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How To Use Ice Pack For Migraine

Where Can I Purchase The Theraice Rx Headache Relief Hat

Use An Ice Pack to Get Rid of Migraines In 2 Minute | Get Rid of Migraines Faster

The TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat is available for purchase on theirofficial store, where they are offering the best deals on this product. This magic cap is available on other platforms like Amazon or eBay, plus you can find this hat at your nearest convenience store too!

The TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat also offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee which is a lifetime guarantee that you can utilize in case the product doesnt work out for you! Plus, being sold by a trusted brand like TheraICE enables users to shop knowing that they are purchasing from a reliable source. Also, keep in mind that this product will not be available anytime soon due to its high demand.

Peppermint For Migraine Relief

It carries high-quality anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it is favorable in soothing your nerves. Also, it provides you calming as well as the antispasmodic effect.

One of the fascinating things is that it has such a fragrance that it mitigates the feeling of having a headache. Therefore, it acts and provides you immediate relief.

How to use

Take one or two tablespoons of peppermint oil. If you wish, you can add some lavender oil to it.

After that, massage gently on your temples for a few minutes and then allow it to rest for half an hour. Do this procedure daily to experience its positives.

Who Should Not Use Heat Therapy For Migraine

Before starting any type of therapy, you should consult your doctor, particularly if you are pregnant or nursing.

Also check with your doctor if you have heart disease, diabetes, skin problems or any circulatory problems. People with these conditions should avoid hot tubs, whirlpools, saunas and spas.

Stop the heat therapy immediately if you experience severe numbness in the area youre applying the heat and see your doctor.

People with open wounds, decreased sensation in the skin and bleeding disorders should avoid heat therapy.

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Why You Should Trust Our Reviews

Well, Ive been researching headache relief products for a few weeks since I was a victim of it. This review is totally unbiased since I well researched the product features & benefits and test out the product myself before publishing it online. This review wouldnt have been published if my test results were negative. So you can trust my content because I know exactly what Im writing about.

Cold Compression Therapy For Headaches

Ice Pack on a Migraine

Ice packs work by numbing the inflamed blood vessels and reducing swelling around the head which often contributes to headaches. This relieves pressure that is put on the nerves that run through your neck and scalp, therefore reducing or completely eliminating headaches. Its especially useful in cases where the pain originates from sinuses and jaw muscles, but can also help with migraines and cluster-type headaches.

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What Cures A Headache Fast

TheraICE is one of the few products that can help you get rid of a headache in minutes. Other than TheraICE, I found the best way to cure a headache fast is by practicing Acupressure because it only takes 30 seconds to relieve your pain! All you need to do is going find an acupressure point on your body and press it for 30 seconds.

What Is The Ice Pack Made Out Of

Ice packs loaded with a gel that freezes have been highly popular for many years. Gel packs are typically safe, but if one breaks apart and your kid consumes any of the gel, they may experience stomach pain. There are also water-filled ice packs available if you want a more natural solution. These are exactly what they sound like sealed, reusable ice packs filled with water. It freezes normally within its covering, and if it spills, it will not harm your kid.

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How Hot And Cold Compression Therapy Helps With Headaches

If you havent heard about it before, headaches are one of the most common health complaints among adults. While you may not experience any noticeable symptoms in the early stages, acute and chronic headaches can severely affect your life and lifestyle.

As much as we would like to avoid them, theres no denying that we often rely on painkillers to beat these painful episodes. But did you know that there was a time when people relied on cold & hot compression therapy instead?

Based upon ancient Chinese medicine practices which were later adapted by Japan and Korea, using ice packs and hot compresses for treating headache has been used since centuries around the world. And now that science is finally catching up with this tradition, modern medication has also started including cold & hot compression therapy as a part of their prescriptions.

In fact, cold & hot compression therapy has been proven to be more effective in treating headaches than simply relying on painkillers alone. Heres how it works:

How Does The Theraice Rx Headache Relief Hat Work

Using Ice For a Migraine Get Rid of a Migraine Without Medicine

This magic cap utilizes the hot & cold compression mechanism, a clinically proven method for reducing headaches & stress. When you heat it up in the microwave, the TheraICE Headache Relief Hat will emit moist heat. The moist heat is easy to absorb and helps to release tension from your head & neck muscles that might happen due to regular stress or tension headaches.

Similarly, when you freeze this headache relief hat for about an hour, it will emit cold temperature which helps to numb and relax your head and neck muscles as well as restricts blood vessels to help with migraines. It also speeds up recovery time by reducing inflammation during migraine aura stages.

On top of that, the advanced gel technology enables TheraICE Rx Headache Relief Hat not only emits one temperature at a time but both hot & cold temperature at the same time! You can easily switch between hot & cold therapy by simply turning up or down the adjustable strap to control the temperature at your desired level.

