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Does Migraine Raise Blood Pressure

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HBP 046- How is High Blood Pressure linked to headaches

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  • Systemic hypoxia blood pressure is low because the whole body lacks oxygen and the vascular system does not constrict
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    High Blood Pressure And Headaches

    Most people with high blood pressure dont know about it until its picked up at an appointment with a healthcare professional. Some people, however, do have some symptoms relating to high blood pressure, particularly when blood pressure becomes extremely sometimes dangerously high.

    There has been a lot of research into the relationship between high blood pressure and headaches or migraines, but not a lot of definite conclusions. Most people who get migraines and headaches dont seem to have any related changes in their blood pressure, and most people with high blood pressure do not have migraines that correlate consistently with their blood pressure.

    Some studies have found that migraines correlate somewhat with lower systolic but higher diastolic blood pressure. In fact, some studies have found a link between migraines and low blood pressure. Migraines also seem to be more frequent in people who have chronic high blood pressure that isnt well-managed.

    In people who do have symptoms that occur alongside high blood pressure, one of the most common symptoms they describe is a headache.

    Talking To Your Doctor About Your Blood Pressure Headaches

    If you suspect you have high blood pressure, you need to talk to your doctor to get a formal diagnosis so that you can begin treatment. This is particularly important if you have blood pressure headaches because that can signify a more serious problem. If you are having migraines that also warrants a conversation with your physician because they can help you find a treatment plan.

    Some questions to ask your doctor include:

    • What can I do when I get a blood pressure headache? When should I seek emergency medical treatment?
    • Should I get a home blood pressure monitor? What kind should I get?
    • How often should I check my blood pressure?
    • How high is too high? Too low?
    • What changes should I make to my lifestyle to get better control of my hypertension or migraine?
    • What foods can I eat? What should I avoid?
    • Can I exercise? How much? What are signs that I should stop?
    • What kind of medication are you prescribing to me?
    • Will this medication help my headache or make it worse?

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    Diagnosing And Treating Ocular Migraines

    When you visit your doctor, they will ask about your symptoms, examine your eyes, and order additional tests to rule out other serious conditions such as:

    • Amaurosis fugax
    • Stroke or transient ischemic attack
    • Drug abuse

    Professional Treatments

    If you have been diagnosed with retinal migraines, consult your doctor about the best treatment options. There is no one recommended treatment regimen since it varies from person to person.

    If you dont experience ocular migraines very frequently, your doctor may advise you to use over-the-counter NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen when the episodes occur.4

    Your doctor may also recommend the following:

    • Anti-nausea medication to reduce nausea and related symptoms
    • Calcium channel blockers to lower blood pressure
    • Anti-epileptic medications to prevent seizures
    • Tricyclic antidepressants to alter the brains chemistry

    Doctors dont usually use traditional migraine treatments such as triptans and ergotamines for people with ocular migraines.5

    Triptans, for example, arent safe if youre at risk for a stroke, which may be the case for people experiencing temporary blindness in one eye.

    A recent technique for treating or preventing ocular migraine is to use a self-administered device that delivers electrical stimulation to the forehead or back of the head. These devices include:

    Home Remedies

    Blood Pressure Drug Appears To Prevent Migraines

    Does high blood pressure cause headaches? Myths vs. facts ...

    Jan. 5, 2000 Researcher Harald Schrader, MD, says serendipity played a large role in his decision to study a popular blood pressure drug as a preventive therapy for migraines. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology professor says he had suffered from crippling headaches for several years when he also was found to have high blood pressure.

    I was placed on lisinopril, and my headaches got better almost immediately, Schrader tells WebMD. Soon after that, we gave the drug to a woman we were treating for disabling migraines who also had borderline high blood pressure. A few weeks later, we got a hand-written, four-page letter from her telling us that the treatment had given her a new life.

    Schrader and colleagues now have more scientific evidence that lisinopril, which goes under various trade names such as Prinivil or Zestril and is among the class of high blood pressure medicines known as ACE inhibitors, really does prevent migraines. In the Jan. 6 issue of the British Medical Journal, they report that the therapy appears to work as well as other preventive agents with fewer side effects.

    In nearly a third of the patients, symptoms were reduced by half while on lisinopril. These patients also had fewer overall days with migraine.

    Mathew says the most important thing a patient can do is find a doctor who is knowledgeable about the treatment of migraines.

