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How To Break A Migraine Headache

How Do You Stop Rebound Headaches

How The Gut Breaks Down Causing Migraines And Headaches
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One of our readers asks, What is an effective way to stop rebound headaches? Im getting migrainesnearly every day. I try to ride it out, but cant stand the pain, so I give in and take my triptan almost every time. Ive tried prednisone tapers, but the pain keeps coming back. Help!

Rebound headaches are caused by taking pain medicines too frequently over a prolonged period of time. Prednisone tapers may give temporary relief, but they dont address the source of the problem. As you have experienced, the headache returns as soon as you stop taking the prednisone. Before we talk about solving the problem, lets take a look at what it is and how it develops.

Deficiencies May Cause As Many Headaches As Excesses

There are two states here that need to be taken care of the migraines or headaches youve been medicating for and the headaches that have resulted as a byproduct of the medication.

If you only deal with the medication you may be leaving pieces out of the puzzle but there are also two types of deficiencies that need to be taken into account.

  • The kind that comes from lacking diets and excess stress, methylation issues, parasites etc
  • The kind that comes from medications
  • Its incredibly important these are supported during our time on a medication. The problem is they are almost never looked after and this puts a huge strain on our system, compounded by the increasingly low food quality available to us.

    You can use this website to search your medications and supplements to see if there are interactions or nutrient depletions caused by them.

    See our posts on medication deficiencies and medication interactions here.

    Works For Most: Vitamin B Feverfew Melatonin Butterbur

    Vitamin B2: A Belgian study found that 60 per cent of people who took 400 milligrams of this vitamin everyday had half their usual number of migraines.

    Feverfew: This popular herb offers mild and transient benefits, according to British researchers, but in a recent study of a feverfew extract containing a consistent level of parthenolide, migraines were reduced from five per month to three. Further research shows there is conflicting evidence on the effectiveness of this herb.

    Melatonin: Two-thirds of study participants who took melatonin before going to bed every night for three months said the number of migraines they experienced dropped by 50 per cent.

    Butterbur-based remedies: One expert calls these the best safety-tested herbal to date for the treatment of headache. According to the journal Neurology, 68 per cent of those who took a butterbur product called Petadolex saw the number of migraines they experienced drop by 50 per cent.

    Got a bad case of indigestion? Try these home remedies.

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    How To Break Headache Cycle

    Headache cycle is caused due to the inappropriate pain management from the existing dose of analgesics. Further, the patient is forced to take higher dose of analgesics to manage the pain of rebound headache which further worsens the condition. The problem in breaking the headache cycle of rebound headache is difficult because the only way to manage the rebound headache is to stop the pain medications completely. The patient refuses to accept this approach as they are under tremendous pain due to migraine and rebound headache. Thus, the best approach is to manage the pain of the patients when they are not on analgesics. Following are the approaches that can be used for breaking the headache cycle:

  • Titrating The Pain Relieving Medication: The medications of pain management should be titrated down either in terms of dose or in terms of frequency so that it does not cause any withdrawal syndrome and the pain experienced by the patient is manageable. Further, the medication may be replaced by other medications which are having a low risk of causing headache cycle.
  • Avoiding Opioids Or Barbiturates: Opioids and barbiturates are the drugs which are commonly known for causing rebound headache and also causes withdrawal syndrome. These drugs can be replaced with other drugs such as dihydroergotamine. Changing to dihydroergotamine can break headache cycle.
  • Rebound Headache Home Remedies

    Headache or Migraine? Breaking down the differences

    When I was trying to get rid of rebound headaches over 4 years ago, I did not know about all the natural tools available that could have helped. Through the years, I have learned about so many rebound headache home remedies that can help get you through if your go to medication is not an option.

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    What Is Resistant Or Refractory Migraine

    If many different types of medications dont work for you, it could mean you have resistant or refractory migraine.

    Individuals who dont get adequate pain relief from existing abortive and preventive treatments can be classified as having resistant or refractory migraine, according to Sacco.

    She is one of the authors of a recent consensus definition of the two conditions put out by the European Headache Federation.

    Resistant migraine is determined by the number of preventive migraine treatments that have failed at least three classes as well as the number of debilitating headache days a person has at least eight per month for at least three consecutive months without improvement.

    Refractory migraine is diagnosed when all the available preventive medications have failed to help, and the person experiences at least eight debilitating headache days per month for at least six consecutive months.

    The European Federation defines a debilitating headache as a headache causing serious impairment to conduct activities of daily living despite the use of pain-relief drugs with established efficacy at the recommended dose and taken early during the attack failure of at least two different triptans is required.