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Getting The Correct Diagnosis

According to the International Classification of Headache Disorders, the official name for ice pick headache is primary stabbing headache. The condition is characterized by intense, brief, stabbing headaches often described as an ice pick feeling.

Dr. VanderPluym says stabbing head pain may be caused by a lot of different problems. But with ice pick headache, there are no other symptoms present beyond the pain itself. Dr. VanderPluym notes that if youre getting tearing or redness of the eye, a runny or stuffy nose, swelling or flushing of the face, then you might not have ice pick headache.

When we talk about primary stabbing headache, we are talking about a primary headache disorder, Dr. VanderPluym says. It can happen more commonly in patients who have migraine, but it is not necessarily a symptom of migraine.

Because these brief, stabbing pains can also be seen with other more serious conditions, people who experience these head pains should be evaluated by a qualified clinician to be properly evaluated.

Whats The Best Method To Use An Ice Pack For Migraines

The first thing to know is where you apply the ice pack makes a difference in how fast relief is experienced. In the 2013 study mentioned earlier, it is recommended that using the ice pack in the form of a neck wrap placing it in the nape area can help reduce pain and discomfort from migraines.

Applying the ice pack directly to the area of pain can also help. It is also recommended to apply the ice pack for just 1520 minutes at a time. After that, you can rest ice-free for an hour, then apply the ice pack again. You can repeat this pattern of 1520 minutes of ice, then an hour off, until the pain subsides.

You should be able to experience four different sensations while applying ice pack to your nape or area of pain:

1 Cold

3 Aching

4 Numbness

It is suggested to remove the ice when you get to stage 4 numbness. However, some peoples skin is more sensitive than others, so if the burning sensation you feel is too intense, you can remove the ice. Keeping the ice on for too long can damage the skin via frostbite.

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Cold Compresses To Keep In Your Fridge When Headaches Strike

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

We’ve all been stuck using a lunch-box-style ice pack to ease headache pain too often it’s the only option in the freezer.

Yes, anything cool helps, but let’s be real: the rigid, leaky design is hardly healing.

Since it’s second nature to reach for a cold compress when headaches hit, why not invest in one that’s functional?

Don’t wait for your next spell to get an ice pack that targets your pain points. Any of the following serviceable options will be a beacon of light in your fridge.

Theraice Headache Relief Hat Review: Hoax Or Legit

FamilyCareACCU Migraines Gel Packs with Strap for Cold ...

Lately, I was suffering from throbbing headaches, the extent of it was so bad that I couldnt even focus on my work, so I had to take the rest of the day off. This went on for a few days until I decided to find an effective remedy for it.

I tried almost everything to get rid of it, but nothing was working out. I tried essential oils, took medications, attempted breathing exercises, went for acupuncture treatment, but it was all in vain. I was just about to give up until my friend introduced me to a magic solution that changed my life.

When I first learned about the TheraICE Headache Relief Hat, I was a little confused about its mechanism & performance. But my friend told me to keep an open mind about it & just give it a try. To my surprise, this wasnt any ordinary headache relief hat, with some amazing features & benefits. In this article, I will talk about my experience with TheraICE Headache Relief Hat.

The TheraICE Headache Relief works by hot & cold compression mechanism which has been clinically proved to be effective for any type of headaches. Its designed as a hat to provide maximum coverage for your head, which makes it pretty easy to use too. Overall, Im very happy with the product and would recommend it to headache suffers who are looking for an alternative treatment method.


  • TheraICE Headache Relief Hat Review: Final Words
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    Cold Therapy Is A Common Measure

    and an old one: Cold therapy as a migraine relief measure was first documented as early as 1849. 1

    Today, even go-to sources for migraine advice such as the National Headache Foundation and the Mayo Clinic include cold compresses and ice packs among their recommendations to ease migraine symptoms.

    In fact cold therapy has been cited as the most common self-administered pain-relief measure used by those suffering from migraine without aura and the second most common measure applied by those experiencing migraine with aura. 2

    However, there are few clinical studies on the use of cold therapy in migraine, and exactly how cold works to ease a migraine remains poorly understood. Further, cold therapy may not be effective for all migraines or in all individuals. 3

    One clinical study of 100 migraine sufferers showed that 75 percent found that cold therapy provided them with at least some relief, but of course more studies are needed.

    Understanding some of the theories regarding how cold therapy may make migraine sufferers feel more comfortable can enable you to discuss this potential option with your doctor.

    Theraice Rx Headache Relief Hat Review: My Honest Opinion

    Not gonna lie, TheraICE Headache Relief Hat didnt impress me at all when I first heard about it. It just sounded like a regular headache relief cap that you can buy from the market. But, as I use it more, I discover more things about it and understood why my friend introduced me to such a headache relief hat.

