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How Daith Piercings Help Migraines

Should You Get A Daith Piercing

Do Daith Piercings Help with Migraines?

For those worried about the possible pain associated with getting a daith piercing, Thompson tells us that “the split second of pain you’re going to receive from getting the piercing is nothing like having a full-blown migraine.” He also points out that it is not permanent, and if for any reason it does not help alleviate migraine pain, individuals can take the piercing out. However, regardless of which path you choose, be sure to speak with a physician to weigh your treatment options, especially considering chronic migraine pain could be symptomatic of other, more serious conditions.

What To Do If You Want A Daith Piercing

If you are considering a daith piercing to treat your migraine pain, the most important thing to consider is booking an appointment with someone knowledgeable in this type of piercing therapy. They will understand how to pierce your ear safely while understanding pressure points and acupuncture to pinpoint the exact piercing spot to help alleviate your migraine symptoms.

Finding the best huggie earrings and taking good care of your piercing are also key to a successful daith piercing. With no scientific proof, a daith piercing is not a sure-fire way to reduce migraine pain, but for those who have tried everything else without success, it may be a worthwhile shot!

What To Know About Daith Piercing

If you are thinking about a daith piercing, Dr. Kim recommends doing some research first to make sure you know what you are getting into. You should also remember that the procedure might not provide relief from your migraines.

Ive had several people come in and show me their piercing and it is in the wrong spot, Dr. Kim says. Not everyone who does it knows the correct location.

Here are some points to consider about daith piercing:

  • Pain: A daith piercing can be painful and uncomfortable because it goes through cartilage.
  • Infection: Theres a risk of irritation and infection at the piercing site.
  • Non-medical: Piercing and tattoo artists are not typically trained in acupuncture, but they perform the daith piercing.
  • Complications: A keloid a hard, smooth growth or scar may develop at the piercing site.

I do not recommend daith piercing to treat headaches, but if you want to do it because you like the look and it does help your headaches, thats a nice added bonus, Dr. Kim says.

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Daith And Its Association With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a centuries-old healing practice and a component of traditional Chinese alternative medicine in which thin needles are placed at specific points in the body. It is primarily used for relieving pain but also helps to treat various other conditions. Practitioners claim daith piercing activates a pressure point that can affect pain receptors positively and reduce the impact of migraines.

There is no proof how daith piercings affect the pain receptions or reduce the frequency of migraine attacks. Piercing is a serious matter, and this is a sensitive spot. A little mistake may damage the spot where acupuncture would be performed to stimulate this pressure point for relief. Also, there is no way to be sure that the piercing is made on the exact spot.

Most people who have gone for daith piercing believe it resembles acupuncture and works like it. For them, getting it done on the same side where migraine occurs can reduce the incidence of painful episodes in that area. This piercing is popular among people who did not benefit from medications or those who want to avoid drug tolerance by taking too many of them.

How Does Daith Piercing Affect Migraine Symptoms

Daith Piercing for Migraines

No one knows exactly how daith piercings affect migraines, but its thought to be linked to acupuncture.

Acupuncture was developed in China over 2000 years ago and uses fine needles placed at specific points along meridians . Acupuncture supposedly treats illness and relieves pain by correcting these flows of energy.

The daith piercing site is at an acupuncture point, so the piercing is thought to work like acupuncture. But instead of using a fine needle, you have a permanent piercing through the skin and cartilage. Its worth noting though that acupuncture points in the ear have very precise locations, so a piercing would need to be positioned by a trained acupuncturist to have an acupuncture-like effect. Not just any ear piercing will do the trick!

Researchers have also suggested that daith piercing might work by stimulating the vagus nerve a branch of sensors on the surface of the ear, at the daith. The vagus nerve is important for migraine relief in two ways. One: stimulating the vagus nerve may affect the way in which pain signals are processed and transmitted. And two: the vagus also modifies the excitability of the cerebral cortex . This is important because migraine is thought to be caused by disturbances in activity in the brains cortex.

So, together, this forms the theory around how daith piercing might work to relieve migraines. But evidence on whether its actually effective or not is still unconvincing

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Other Health Benefits Of Daith Piercings

Because daith piercings are related to acupuncture and pressure points, the science behind it applies to other things as well. The vagus nerve is the main pressure point in the ear that is thought to be targeted. Since conditions such as depression and epilepsy have been proven to respond to vagus nerve stimulation, the relationship is considered possible.

Daith Piercing: The Bad

Even while some people noticed results with the Migraine piercing, many noticed no results, slight results, or only temporary improvement. The following daith piercing reviews for migraines show the negative side.

