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How I Cured My Migraines Naturally

Drink Plenty Of Water

How I Cured My Migraines After 20 Years

Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that’s easiest to forget. According to Dr. Williams, dehydration is a major “migraine catalyst,” so drinking a glass of water might be enough to ease the pain.

The American Migraine Foundation suggests drinking water throughout the day instead of soda, juice or other sugary drinks. A good general guideline is to aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, for example, try to guzzle about 75 ounces daily.

When To See A Doctor

While home remedies and over-the-counter medications can help with headaches, Devine recommends working with your doctor to determine and treat the underlying cause of recurring headaches.

Migraine and tension headaches, for instance, are often caused by a lack of adequate sleep, stress, poor circulation, eye-strain, allergies, and poor dietary habits.

If you experience frequent headaches severe enough to disrupt your life, then you should visit a primary care doctor or neurologist who can diagnose and treat conditions that may be contributing to your headaches.

Take Vitamins Or Supplements

There are many vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies that can alleviate or prevent headaches, especially migraines.

Devine says these natural remedies work to relieve headaches by improving your circulation, acting as an anti-inflammatory, bringing more oxygen to your tissues, providing muscle relaxation, or offering direct pain relief.

For example, Devine recommends the following:

  • Magnesium
  • Feverfew

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Supplements For Natural Migraine Prevention

Nutritional supplements are just one of several types of natural Migraine therapies featured on the 2016 Guideline Recommended Treatments for Complementary Therapies issued by the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society , and reviewed by the American Osteopathic Association

Several herbal preparations, vitamins, and minerals are used for natural Migraine prevention:

Natural Alternatives & Complementary Medicines

How I Cured My Migraines and Kept Them Away for Good ...

Complementary medicines is a term that is frequently used in a variety of contexts in Australia, capturing a large range of different alternative therapies from herbal medicines, traditional Chinese medicines, homeopathy and aromatherapy and also encompasses vitamin and mineral supplements.

Natural Doesnt Always Mean Safe

There can be a perception that because a treatment is available from a health food shop or the supermarket that the risks of using these treatments must be low. Unfortunately that is not always the case. It is important to remember that even natural alternatives are medicines anything that affects biological processes in the body can be considered a medicine. They all have risks and benefits, and health professional guidance is always recommended to help in weighing up the pros and cons of each option.

Regulation of Natural Alternatives

Like prescription medicines and over the counter medicines, many natural medicines and supplements are regulated in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration .

There are two main categories for medicines that are available over the counter. They can be either categorised as a listed medicine or as a registered medicine. Any prescription medicine will be registered . Most natural medicines will be listed medicines and considered to be lower risk in general or used to manage lower risk conditions.

Be Careful Buying Online


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Different Headache Types Causes And 15 Natural Remedies

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

Life can get pretty busy and stressful, and the common headache is sometimes overlooked or masked with a painkiller like aspirin . A headache is a good indicator that your body is missing something maybe you need to take a breather, drink some water or change the way you eat. You may have a vitamin or nutrient deficiency or a food sensitivity that is causing this built-up tension.

Headaches can be triggered by stress, fatigue, allergies, eyestrain, poor posture, alcohol or drugs, low blood sugar, hormones, constipation and nutritional deficiencies. Your body is telling you that something needs to change, so begin to heed those signals. You may be wondering, how do you make a headache go away?

To find headache relief, use these 10 headache remedies, which include herbs, vitamins, posture correction, diet changes and more, to fight headaches in a natural and healthy way.

Acupuncture And Dry Needling

Acupuncture has long been used as an alternative headache remedy. This is age-old medicine, so its hard for me to discount it, Ahmed says. In general, I feel that if patients have consistent benefits with a treatment, they should use it. And theres science to back up the results patients have seen. A 2017 study found that acupuncture could reduce the frequency of migraines and prevent future migraines. As part of the study, the subjects who received acupuncture treatments five times a week for four weeks had fewer migraines, from roughly five down to three a month.

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Theres also dry needling, which doesnt have much solid research to back it up, but it shows promise, says Ahmed. Dry needling is a little different to acupuncture, which uses lots of needles for a prolonged amount of time. Dry needling uses just one needle at a time. A physical therapist quickly inserts and removes a very thin needle into a hard or knotted area of muscle to ease tension.

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A Cold Compress Or Ice Pack Can Help Lessen Pain

Although both ice and heat can be used to relieve pain, most people with migraine prefer cold, according to the National Headache Foundation.

Cold packs can be placed on the forehead and temples or on the back of the neck, if you prefer. Its best to keep a cloth between your skin and an ice pack if you use a commercial cold pack, make sure there are no leaks where chemicals could escape and potentially harm your eyes.

Acupressure May Help Relieve Tense Muscles

Migraine Cure at Last, without Drugs!

Acupressure is used in traditional Chinese medicine and can improve tightness and tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, which can sometimes trigger or worsen a migraine attack or headache.

