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How To Get Rid Of A Silent Migraine

Medications For Acute And Chronic Migraines


The treatment of an acute migraine headache may vary from over-the-counter medicines, like acetaminophen , ibuprofen , naproxen sodium to prescription medications.


  • Triptans , may be extremely effective in treating migraines and may be prescribed to help patients treat their migraines at home. A combination of naproxen and sumatriptan is available. Additionally, sumatriptan is now available as a patch, which delivers the medication though the skin.
  • Not every patient can take these medications, and there are specific limitations regarding how often these medications can be used.

Other migraine treatments

What Causes Migraine Aura Without Pain

The causes of migraine aura without pain or headache arent fully understood. However, you can learn more about specific triggers by keeping a journal or diary. Keep a record of when your episodes occurred, how long each one lasted and what the symptoms were like. In some cases, this can help you figure out what triggers your migraine auras.

Do I Have Symptoms Of Migraines

Migraines are no joke90% of migraine patients cant go about their normal routine, more than 25% miss at least one day of work a month, and one in three need to lie down until the attack ends. The signs of a migraine include:

  • Moderate or severe pain that gets worse when you do any kind of physical activity

  • A throbbing or pulsating headache, usually on one side of the head for about 60% of migraine sufferers about 15% of those always get the pain on the same side of their head

  • A sensitivity to noise or bright lights and sometimes to smell and touch

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • A stiff or painful neck, either before, during, or after an attack

  • Exhaustion

To review, aura symptoms include:

  • Changes to your visionyou either lose it gradually or you see things like flashing lights or bright spots

  • Feeling numb or weak on one side

  • Tingling in an arm or leg

  • Trouble speaking or getting your words out

  • Hearing noises

If you have an aura, the warning signs that a migraine is coming on can be strikingly similar to the type of stroke known as transient ischemic attack . But there is a difference. A TIA is over fairly quickly, while auras are longer . But if youve just had an aura for the first time that was either very short or longer than an hour and your vision was obscured, call your provider or go to an urgent care clinic to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

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How To Treat A Silent Migraine

How often do they appear? How much do they affect your quality of life? If theyre infrequent, short, and non-disabling, I wouldnt treat the aura itself, says Dr. Wall. If they are persistent, you may benefit from preventative migraine drugs, but they wont help everyone, he says. He adds that in some instances, off-label use of anti-epileptic medications may work because they stabilize the function of brain cells.

What Causes Ocular And Visual Migraines

Music that Gets Rid of Headaches

Currently, there is limited research on what causes ocular and visual migraines.

Although studies have shown a change in blood flow into the eye during ocular migraines,the exact cause of this change remains unclear.

However, scientists sometimes associate the condition with genetics, meaning it may run in the family.

According to research, up to 70% of migraine patients have a personal or family history of migraine.2

Migraine triggers play a vital role in the onset and frequency of migraines.

Common migraine triggers include:3

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Other Ways To Deal With Migraines

Pain may also be reduced by the use of the strategies listed below:

  • Close your eyes and choose a calm, dark spot to relax.
  • Get a good nights sleep!
  • A cold towel or an ice pack placed on the eyes and forehead may help get rid of the migraine.
  • Hydration
  • Making a cup of tea/coffee

In the absence of a permanent solution, migraine sufferers have to find ways to manage the condition to reduce headaches and other symptoms. Likewise, lifestyle changes and other methods used at home can play a crucial role in reducing your risk.

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How It Can Be Debilitating

When most people think of how migraines are disabling, they think of the severe head pain. Migraine headaches are definitely challenging, but there are many reasons migraines are disabling.

Even without the head pain, silent migraines can still be debilitating to an individual. It can affect their quality of life and even put them in danger. For example, if a person gets blurry vision while theyre driving, it could cause them to get into an accident. Sudden attacks that disable them for an hour could also affect work, relationships, or hobbies.

Diagnosing and treating silent migraine can be tricky. You may need to see a specialist, such as a neurologist who specializes in headaches. If you think you have silent migraines, talk to your doctor.

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Sure Ways To Get Rid Of Migraine & How To Use Them

Contrary to popular belief, migraine and headache are not the same things.

A headache is just one of the many symptoms of a migraine, a common neurological problem that affects 20 percent of females and 6 percent of males worldwide .

Other symptoms include vomiting, nausea, and aura period, a disturbance in vision, speech and other senses .

According to Mayo Clinic, it can be caused by changes in the pain pathways in the brain, an imbalance in hormones, or a drop in serotonin levels.

To get relief from a migraine, here are some scientifically proven remedies that might help you.

What Natural Home Remedies And Lifestyle Changes Relieve Migraines

What Vestibular Migraines Feel Like (24/7 Symptoms Attacks) l My Vestibular Migraine Story

    Migraine patients can play a significant role in managing their headache frequency and severity.