    It’s not clear how common these types of migraine are in the general population, says Sacco, and one challenge in estimating the number of people with either condition is that up until now, there hasnt been a widely accepted definition.

    How To Tell If You Have A Migraine

    This article was medically reviewed by . Dr. Litza is a board certified Family Medicine Physician in Wisconsin. She is a practicing Physician and taught as a Clinical Professor for 13 years, after receiving her MD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health in 1998.There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 85% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 54,290 times.

    People get headaches for all kinds of reasons. Migraine headaches, which can last from a few hours up to several days, are painful and difficult to get through. They affect about 12 percent of the population, and are three times more common in women than in men.XTrustworthy SourceMedlinePlusCollection of medical information sourced from the US National Library of MedicineGo to source Migraines can be treated with rest and proper care, but to first you’ll need to figure out if you are having one.

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    Strategies To Avoid Emergency Department Visits For Migraine

    The best strategy to avoid Emergency Department visits for migraine is to avoid having a migraine in the first place. There are two main components to trying to avoid migraines: 1. Using preventive strategies and 2. Navigating triggers.

    All patients with migraine should follow the SEEDS strategy for success in headache management1 . The SEEDS strategy is comprised of lifestyle modifications that can reduce the chances of having migraine attacks. These strategies are an integral part of managing migraines and should not be overlooked even when medications are being used as part of the treatment plan.

    When migraines are not controlled with lifestyle measures alone, then preventive medications may be used to help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. If you are experiencing more than 4 headaches per month, it is important to talk to your physician about whether you should be on daily preventive medication. For individuals who are already on daily preventive medications, it is important to take them as prescribed, as they are unlikely to work if they are not taken consistently. Sometimes people stop taking preventive medications because of perceived side effects or because they feel that they are not effective. If either of these scenarios occurs, it is best to talk to your physician prior to stopping the medication so that they can discuss alternative treatment options with you.

    Diagnosing Migraines In The Er

    The Most Painful Headache – Cluster Headaches. The Ways Your Brain Can Break

    If you are ultimately diagnosed with a migraine during your visit, it is also reasonable to ask the healthcare provider if there are any infusion centers available in the community for the next time that you experience a severe migraine that does not resolve with treatment at home . Along the same lines, if you do not have a community provider to look after your migraines, you can ask the healthcare provider for a referral to a specialist, or for resources in the community to help you optimally manage your migraines in the long term.

    If you are a patient who frequently develops migraines, or who often has headaches, it may be worth asking the physician if steroids would be beneficial for you. In some patients, steroids have been shown to be beneficial at preventing a rebound or bounce-back headache within the days following discharge from the ED.


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    Can Migraines Be Prevented

    You can’t prevent every migraine. But learning your triggers and trying to avoid them can help. Take a break from activities that might start a migraine, such as using the computer for a long time. If you know that some foods are triggers, skip them. Some people find that cutting back on caffeine or drinking a lot of water can help prevent migraines.

    Make a plan for all the things you have to do especially during stressful times like exams so you don’t feel overwhelmed when things pile up. Regular exercise also can reduce stress and make you feel better.

    The more you understand about your headaches, the better prepared you can be to fight them.

    Natural Ways To Prevent And Treat Headaches

    Anyone whos ever had a headache knows that they can range from nagging to debilitating. The most common type is a tension headache, a mild, constricting feeling around your head thats often caused by holding your neck in a tight position. Migraines, on the other hand, tend to be both intense and recurring. Medication is one way to treat your discomfort. Or, you can don a high-tech headband device, approved this week by the FDA. But there are also plenty of natural wayslike the 21 tricks listed herethat can help you head off the ache.


    Headaches are often a sign that your body needs a break, says Elizabeth Loder, MD, chief of the headache and pain division at Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston and President of the American Headache Society. Many people are very busy and are reluctant to take the time, but if you consider the tradeoff of spending 10 minutes to close the blinds, lie down, and relax when you feel a headache forming, that might be better use of your time than being incapacitated later on after it gets worse, she says. 27 Mistakes Healthy People Make

    Eat small, frequent meals

    If you havent eaten anything in a while, that aching or fuzzy feeling may be a result of low blood sugar. In this case, eating something right away could nip the nagging sensation in the bud. Some research suggests that foods rich in magnesium, such as spinach, tofu, olive oil, or sunflower or pumpkin seeds, may be especially helpful.

    Ice your forehead

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    Take Time Off If You Need To

    Its important to take time off work if you need to. Many people feel they should try to push through a migraine when theyre working from home. However, its better to take the time off you need to feel better and then return to work. Otherwise you may find your migraines last longer or bounce back.

