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How To Prevent Vestibular Migraines

How To Treat & Manage Vestibular Migraine Better

My natural approach to treating vestibular migraines

The fact that these strange and unfamiliar symptoms are not typically accompanied by a headache, a great deal of the time, can make it harder to understand.

The same treatments used for classical migraines are used to help vestibular migraine.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Get the right diagnosis and the right medications

See your doctor to help find the best prophylactic medication. You will have a number of effective ones to choose from: beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, tricyclic antidepressants, SSRIs, Gabapentin or Neurontin, Clonazepam, or Topamax just to name a few.

I took Serc which was VERY effective… thank goodness.

2. See the right professionals

Your general physician will most likely not deal with this type of specialized migraine. Make sure you see the right specialist to help you treat and manage this condition.

Consult with a qualified neurologist, and even for a second opinion an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist .

3. Avoid your triggers

There are so many triggers you can’t control – weather, hormones, people wearing perfume at work… but there are also some you can control that can make a huge difference.

Avoid foods with as MSG , certain alcoholic beverages such as red wine, certain cheeses, chocolate, and artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Anything could set off an attack for you if it is your trigger.

4. Learn some stress management techniques

Learn to reduce stress and anxiety in your life where you can.

5. Don’t smoke

6. Avoid excess

Living With Vestibular Migraine

Many people may find that lying down in a dark room or sleeping can help reduce migraine symptoms.

Taking over-the-counter pain or nausea-relief medication at the first sign of symptoms may also reduce the severity of the symptoms.

People who have vestibular migraine may experience periods in life with fewer occurrences, and other periods when there are more.

When symptoms happen with high frequency, it can impact a persons ability to live their day-to-day life. This may include a negative impact on a persons career, education, and relationships with family and friends.

Living with the condition can be isolating and discouraging. In addition to exploring treatments, looking for support from peers with the condition may also help.

Should I Take Vestibular Suppressants During Vestibular Testing

Vestibular suppressants interfere with vestibular testing. Vestibular signals will be dampened and their sedative effects could hinder a patient from being able to perform the motor tasks asked of them. Hindrance may be a result of concentration deficits as well as motor abilities. For these reasons most specialists recommend discontinuing their use before vestibular testing. This will of course ultimately be determined on an individual basis by you and your doctor.

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How I Effectively Used Valium For Vertigo

Since I knew valium was a potent and controversial medication, I was very aware of how I tried it. Like many with VM, I am very sensitive to medications. So the first time I took it, I cut the prescribed dose in half. Even at half dose I still felt very tired and spacey so I decided to cut my dose down even further. After talking to my doctor, I cut my 2mg pill into quarters and took just a quarter once or sometimes twice a day. That was enough to dampen my symptoms without making me feel off. .

I did that for about 2 months while I waited for my preventative medication to start working. Around week eight on my preventative medication, my dizziness began to fade. At that low dose, I stopped Valium with no difficulty at all. Now use it solely as a rescue medication. I only need valium for vertigo attacks or flares of dizziness that happen just a few times a year. Meaning I now only use it only as a rescue medication when Im in vestibular crisis.

As someone diagnosed with both vestibular migraine and Menieres disease I feel reassured knowing I have this vestibular rescue medication available to reach for if I really need it. Yet, I almost never have to actually reach for it. My symptoms are well controlled through my preventative treatment plan. Just the reassurance of knowing I can if I need to is enough.

Test Your Powers On Migraine Weather Today

Pin on vestibular migraine, VM, MAV, tinnitus, vestibular ...

Before you get too bummed out about the weather you can’t control, consider this. It might just be a hidden superpower. In a way, those with Migraine are more in tune with their environment. Could this have actually been an evolutionary advantage?

While this is just a theory, I like the idea of being a human barometer. It makes me different, a little special, just in case the Weather Channel calls to offer me a job.

Track your Migraine attacks as you track the weather and see if it’s a trigger for you. If it is, start forecasting so you can adjust your exposure to triggers you can control.