    Heres my honest opinion on TheraICE Headache Relief Hat-

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    Drug Store Ice Packs Are So 1990 Wearable Ice Packs Are What You Need Now

    Debbie B. from Los Angeles first experienced the relief of bitter cold when she went out on Michigan Avenue on a Chicago winter night in search of Migraine treatment. She got it: the bitter cold zapped away her head pain, at least temporarily.

    Cold therapy works by extracting heat from the affected area. An ice pack for headache has a numbing effect, which may dull the sensation of throbbing or piercing pain.

    In a small clinical study at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center, 76% of Migraine patients got relief, stating the ice therapy product tested, I.C.E. Down, reduced pain and throbbing. .

    Even the National Headache Foundation and the Mayo Clinic include cold compresses and ice packs among their recommendations to ease Migraine symptoms.

    The Fomi Care Ice Eye Mask Offers A Soothing Combination Of Cooling Comfort And A Light Blocking Design Ideal For Migraine Relief

    DIY Ice Packs / Cold Compress for Inflammation and Headaches

    Take advantage of both a cooling and light-blocking design with the FOMI Care Ice Eye Mask. This mask is ideal for migraine relief when you’re experiencing light sensitivity. The mask offers a cooling effect even when it’s at room temperature, so it’s always ready to go when a migraine hits. For extra cooling, you can stick the mask in the freezer for a few hours.

    Unlike many gel masks available, this mask completely blocks out the light, thanks to its cloth side. You can use either the cloth or the vinyl side of the mask against your eyes, though I prefer the cloth for its soft design. A strap with a Velcro closure can attach the mask to your head, though I often just lie down with the mask over my eyes.

    This mask isn’t just ideal for migraines in fact, it can provide relief from many other conditions, including head colds, sinus pressure, fever, sunburns, and more. The cold therapy can help to reduce inflammation, providing pain relief, in turn.

    The FOMI Care Ice Eye Mask has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, based off of 308 reviews. , “The mask fits well. I like the Velcro elastic strap to adjust the pressure. I also like that there are no eye holes. When one has a migraine, one just wants a blackout. The ice part is very squishable and forms to the face well.”

    Pros: Blocks out light, adjustable Velcro closure, offers cooling even when at room temperature

    Cons: Cooling effect may not last the duration of your migraine

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    Does Your Moms Advice Hold Up

    • Cold therapy as a migraine relief measure was first documented as early as 1849.
    • Exactly how cold works to ease migraine pain is poorly understood.
    • Ice could contribute to relief through the vascular system, the neurologic system or the endocrine system.

    When we asked you in our migraine community about what Mom taught you about migraine care, a lot of the motherly advice included using a cool cloth or ice pack during migraine attacks to help soothe the pain.

    So that got us thinking: Why does a cooling agent feel good for some migraine sufferers? Heres a look at what the research says on using ice packs for migraines.

    Causes Of Migraine Headache

    The cause of migraine is thought to be from one or more of several different health conditions. This might include underlying central nervous disorders, brain blood vessel system irregularities, brain or nerve abnormalities, or genetic predisposition.

    Several things may trigger a migraine headache:

    • Changes in the chemical composition of the brain
    • Extreme weather or barometric pressure
    • Dehydration or skipping meals
    • Lack of sleep
    • Sun glare or bright lights

    There are certain risk factors involved in the cause of migraine: age, gender, and family history. Many people report that their first migraine likely appeared in adolescence. 85% of chronic migraine sufferers are women. More than half of all migraine sufferers are never diagnosed. If you have family members that suffer from migraine, your chances of struggling with migraine increase. About 90% of migraine sufferers have a family member with migraine.

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    Myth : Ice Packs Are Safe To Use On Open Wounds

    Using thermotherapy or cryotherapy on a skin laceration is not safe. Skin is much more vulnerable to freezing without the top layers of the skin acting as a protective barrier, and heat application can increase blood flow, causing further bleeding. Additionally, unintended bacteria could enter the wound, causing more damage or a slower and more painful healing process. Always consult a doctor before using at-home treatments for an open wound.

    How To Prevent Migraine Attacks

    Heat or Ice

    There are measures that you can take to prevent migraine attacks before they take over your life.

    If you have more than 15 migraine days each month, it may be time to consider preventive measures. Your doctor may prescribe a medication that you take daily to keep the migraine attacks at bay. If you do not want to take a preventative medicine due to unwanted side effects, your doctor can prescribe a medication that you take at the first signs of a migraine to help ease the symptoms.

    Medication alone may not be enough to prevent or reduce the effects of a migraine attack, so you might consider some additional treatment options including acupuncture, exercise, yoga, meditation and hot/cold therapy.

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