sativas generally provide invigorating and uplifting cerebral or head high that will work best if you have tons of work to do or a social gathering to attend to. The high you can get from sativa strains are often referred to as head high or cerebral high. This is typically described as a clear-headed and highly functioning creative high. A sativa high will be perfect for people who will be working on something that will require intense focus, such as writing, creative work, and others. Often, consumers prefer to use sativa strains throughout the day because of their psychoactive and stimulating high.

Sativas are known to have a subtle but defined aroma and good flavors. You can read the reviews of the most sought after sativa strains that we already laid out for you: Green Crack strain, Acapulco Gold strain, and Strawberry Cough strain.

Cbdpure Hemp Oil 1000 Mg

When we compare CBDPure with the previous two companies weve mentioned, its clear that it has a more limited range of products. In addition to hemp oil, the company also makes soft gel capsules, joint cream, and pet products. Whats more, even in the category of products were looking at today oil tinctures the company offers a fairly limited range of potencies.

Still, as we have already established, a product containing 1000 mg of CBD per fluid ounce should be perfectly effective at reducing any kind of pain. The hemp oil also contains other cannabinoids namely, traces of THC and various terpenes. However, this manufacturer doesnt make broad-spectrum or CBD isolate products.

All those components are extracted from organic, American-grown hemp plants. The company also sends each batch of product for testing three times. First, CBDPure tests the hemp upon harvesting it at its production facility as well as a third-party lab. After the production process is complete, an independent lab tests the products again, and the company publishes the result on the official CBDPure site.

Best of all, if a customer doesnt like how the product is affecting them, CBDPure has a 90-day money-back guarantee. So this is the best CBD oil for migraines if youre looking to make a safe bet.


  • Limited potency range

How It Can Possibly Work

The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains

The human body makes endocannabinoids naturally, and these endocannabinoids have corresponding receptors in the brain and all throughout the body. Once the cannabinoids bind to the receptors, some components of cannabis work as agonists that augment the effects while some works as antagonists which inhibit the effects. There is recorded evidence that states that cannabinoids may reduce inflammation and diminish the sensation of pain, and CBD is the component believed to modulate these results.

What Are Migraines

Migraines are not your typical headache. They are generally recurring and will cause pain that throbs or pulses. Migraines are more common in women than men by three times. They are often hereditary and sometimes accompanied by an aura.

If youre wondering why there is an entire article dedicated to migraines, you most likely have not experienced one yourself. Migraines are on a completely different level from regular headaches even the most severe headaches have nothing on migraines. Some people have found pharmaceuticals that work to help treat the symptoms of a migraine, but lots of other people have not yet found any relief. Many people with migraines simply have to lie down and wait for the day of migraine to be over.

Buy CBD Oil

Migraines are not fully understood yet, and there are a variety of potential causes. Some people have food-related triggers; others get them when they are tired or stressed. Some people have muscular issues that cause their migraines, while others dont know what could be causing them. 

What Is A Migraine

A migraine is usually located on one side of the head, and these headaches affect tens of millions of Americans.

Some of the symptoms of a migraine include pain thats often only on one side as was mentioned, more pain when straining or being physically active, feeling sick and vomiting, and the inability to do the things you normally do because of the pain. Some people may be so sensitive to light during a migraine that they have to stay in a quiet, dark room and people may also have symptoms like sweating, changes in temperature and diarrhea.

Something called an aura often warns people they are about to get a migraine. An aura is a change in perception that can include feeling confused, seeing strange lights, zig-zags in the visual field, blind spots in the visual field, problems speaking or stiffness.

Theres not a cure for migraines, and most medications that are prescribed are intended to mitigate symptoms, but they might not work at all for some people. There are certain things people can do regarding their lifestyle that may help, such as avoiding certain trigger foods and making sure to drink plenty of water, but even when making these changes, they may still experience migraines. Medicines are grouped into classifications based on whether theyre preventative or they treat a migraine thats already started.

So what about marijuana and migraines? Does marijuana help or cause migraines?

Which Cannabis Strains Can Help Ease Migraines And Headaches

These days, medicinal cannabis users, and recreational aficionados for that matter, can choose from the many different cannabis strains available. Not only do these strains vary in taste and morphology, they also contain different concentrations of cannabinoids and . Here is a list of cannabis strains with the potential to help you with migraine symptoms.

Should You Choose Indica Or Sativa For Migraines

Indica strains generally have more moderate levels of THC and higher levels of CBD. Indica is known for calming, relaxing, and sedating properties, so people often choose this strain for muscle pain, and in the evening before bed. Cannabis , on the other hand, is usually high in THC and lower in CBD. It can have a more energetic high, causing the user to feel euphoric and uplifted. Because of that, cannabis sativa is considered a daytime strain.

A second thing to consider is the difference between two of the main cannabinoids found in marijuana: THC and CBD. THC is the component that will make you high, while CBD does not have psychoactive effects. In other words, it does not alter a persons mood or behavior. 

If you prefer a non-psychoactive way to enjoy cannabis, may be the solution. Learn more about this cannabinoid and its medical benefits.

Indica Vs Sativa Edibles: Which Is Best

Theres no one right answer to the question: which is best? It all depends on what youre looking for! For an energetic, creative buzz, wed choose a sativa edible. For a chilled-out night in, wed turn to an indica instead. With so many edibles available to buy online in Canada, the choice is yours!


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