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Are There Acute Treatments For Severe Vertigo Or Dizziness

Due to a lack of research and clinical trials for VM patients, specific treatment protocols have not yet been developed for Vestibular Migraine patients. This area is in need for further research and development.

Those with VM are treated similarly to the standard migraine headaches. Acute medications such as the triptans or anti-inflammatories may be helpful for treating individual attacks.

In severe cases which do not respond to the above treatments there are further options to consider. The class of medications called the neuroleptics or dopamine antagonist such as prochlorperazine and other such treatments can be effective. Benzodiazepines such as lorazepam, clonazepam can also be helpful for an acute attack of vertigo.

In addition to the above, antihistamines are also worth considering according to Dr. Dodick.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have Vestibular Migraine

If you think you may have vestibular migraine, a headache specialist will be able to diagnose your condition and discuss your options for treatment and prevention. Use the American Migraine Foundations Find a Doctor tool to locate a healthcare provider near you who has experience working with other patients with headache, migraine and vestibular migraine. Schedule an appointment and be sure to bring your headache journal.

TheAmerican Migraine Foundation is committed to improving the lives of those living with this debilitating disease. For more of the latest news and information on migraine, visit the AMFResource Library. For help finding a healthcare provider, check out ourFind a Doctor tool. Together, we are as relentless as migraine.

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How Do Doctors Treat Vestibular Migraines

Typically, we treat migraines and vestibular migraines the same, Dr. Cherian says.

He suggests three common approaches:

  • Determine and avoid your triggers stress, certain foods or not enough sleep.
  • Take supplements, such as riboflavin or magnesium.
  • Take over-the-counter or prescription drugs to reduce pain or prevent headaches.
  • Your doctor also may prescribe vestibular rehabilitation, a type of physical therapy that can help improve balance and manage your dizziness.

    The rehabilitation team will tailor an exercise plan for your specific problems, including exercises for neck stretching and vision stability, for example.

    Bottom line? Dont try to diagnose yourself. Explain your headache history and symptoms and let your doctor determine whether youre having vestibular migraines.

    Vestibular Migraine: The Effects Of Migraine Vertigo And Dizziness

    Vitamin B2 review for preventing Vestibular Migraine

    Have you ever experienced recurring vertigo as part of a migraine attack? If the answer is frequently yes, you may be dealing with a very specific subtype of the headache disorder known as vestibular migraine. It has also been previously labeled migraine-associated vertigo and migrainous vertigo in clinical literature, although vestibular migraine more accurately encompasses other symptoms such as nausea, lightheadedness and balance instability. But regardless of how researchers and doctors describe it, vestibular migraine is a very real and often disrupting diagnosis for patients.

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    Vestibular Migraine Is A Common Cause Of Headaches And Dizziness But It Can Occur Without Pain Discover The Evidence Behind Vestibular Migraine Treatments

    When I began to experience the strange sensations that come with Vestibular Migraine, I thought I was losing my mind. Some days I felt as though the car would be moving forward and I had to slam on my brakes, even though it was still in park.

    Other days I would have daily background dizziness that made it hard to walk or think clearly. The worst days included a terrifying spinning sensation, and that’s when I knew I needed to pursue a diagnosis.

    After seeing 7 different physicians who got it all wrong, I was finally diagnosed with Vestibular Migraine . I sat there in disbelief. How on earth could these symptoms be Migraine?

    Studies On The Prophylaxis Of Migraine Aura Migraine With Aura Or Basilar

    Although the mechanism behind the vestibular symptoms of migraine has not been established, it is reasonable to hypothesize a similarity to other neurological symptoms in migraine. Most studies of migraine focus on the headache as the main outcome or do not distinguish between migraine with and without aura , but some studies report more specifically on aura.

    Several studies have shown the efficacy of lamotrigine on migraine with aura with an effect not only on visual aura but also on sensory, motor, phasic visual, basilar and hemiplegic , and basilar-type migraine . In a controlled 3-year prospective open study of 59 patients, lamotrigine was highly efficient in treating all types of aura and headaches . In a report of two cases of persistent visual aura, lamotrigine was reported to be effective .