Relief was only temporary:“It worked for a month or so while there was built up pressure from the healing of a new piercing. When it was fully healed, it no longer worked the same. But, it provided relief for a few months. – Hannah S.

“The Migraine piercing worked at first. Not after it healed. Oh well, I like the piercing anyway.” – Julie L.

Looks cool, but didn’t help.“I had both ears done with the ear piercing for migraines – no relief at all for Hemiplegic Migraines but my migraines are atmosphere-related not digestive. I wish I had read this before I tried it. I know someone who had great results. If you’re not sure I would try it and if nothing else you’ll have a “hip” piercing. Seeing an acupuncturist first is a very good suggestion.” – Kimberley G.

“The daith piercing helped slightly. I get better pain relief from occipital nerve block shots.” – Joy L.

“Daith piercing didn’t work for me. Acupuncture is next for me. Am forever hopeful that something will work.” – Lis M.

“Got the ear piercing for headaches, it’s just pretty, didn’t help at all.” – Angela M.

“I have Chiari and daily chronic migraines…got the daith and unfortunately didn’t help one bit.” – Tanya B.

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Heres What You Need To Know About Daith Piercing For Migraine

A daith piercing is a piercing located in the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. Its a specific type of piercing in the ear cartilage midline toward the front of the ear . This type of piercing has been done for thousands of years, but can be quite painful due to the bony cartilage and care is required to keep it clean and prevent infections.

The name of this type of piercing is only thought to have begun in the 1990s.

As many of us with migraine know, when traditional approaches for treatment fail we often turn to complementary alternatives.

Acupuncture is a common alternative approach. There are a few theories as to how the daith piercing may help those with migraine.

Dr. Chris Blatchley from the London Migraine Clinic suggests that the daith piercing might be effective is because the piercing point is through the area innervated by the cutaneous afferent branches of the Vagus Nerve which travel centrally to an area close to the trigeminocvervical complex. Dr. Blatchley admits that the neuroanatomy of the vagus nerve is anything but simple.

Others claim the daith piercing is effective because it occurs on the same pressure point on the ear that is used by acupuncturists to treat migraine.

Do Daith Ear Piercings Help Prevent Migraine Experts Review


Posted by Carl Cincinnato | Nov 18, 2015 | Treatments | 115

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A special type of daith ear piercing for migraine has been circling in the press and social media as a potential treatment. The Huffington Post, Daily Mail and even beauty publications are talking about this alternative potential treatment for migraine.

But does it really work? When it comes to getting all the facts, it can be difficult separating hype from reality.


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Should You Have A Daith Piercing

The bottom line is that we dont know for certain whether daith piercing really helps with migraine. Of course, no migraine treatment is 100% effective, but there are other treatments which have more robust scientific evidence supporting their use. These include other non-drug treatments like relaxation techniques, acupuncture or physiotherapy.

If you like the look of the piercing anyway, and think that any effect on your migraine symptoms could just be an extra benefit, then it could be worth trying. Just make sure to go to a licensed technician, to minimize the risk of complications.

But if you arent keen on the idea of caring for a piercing in such a fiddly area, you are likely to be better off looking into other options. Since the benefits of daith piercing are unclear, its hard to say whether its risks are worth taking.

Which Side Is Best

Which side to get daith piercing for migraines? Migraines can affect one side of the head, or come at random on both sides of your head. Some people are able to relieve migraines by massaging the particular side of the head that suffers the migraines.

So, should it be the left or right ear daith piercing for migraines? You can pierce the left ear cartilage if you get the migraines more often on the left side of the head. However, if the pain and pressure occurs most on the right side, do a daith piercing on the right side and see if it will stop the headaches.

  • The best way to determine which side of daith piercings will help migraines is by massaging the ear or head on one side first.
  • If the results are encouraging, get a daith piercing on that side.
  • However, you can also opt to relieve headaches with daith piercings on both sides of the ear.

If you are trying to determine which side to get a cartilage ear piercing to stop a migraine or headache, you may also want to see an acupuncturist. The practitioner will help determine whether one piercing on either the left ear or right ear is all you need, or both. This way, your piercing may be a long term solution for your migraines.

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Do Daith Piercings Hurt What Is The Healing Time

In short, yes. Because of the cartilage thickness and how hard it is to reach the daith, it can be a challenging area to pierce. That means it can also hurt a bit more than other piercings and even take longer to heal.