    Live Like A Monk Until Youve Broken The Pattern

    Intermittent Fasting Headache

    A monk? Allow me to elaborate.

    First, lets review some of the things migraines need to stay alive and grow:

    1) Sugar. Specifically, glucose. Remember that sugar is migraine fuel the more sugar available to the brain, the more fuel for the migraine fire. The less sugar, the less strongly it can burn.

    This is likely one reason why the evidence continues to mount in favor of ketogenic diets as a powerful strategy for migraine prevention.

    Sugary foods are typically consumed for their hedonistic value. In other words, we eat them cause they make us feel good.

    As a monk, however, you now derive pleasure through inner peace and enlightenment, not cheap gustatory thrills.

    So absolutely no sweets, sodas, or processed foods of any sort. And no fruit, rice, potatoes, or any food high in easily digestible carbohydrates, either. All youre doing if you do is throwing more logs on the fire. We want to starve the migraine, not feed it.

    2) Hormonal fluctuations. Especially sharp rises in stress hormones.

    Stress hormones are bad, bad news when trying to conquer rebound headaches. Stress hormones cause the body to release..wait for it..sugar into bloodstream .

    And what sorts of things prompt the release of stress hormones?

    The biggies are sleep deprivation, emotional upset, strenuous physical activity, and meals high in refined carbohydrates .

    So, to avoid surges in stress hormones, you want to:

    a) Get plenty of rest, at the right time.

    b) Avoid emotional turmoil.

    c) Fast.

    Say what?!?!

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    Talk With Your Doctor About What To Expect When Starting A New Drug

    Many patients dont tolerate preventive migraine therapies because of side effects, which can lead them to stop taking those meds, says Sacco. But in some cases, these side effects can be tolerated if the person is warned about them before they happen, she says.

    Topamax is a good example of that, says Sacco. A common side effect of the drug is a pins and needles, or a numb feeling, on the ends of fingers. If people are warned ahead of time and told that this a normal side effect that’s harmless, its more likely that they wont discontinue the drug, she says.

    Kiran Rajneesh, MBBS, a neurologist and pain medicine specialist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, agrees, saying that people can manage specific side effects more effectively when they are told to expect them.

    For example, there are certain medications that we use for headache that are mild diuretics, where you lose more water through urine. Knowing that, and making a plan to increase your hydration, can help compensate for that, says Dr. Rajneesh.

    Tension Migraine: How To Relieve One

    by Melinda Wilson | Treatment Options

    A tension headaches which becomes debilitating may be referred to as a tension migraine.

    They are very intense, rather than typical, non-migraine tension headaches, which produce mild or moderate discomfort. They are very painful and sufferers may not be able to function normally while they are happening. A headache of this type may also be called a mixed tension migraine.

    As you can see, these are unique and were here to talk in greater depth about what they are and how to treat them. Our advice isnt intended to be a substitute for medical care. Talking to your doctor will always be the smartest way to access treatment options which are just right for you.

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    Drink A Small Amount Of Caffeine

    Although caffeine can cause headaches of its own in large amounts, a small dose of a beverage like coffee or soda can soothe the pain of an intense migraine.

    When you drink caffeine, it can offer pain relieving benefitsâas long as you drink just a small amount, as the Mayo Clinic notes. If you drink it right when you feel a migraine beginning to appear, it can also improve the effects of Tylenol, aspirin, and other over-the-counter pain relievers .

    Image via Shutterstock

    Whatever you choose to calm your intense migraine pain, keep track of what you eat, drink, and do when you get them. Finding the trigger to your headaches can help you avoid them in the future. Avoiding certain foods, ingredients, and activities, you can keep migraines at bay and not have to endure their awful reign.

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    Who Can And Cannot Take Sumatriptan

    Graston Technique for Tension and Migraine Headaches

    Most adults with migraines can have sumatriptan tablets or injections. But the nasal spray is only officially approved for people under the age of 65.

    Sumatriptan is not officially approved for children. However, a specialist doctor may sometimes prescribe it for a child over the age of 6 years.

    Sumatriptan is not suitable for some people. To make sure it’s safe for you, tell your doctor if you:

    • have had an allergic reaction to sumatriptan or any other medicine in the past
    • have a heart problem such as coronary heart disease, chest pain , heart rhythm problems or you’ve had a heart attack
    • have circulation problems in your legs
    • have had a stroke or “mini stroke”
    • have liver disease or other liver problems
    • have seizures or fits
    • are trying to get pregnant, are already pregnant or breastfeeding
    • are a heavy smoker or use nicotine replacement therapy
    • have high blood pressure

    You may be able to use sumatriptan if you’ve had high blood pressure in the past and it is now well controlled with treatment.

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