    In a small study of 12 patients with migraine with aura, topiramate was not effective for treating aura but was for headaches . In a double-blind study of children with basilar-type migraine, topiramate was effective. No separate reporting on the aura symptoms was carried out . An observational study over 6months in 16 patients with migraine with aura found levitiracetam had a positive effect on aura and headaches .

    Studies with metoprolol specifically looking at the effect on visual aura have shown inconclusive effects .

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    How Does Dizziness Factor In

    Dizziness by itself is a common ailment. About 15 percent of the general population experiences dizziness each year, and the rate is higher among older adults.

    Its one of the top five presenting symptoms to a primary doctor, Dr. Cherian says.

    It causes falls and faintness in some cases, but with vestibular migraines youll have vertigo or a sense of spinning.

    Dizziness is generally not serious, and may relate to medications or heart problems as well as inner ear problems , he says.

    How Long Does The Pain Associated With Medication Overuse Headache Last

    Vestibular Migraine Prevention Diet in 2020

    One of the features of medication overuse headache is that its often persistent. A typical story would be that you have someone experiencing migraine attacks on a few days per month, and they begin to take, for example, butalbital as an acute treatment. Then they start increasing the frequency of butalbital and the headache becomes continuous as they are taking butalbital nearly every day.

    The challenging thing for individuals to understand is that something that is giving them temporary relief is actually making the problem worse in the long run. Its hard to understand how thats possible but it is a very well described phenomenon based on numerous clinical studies, especially for opioids, butalbital, and combination analgesics.

    This article was edited by Angie Glaser and Elizabeth DeStefano, based on an interview with Rebecca Brook NP. Paula K. Dumas also contributed to the content, reviewed by Drs. Starling and Charles.

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    International Classification Of Headache Disorders Iii

    A1.1.1 Pure menstrual migraine without aura

    A. Attacks, in a menstruating woman, fulfilling criteria for 1.1 Migraine without aura and criterion B below B. Occurring exclusively on day 1 ± 2 of menstruation in at least two out of three menstrual cycles and at no other times of the cycle

    A1.1.2 Menstrually related migraine without aura

    A. Attacks, in a menstruating woman, fulfilling criteria for 1.1 Migraine without aura and criterion B below B. Occurring on day 1 ± 2 of menstruation in at least two out of three menstrual cycles, and additionally at other times of the cycle

    A1.2.0.1 Pure menstrual migraine with aura

    A. Attacks, in a menstruating woman, fulfilling criteria for 1.2 Migraine with aura and criterion B below B. Occurring exclusively on day 1 ± 2 of menstruation in at least two out of three menstrual cycles and at no other times of the cycle

    A1.2.0.2 Menstrually related migraine with aura

    A. Attacks, in a menstruating woman, fulfilling criteria for 1.2 Migraine with aura and criterion B below B. Occurring on day 1 ± 2 of menstruation in at least two out of three menstrual cycles, and additionally at other times of the cycle

    How Are They Treated

    Thereâs no specific medication for vestibular migraines. Your doctor will prescribe different drugs to stop an attack when it happens. This is called abortive therapy.

    • Triptans. Take these migraine meds at the first sign of headache symptoms.
    • Vestibular suppressant. It can ease your dizziness and motion sensitivity. This type of drug works on the balance center in your inner ear. Your doctor might prescribe benzodiazepines like lorazepam , anti-nausea drugs like promethazine and antihistamines like meclizine.
    • If you have frequent or disabling vestibular migraines, your doctor may try drugs similar to traditional migraine prevention meds. You take these regularly to reduce the severity or frequency of the headaches. These include seizure medicines, blood pressure medicines , and some antidepressants. CGRP inhibitors are a new class of preventive medicine that your doctor may recommend if other medicines donât help.

    If you have frequent or disabling vestibular migraines, your doctor may try drugs similar to traditional migraine meds. They include:

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    Deterrence And Patient Education

    Convincing a patient of the diagnosis of a vestibular migraine can prove difficult and lead to delay in treatment or absence of treatment. This is understandable based on the fact that vertiginous symptoms are often asynchronous with a headache and may be a difficult connection for the practitioner or patient to grasp. Medication adherence and close follow-up should be encouraged.