Most professionals say to expect redness, some throbbing, and sensitivity for at least a few days. If it continues to feel sore well past your initial piercing, consider visiting a professional or your piercer. These piercings can take several months to heal, and they can become infected easily without proper aftercare. To keep it clean, touch it as little as possible, rinse it with saline solution and warm water often, and try to avoid sleeping on that side for as long as you can.

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Can A Daith Piercing Treat A Migraine

Migraine Piercing

“A daith piercing has not been shown, scientifically, to be helpful in preventing migraines,” says Rashmi Halker Singh, M.D., a board-certified headache medicine neurologist and associate professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic. “Some people might have a temporary benefit, a placebo effect, but there’s no long-lasting benefit from doing a daith piercing for migraines. It’s a defunct myth.”

Bershtein was told as much when she went to her local professional piercer, who asked her if she was getting the piercing for migraines. “I said yes, and he said he was just going to give me a full disclaimer that there’s no evidence it works he’s happy to pierce me, but it’s not an end-all, be-all treatment,” she shares.

Paul Fox, a professional piercer at True Expression in New York City, gives his clients the same disclaimer when they ask for a daith piercing in hopes of treating migraines. “I tell every single client that I’m not a professional medical doctor,” says Fox, who has been piercing professionally since 1999. “I tell them I will place and make the daith piercing look perfect, and that it’s going to be beautiful and the jewelry is going to be high quality because that’s just what we do, but I am not curing anything.”

Even still, Fox says he has clients who report back post-piercing, claiming that it helps “And who I am to say it didn’t work for them?”

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Out Of Complete Frustration And Exhaustion Coming Up On Day 3 Of A Full

After signing all of the proper paperwork and explaining why I was there, it was go time. The all-female parlor was really clean and all of the ladies were very knowledgeable. When I asked the piercer about the process and the success rate of the Daith piercing helping with migraines from her professional standpoint.

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Daith And Tragus Piercings For Migraines: Do They Help

Daith and tragus piercings are among the most talked about and controversial alternative therapies for migraines. The cosmetic procedure, which involves piercing a small fold of cartilage near the opening of the outer ear, is believed by some to have benefits similar to acupuncture for migraine pain.

While theres no scientific or clinical evidence to support their use as a pain treatment, daith and tragus piercings are a hot topic on social media. Members of MyMigraineTeam whove already tried many other treatments are considering the piercings as a possible remedy for debilitating migraines that affect their quality of life.

Nothing has helped my chronic migraines. Ive heard daith piercing might work. If so, where do you get it done? asked one member, echoing the questions of many others. Im trying to understand exactly how daith works, and if its a permanent form of acupuncture, said another member. I desperately want to try daith, but I keep seeing mixed reviews, said another.

Members agree that daith piercing is not for everyone. Some swear by the benefits of ear piercings for migraines. Others reported it worked for a short while, and then their headaches came back. A minority called it a complete waste of money and worried about the risks.

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Is There Any Scientific Research To Suggest Daith Piercings Effectively Treat Migraines

Scientifically speaking, there’s little evidence to suggest daith piercings assist in the alleviation of migraine pain. A 2017 case study published in Frontiers in Neurology did find symptoms improved in some after the piercing was done, but ultimately concluded more research was needed. Researchers also warned that any relief experienced by participants could be the result of a placebo effect and would wear off with time. Another study this one published in Chronic Headache in 2018 tested several unconventional methods for the treatment of migraines it found a lack of evidence in the connection between daith piercings and the alleviation of symptoms.

Similarly, neurologist and trustee of The Migraine Trust, Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed, advised, “There is no evidence that daith piercing to help .” Likewise, body piecer Peter Monckton told the idea that daith piercings could cure migraines simply isn’t true. “I believe this may be a placebo effect. There is no medical evidence to support the claims,” he argued.

Does A Daith Piercing Help With Migraine Relief

DID THE DAITH PIERCING HELP MY MIGRAINES?? | Migraine Update 10 Months with the Daith Ear Piercing

If migraines are making your life a misery, you would probably try almost anything to relieve your symptoms.But have you ever thought that an ear piercing could help reduce your pain?

A daith piercing is a piece of jewelry placed through a small fold of cartilage just above the entrance to your ear canal this fold of cartilage is called the daith. If you lift your finger to this part of your ear now, youll appreciate that its a tricky area to pierce. Its also fiddly to take care of afterwards, so people who have it done dont tend to change their jewelry often.

So why get the piercing in the first place?

Many people simply like the way it looks. But recently, daith piercing has also been suggested as an alternative treatment for chronic headaches.

Just how much truth is there in that statement though? Is it really possible that something as simple as a body piercing could be the answer to long-term migraine relief?

Lets take a closer look

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