    Keep track of when migraines occur by using a headache diary or log to track pain levels, triggers, and symptoms. In addition, patients should keep track of the migraine types they experience . This can help identify patterns that precede a migraine, as well as help identify factors that contribute to the development of the headache. Once these contributing factors are known, lifestyle modifications can lessen their impact. These modifications may include:

    • Maintain a regular schedule for eating and sleeping.
    • Avoid certain foods that might cause a migraine.
    • Keep well hydrated since dehydration has been identified as a migraine trigger for some people.
    • Exercise regularly.
  • Relaxation strategies and meditation also have been recognized as effective strategies to prevent migraines and decrease their severity.
  • Exercise and migraine

    Some people find that physical exercises and exercises that promote muscle relaxation can help manage the pain of migraines. Examples of types of mind-body exercises that can help encourage relaxation are:

    • Meditation

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    Diagnosing And Treating Ocular Migraines

    When you visit your doctor, they will ask about your symptoms, examine your eyes, and order additional tests to rule out other serious conditions such as:

    • Amaurosis fugax
    • Giant cell arteritis
    • Spasms in the blood vessels that carry blood to the eye
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Stroke or transient ischemic attack
    • Drug abuse

    Professional Treatments

    If you have been diagnosed with retinal migraines, consult your doctor about the best treatment options. There is no one recommended treatment regimen since it varies from person to person.

    If you dont experience ocular migraines very frequently, your doctor may advise you to use over-the-counter NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen when the episodes occur.4

    Your doctor may also recommend the following:

    • Anti-nausea medication to reduce nausea and related symptoms
    • Calcium channel blockers to lower blood pressure
    • Anti-epileptic medications to prevent seizures
    • Tricyclic antidepressants to alter the brains chemistry

    Doctors dont usually use traditional migraine treatments such as triptans and ergotamines for people with ocular migraines.5

    Triptans, for example, arent safe if youre at risk for a stroke, which may be the case for people experiencing temporary blindness in one eye.

    A recent technique for treating or preventing ocular migraine is to use a self-administered device that delivers electrical stimulation to the forehead or back of the head.

    These devices include:

    Home Remedies

    Stages Of A Migraine Attack

    It is often difficult to know when a migraine attack is going to happen. However, you can often tell the pattern of each attack as there are well defined stages.

    It is these stages and their symptoms that distinguish a migraine from a headache.

    However, not everyone will experience all of the symptoms of each stage and the stages can overlap. In adults, we can divide a migraine attack into four or five stages that lead on from each other.

    Learning to recognise the different stages of a migraine attack can be useful. You might get one, all, or a combination of these stages, and the combination of stages may vary from attack to attack. Each stage can vary in how long and how bad it is. Recognising different symptoms at different times during your attack can give your doctor information which may help them make a diagnosis. Taking medication as soon as you notice the pain may stop or shorten an attack.

    Migraine attacks in children are often much shorter than in an adult. It may be easier to tell the different headache stages in a child.

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    Silent Migraines Have Similar Triggers As Migraines With Pain

    Migraineurs know that everything from a sudden change in the weather to strong smells or bright lights can lead to the onset of a migraine with pain. The same is true for those who get silent migraines. Learning your migraine triggers can help you to avoid some of the circumstances that lead to migraines, but others are unavoidable.

    Symptoms Of A Migraine

    The Most Effective Way to Stop Your Migraine in an Instant

    In rare cases, migraine headaches can persist for up to three days if untreated. In an attack, the pain might vary in both location and severity. Depending on the severity of the headache, one side of your head may be involved. Prodrome and postdrome phases precede and define migraine episodes, respectively, with symptoms such as:

    • A failure to focus
    • Anorexia

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    Ocular Migraine Treatments Final Words:

    An ocular migraine is a disease that requires more, in-depth investigation. There is still much that is unknown about its direct causes, which impacts both diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

    Unless a significant underlying disease is shown to be a direct cause of ocular migraines, the majority of cases are not regarded as dangerous and may be adequately treated, with a low chance of more serious consequences or damage to the eyes and surrounding tissues developing.

    When an ocular migraine strikes, the most efficient approach to manage it is to rest safely as soon as symptoms appear. A dark and quiet location in which to close and rest the eyes can be very beneficial, as can taking a prescribed pain reliever as soon as possible.

    Some people find that massaging the scalp or applying pressure to the temples relieves discomfort. A moist cloth or towel put on the affected individuals forehead can also be comforting. Before returning to regular activities, a person should wait for any visual abnormalities to clear entirely.

    If the pain around your eyes still persists then you should seek your doctor for more advanced ocular migraine treatments.

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    Find A Quiet Dark Place To Relax

    Sensitivity to light and sound is one of the most common migraine symptoms. Get away from these things if you can. This can help you find relief from your pain and can alleviate stress.