    Are There Any Other Disorders Associated With Vestibular Migraine

    How to Stop Having a Vestibular Migraine In 4 minutes!

    Those with VM are more likely to suffer from motion sickness.

    There is also link between anxiety and VM. This may not be a surprise as constant vertigo, light-headedness or dizziness is an unsettling reminder that something is wrong. Without effective treatment it is not difficult to imagine how this may cause some level of worry or anxiety.

    Menieres Disease which is an inner ear disorder characterized by tinnitus , hearing loss, dizziness and ear pressure may also be linked with VM. These two conditions have very similar symptoms. The key difference is the hearing loss in Menieres Disease is severe whilst in VM is it generally temporary.

    Let me know in the comments below, have you ever had some kind of lightheadedness, dizziness or vertigo with your migraine attacks?


    Get a list of 11 natural and proven treatments from medically published studies sent to you.

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    Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential

    Both ocular and cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials are receiving attention for their potential clinical utility. The more studied cervical VEMP is based on a reflex relation of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in response an acoustic signal. VEMP testing in migraine patients is very similar to that seen in Ménière disease patients, which again emphasizes the similarities between these 2 conditions.

    Does The Duration Of Migraine Pain Affect Which Treatments Should Be Used

    The duration of migraine pain doesnt necessarily change what acute treatments should be used. Healthcare providers look for the treatment that knocks out the attack most effectively, even if its short-acting. If youre able to completely relieve the symptoms, then thats a good sign that they wont return.

    For individuals who have prolonged attacks with prolonged disability, healthcare providers are more likely to consider preventive migraine treatment. Even if they dont necessarily have frequent attacks, if they experience several days a month of disability associated with an attack, then prevention should be considered.

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    How Can It Be Treated

    Vestibular migraine tends to be stubborn to treatment. Managing triggers should be the first-line treatment for any migraine: eating regularly, having routine sleep, minimising or managing stress and managing hormonal variations are all examples of lifestyle measures which can be helpful.

    Use of anti-vertigo medication on a regular basis should be avoided, not only because they are ineffective for vestibular migraine, but they can also cause a medication overuse headache if they are used too often. This can cause symptoms to ramp up and can lead to persistent vertigo or balance issues.

    Vestibular rehabilitation is the mainstay of treatment for most vestibular disorders: this is specialist physiotherapy which can help manage balance symptoms. Unfortunately, in vestibular migraine this is often ineffective and, in some circumstances, can make symptoms worse.

    Migraine preventatives can be beneficial for vestibular migraine as they are in more classical forms of migraine. If you have more than 8 symptoms days per month a trial of one of these medications for at least 6 weeks at the optimum dose can be helpful in reducing symptom severity, and attack frequency. First line treatment is usually Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline started at a low dose and increased slowly to a maximum of 50-75mg at night.

    Fitness And Vestibular Migraine: 3 Exercises That Helped Me Find My Balance

    What are the most effective ways to treat and prevent ...

    If youre an active person like me, getting diagnosed with a vestibular disorder can make walking difficult, let alone hitting the gym. For the first 6 months of my newly diagnosed condition, I was unable to do much in terms of working out.

    Running has always been my therapy, and I could hardly make it .25 miles before wanting to fall over. If I wasnt running, I was taking boot camp classes at my gym, and all of a sudden, lifting weights was out of the question. I gained 10lbs which only made the sadness I was feeling about my condition worse. Was this my new life?

    However, it was when I went to vestibular rehab that I realized the importance of retraining my brain to find balance that remaining sedentary wasnt helping me get any better and that we must do different exercises to increase our tolerance to movement.

    It was then that I realized if I ever wanted to be active again,I needed to push through my workouts and deal with the dizziness that followed.I held onto the idea that if I could increase my tolerance to uncomfortablemovement, balance would be waiting for me.

    This fall will be 3 years since I first came down with chronic vestibular migraine , and Im happy to report that I am active most days. I listen to my body and if Im not having an attack, you can find me burning some extra calories doing the following activities

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