According to UCLA Integrative Medicine, acupressure sends a signal to the body to turn on self-healing or regulatory mechanisms. Its performed by applying firm pressure to stimulate each pressure point. You can do acupressure to yourself or have someone else do it.

A few common pressure points for treating headache include:

  • Gallbladder 20 , also called feng chi, is located by feeling the mastoid bone and following the groove back to where your neck muscles connect to the skull.
  • Triple Energizer 3, or zhong zhu, is found in the groove formed by the tendons of the fourth and fifth fingers, behind the knuckles

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Ease Pain And Nausea With Ginger

Heres a remedy you likely have in your kitchen. You may already know about gingers ability to settle upset stomachs. But did you know this spice may help with migraines beyond the nausea?

In a 2014 study, ginger powder reduced the severity and length of migraines as well as a migraine-relieving prescription drug, but with fewer side effects.

Q: Whos More Likely To Get Tension Headaches

A: Men and women, young and old, are all equally at risk. The most significant cause is feeling stressed or overwhelmed so a person who has a high-stress job or works long hours may be more susceptible. And people who are prone to depression, anxiety or sleep disorders are also more likely to experience tension headaches.

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Works For Most: Vitamin B Feverfew Melatonin Butterbur

Vitamin B2: A Belgian study found that 60 per cent of people who took 400 milligrams of this vitamin everyday had half their usual number of migraines.

Feverfew: This popular herb offers mild and transient benefits, according to British researchers, but in a recent study of a feverfew extract containing a consistent level of parthenolide, migraines were reduced from five per month to three. Further research shows there is conflicting evidence on the effectiveness of this herb.

Melatonin: Two-thirds of study participants who took melatonin before going to bed every night for three months said the number of migraines they experienced dropped by 50 per cent.

Butterbur-based remedies: One expert calls these the best safety-tested herbal to date for the treatment of headache. According to the journal Neurology, 68 per cent of those who took a butterbur product called Petadolex saw the number of migraines they experienced drop by 50 per cent.

Got a bad case of indigestion? Try these home remedies.

Scalp Massage May Help Relieve Migraine Pain

How I Cure my Migraines Naturally  Fresh Philosopher

Do-it-yourself scalp massages may be an effective way to alleviate migraine pain.

For some people with migraine, scalp massage will offer relief from pain by helping reduce tension and promoting more robust circulation, says Dr. Rothenberg. “For others, the idea of being touched anywhere, especially the head, won’t be appealing and could make the pain worse. Like many aspects of natural, individualized medicine, nothing will work for everyone!”

Scalp massage is unlikely to be comfortable for people with allodynia, a fairly common symptom of migraine in which people are very sensitive to touch and other stimuli that isnt typically painful. Allodynia can make even normal activities such as brushing hair or resting your head on a pillow very painful.

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Migrelief Headache Essential Oil Roll On

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    Works For Mild Migraines: Otc Pain Relievers

    If your attacks dont keep you from your everyday activities, and you experience vomiting once in every five attacks or less, then inexpensive over-the-counter pills like aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen may act as migraine remedies. What helps migraines? OTC products that contain a blend of acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine were found to relieve pain 20 minutes faster than ibuprofen.

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    Balance Blood Sugar By Using This

    Blood sugar is one of the largest players in our entire bodies health.

    If our blood sugar is bouncing up and down from stress, caffeine, or bad food choices and meal timing, we are just waiting for something bad to happen.

    If we already have vestibular migraines, blood sugar regulation is in the top 5 things we have to do.

    Our brain functions on two forms of energy, carbohydrates and fats.

    In a healthy brain, we are constantly balancing the two of them because we need both.

    When we are constantly carbohydrate dependent meaning we only eat sources of carbohydrates and sugars, then our brain doesnt receive enough fat as energy.

    When our carbohydrate intake is low, our body starts breaking down fats to use as energy instead.

    When our carbohydrates are high, our body wont break down fats because its always storing the sugars as fat.

    But when we are constantly spiking blood sugar by eating simple sources of carbohydrates and sugars, we are also making our body release huge amounts of insulin to store that sugar.

    If we keep dumping the insulin and sugar, our cells will lower the amount of receptors they have for insulin.

    This is the beginning of insulin resistance.

    As we continue down this road of stress, caffeine, and simple sources of carbohydrtes like sugar, our brain cells stop absorbing and utilizing the energy spikes.

    This leads to break down in our brains cellular metabolism.

    No energy = no function

    Whats one of the most common triggers for migraine sufferers? Fasting

    Until One Day When Everything Became Terrifying


    My family was temporarily living in Pensacola, Florida, while my husband completed some training en route to our new home in Maryland.

    I had taken my kids to a book store maybe 20 minutes from the condo where we were staying, to enjoy a story hour. After the story, the kids looked at books, and I chatted with another mom.