    Lie down and pay attention to your breathing. Try taking slow, deep breaths from your diaphragm. Feel your stomach rise with the inhale and fall with the exhale. This can help you relax.

    Dehydration can cause headaches and even migraine, but new research shows hydration can reduce and possibly even prevent headache pain. In the study, people who drank their recommended daily water intake had headaches that were:

    • less frequent
    • less severe
    • shorter in duration

    If you dont regularly drink enough water, increasing your intake may both help reduce your migraine pain and prevent repeat attacks.

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    Calm Yourself To Treat Migraine

    During migraine headaches, a person becomes sensitive towards light. To treat this problem, find a place for yourself, far from the noise and lights. Relax in a dark and quiet room. Try to sleep, this will help you to calm your senses. Moreover, you can tie a cloth around your forehead to relieve the pain. The best way to get rid of the pain is do not think about the pain. If possible, make yourself so busy that you do not find time to remember the pain. However, do not exhaust your body.

    Mint Juice To Treat Migraine

    Wellness fads, alcohol & how to get rid of “stuck” emotions: Robin Berzin, M.D. | mbg Podcast

    Mint juice is the best known among all the home remedies for migraine naturally. Menthol and menthone are the important components of mint, which effectively help you to cure and treat a migraine. Mint contains a calming and soothing properties that helps a lot to do wonder in, migraine headache. You can also add coriander juice as it compliments the best with mint juice to cure this problem. So, to treat this problem follow the few simple steps give below.

    • Extract mint juice from a bundle of mint leaves. Apply it on forehead with a gentle massage.
    • You can also place mint tea bag compresses on the forehead to get relieve from the pain.
    • Add coriander juice for better results to treat a migraine.

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    When Should I See A Doctor

    If your ocular migraines are accompanied by any of the symptoms listed below, you should seek ocular migraine treatments from a specialist as soon as you experience any of the following symptoms:

    • Severe, frequent, or incapacitating headaches
    • Sensory issues
    • Convulsions accompanied by a headache
    • Disorientation or loss of awareness
    • Headaches that necessitate the use of pain relievers more than twice a week.

    Even if your visual migraines are unrelated to an underlying condition, the pain can be terrible and have a substantial impact on your life. Before doing anything, you should relax and avoid triggers such as strong light until the visual disturbances have subsided.

    Dont allow ocular migraines to interfere with your job or quality of life. Consult with top-rated pain specialist doctors who are skilled in detecting and treating various types of migraines to provide the best options for pain relief.

    Make an appointment with expert doctors to discuss your symptoms and get a fresh perspective on current ocular migraine treatments and preventive options.

    For Decades He Had Strange Episodes Of Utter Exhaustion

    What was causing these spells, and why were they now more frequent?

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    By Lisa Sanders, M.D.

    The 51-year-old man sat at his desk preparing for his next online meeting when he suddenly became aware of a familiar stiffness and exhaustion. Had he slept badly? Or was this the beginning of one of his strange episodes? As the symptoms worsened, he had his answer. He knew that when he started to feel this way, the only recourse was to get into bed before he got any weaker. As he made his way slowly down the hall, his legs felt heavy, as if he were wearing ankle weights. Just lifting them was real work. He passed his wifes home office without a word. She knew just from looking at him that he would probably have to spend the rest of the day in bed.

    After more than 20 years, they both had come to expect these episodes. For most of that time, the spells were infrequent, maybe once a month. But recently they became more frequent. The monthly episodes became weekly, then a couple of times a week. They often came, as they did that morning, out of nowhere. Just before leaving his office, he sent an email to the woman he was to meet online. Sorry, he wrote, Im not feeling well. Could we reschedule?

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    What Are The Causes Of Ocular Migraines

    Even though migraines are a regular occurrence, the specific reason is still unknown. Several potential causes and triggers might cause a migraine, regardless of the kind, with or without aura, with or without pain.

    There are no particular reasons that can link to a single ocular migraine attack. Although the causes are the same, migraines present differently in different people.

    1. Genetics:

    A recent study suggests that genetics may be one of the major causes of migraines. According to a study, genetic mutations in the brain create neurological anomalies, which result in migraines.

    2. Central Nervous System Disorder:

    Specific inputs set off a cascade of biochemical and neurologic processes as a result of central nervous system disease. Some of these events affect the brains vascular or blood vessel system, resulting in a migraine.

    3. Cortical Spreading Depression:

    It is a complicated occurrence that momentarily alters the electrical impulses in the brain, affecting vascular and neurological processes. Since the 1940s, when it was first described, this condition has been connected to the visual aura experienced before or during a migraine.

    4. Chemical Imbalances:

    It is commonly assumed that migraines are due to magnesium deficiency, serotonin imbalances , and abnormalities in the cell channels that transfer electrical ions such as calcium.

    5. Hormonal Imbalances:

    6. Migraine Triggers:

    A multitude of factors can alter brain chemistry, resulting in a migraine.


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