    While we talked, the spots appeared in my peripheral vision. Annoying, inconvenient, but I was sure theyd go away. They always did. Id just wait it out before driving back to the condo with the kids.

    But then, my left arm tingled, as if it were falling asleep. I rubbed it to wake it up.

    It got worse, not better.

    The tingling spread. My left leg began to tingle and feel numb, all the way down to my toes. Then, I felt it in my the left side of my bottom. I stood up and walked around, trying to wake up my sleeping body parts.

    The tingling only got worse.

    I went to the restroom, both kids in tow, and when I came out, the left side of my face was tingling too.

    Even into the left side of my throat, my tongue, my scalpuntil the entire left half of my body felt foreign, numb, asleep, and finally paralyzed.

    As things progressed and I became more and more frightened, I had enlisted the help of an employee in the shop. I told her what was going on, and she helped me keep an eye on the kids.

    I texted my friend Joni, who is a nurse, and she said I needed to get to the hospital to be sure I wasnt having a stroke.

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    Q: Are There Different Types Of Tension Headaches

    A: We categorize tension headaches as episodic or chronic.Episodic tension headaches are milder, less frequent and relativelyshort-lived.

    If someone reaches a threshold of 15 headache days a month, orrealizes their headaches are affecting their life quality, we would label thoseas chronic tension headaches.

    Remedies To Get Rid Of Headaches Naturally

    Headaches are a common condition that many people deal with on a daily basis.

    Ranging from uncomfortable to downright unbearable, they can disrupt your day-to-day life.

    Several types of headaches exist, with tension headaches being the most common. Cluster headaches are painful and happen in groups or clusters, while migraines are a moderate-to-severe type of headache.

    Although many medications are targeted at relieving headache symptoms, a number of effective, natural treatments also exist.

    Here are 18 effective home remedies to naturally get rid of headaches.

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    Looking For Even More

    Each year, the Migraine World Summit team updates its Migraine Treatment Directory, with over 200 medical and non-medical, alternative treatments used by people in the community. In addition, the Directory includes a worldwide summary of guideline-recommended treatments reviewed by leading medical bodies, including the American Academy of Neurology, American Headache Society and European Headache Federation.

    Because many alternative and complementary therapies aren’t FDA-regulated, it’s wise to proceed with caution before investing your time and money in any new therapy. Even if your doctor doesn’t suggest them, it’s important to discuss any all-new Migraine remedies with your doctor first.

    Just when you thought you were out of options รข there’s always hope.

    How I Cured My Migraine Naturally

    How I Cured My Migraines

    If I had a head bath and went out in the sun, I would get a migraine for sure.

    Every month before my periods, a migraine attack was gauranteed. My mom had the same and I was convinced by my family and by logic that I had inherited this.

    The pain would start slowly and then my head would throb. Slowly, it would get so intense and painful that I could not lower my head. If I lowered my head, my head would feel almost numb with pain and as if the earth below my feet was falling down.

    At times, a pain that would start in the evening would get intense in the middle of the night that I would have to wake up, not being able to bear the headache.

    I couldn’t lie down or lift my head. Even a small angle of tilting would create greater pain. I was absolutely incapable of doing anything else during that time – I could not be spoken to.

    When the pain had absolutely taken over me, I would lay in a lump even incapable of hearing myself curse myself in my head for having gone out in the sun.

    Another combination that gauranteed a migrain was skipping breakfast and then venturing out in the sun. Sometimes skipping lunch would kick off the headache in the late afternoon and would feel slightly better as I ate in the evening.

    The sun seemed to be a common factor. Or so I thought. Then when I was in a colder country, I still got the same migraines. Once a month guaranteed.

    Aha !

    My overall instances of migraine had started to reduce ever since I knew how to keep my body cool.

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    Why Your Doctor Rarely Prescribes Natural Migraine Remedies

    The main reasons you may not hear about natural ways to get rid of migraines from your doctor: familiarity and safety, according to Andrea Harriott M.D., headache specialist with Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston during her 2017 interview on The Migraine World Summit

    Even for headache specialists like Harriott, who have the option of attending one of the sessions on natural Migraine relief at the annual American Headache Society Scientific Conference, there’s a lurking concern around safety.

    Dr. Harriott continues, “In general, there tends to be much better evidence for pharmaceutical therapies than there are for nutritional supplements. We know a little bit more about their effectiveness and their dosing, we know a little bit more about how they’re regulated and what’s in them, when we prescribe them and there tends to be some fear about the nutritional supplements in terms of what’s actually contained in that pill when you buy it off of the shelf.”

    Supplements in the United States are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration . There is a wide array of supplements available with little regulatory oversight to ensure consistency or quality.

    It’s essential to choose a high-quality brand from a reputable distributor. Independent review sites like ConsumerLab and Labdoor can help you determine the safety and quality of your supplements.


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