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    High Blood Pressure And Headaches At The Same Time Without One Causing The Other

    There have been numerous other studies trying to find links between other types of headaches and high blood pressures. However, none of them have consistently proven direct links. Here are some interesting findings about the relationship between high blood pressure and migraine headaches.

    A study comparing high blood pressure patients with headaches and high blood pressure patients without headaches

    Some patients with high blood pressure have headaches and others dont. This study wanted to see if having both high blood pressure and headaches is worse than high blood pressure without headaches. They wanted to see if perhaps headaches associated with high blood pressure meant that those high blood pressure patients had a worse kind of high blood pressure. This study was published in the American Journal of Hypertension in 2016. They followed 1,914 patients for 30 years. They initially marked them as having high blood pressure with headaches and high blood pressure without headaches. At the end of the 30 years, they tracked those patients and found out that 580 of them died from a heart attack and 97 of them died from a stroke.

    A study comparing the blood pressures of patients visiting the emergency department with headaches to the blood pressures of patients visiting the emergency department without headaches

    A study comparing the association between high blood pressure and migraine headaches in patients visiting the ER in northern Manhattan


    Blood Pressure Meds And Exercise

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    Can Migraines Raise Your Blood Pressure

      The migraine condition is not defined or treated in a singular manner. Headache specialists recommend a range of treatments that may be preventative, symptomatic or both the approach and treatment strategies will largely depend on the diagnosis and various other factors. There is no cure for migraines, but there is a considerable range of treatment options. Blood pressure medications are often prescribed to migraine patients, but the link between hypertension and migraines is a bit intricate.

      Fda: Hypertension Seen In Some Erenumab Patients

      Healthy Eating & Living : Does High Blood Pressure Cause Bad Headaches?

      byJudy George, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today January 20, 2021

      The migraine prevention drug erenumab was associated with elevated blood pressure , an FDA analysis of postmarketing case reports suggested.

      Of 61 erenumab-linked hypertension cases submitted to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System , 41 were associated with a serious outcome according to regulatory criteria, including seven cases that specified hospitalization, reported Suprat Saely, PharmD, of the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research in Silver Spring, Maryland, and colleagues.

      About half of the 61 cases reported baseline measurements. In those patients, median systolic BP increase was 39 mm Hg and median diastolic BP increase was 28 mm Hg.

      “The temporal association observed in our case series suggests that erenumab can cause markedly elevated blood pressure with or without pre-existing hypertension,” Saely and colleagues wrote in Headache. “In the patients we studied, this adverse effect can appear shortly after erenumab initiation and can be clinically important as seen in 27 cases that documented either a pharmacological intervention or emergency department visit/hospitalization.”

      “In light of our findings, the erenumab prescribing information was amended to include hypertension in the Warnings and Precautions section,” they added.

      Analysis Details

      ‘Encourage More Reporting’


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      Managing High Blood Pressure

      If you have a diagnosis of high blood pressure or are at increased risk, your doctor may recommend that you haveregular check-ups where they will check your blood pressure and other vital signs and can give advice or prescribe medications to help keep your blood pressure and other related conditions under control.Care services are available to support people with high blood pressure to make healthy lifestyle choices, monitor their condition, and follow their treatment plans.

      Blood pressure is a condition which has a complex range of contributing factors and risk factors. Some of therisk factors for high blood pressure can be changed our lifestyles have a huge bearing on our risk of hypertension and vascular diseases.

      A sensible healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and not smoking or drinking too much alcohol are the best things we can do to improve our blood pressure readings and reduce our risk of some serious health conditions. Reaching or maintaining a healthy weight is important for lots of reasons, and when were trying to reduce high blood pressure, that can include learning to manage stress in our everyday lives.

      If you are prescribed medications for high blood pressure or any other condition, make sure you take them as directed and talk to your doctor if youre thinking about stopping them, or if you have any problematic side-effects.

      Also, if youre looking for someone to care for your loved ones:

      What Does An Ocular Migraine Feel Like

      An ocular migraine begins with a sparkling and shimmering area that has a jagged border and that gradually spreads outward. It causes a small blinding spot that enlarges and blocks your vision temporarily. The brightness begins at the edge of your field of vision and gradually spreads to your line of vision. Zigzag lines or stars may also be seen. It is almost like looking through a broken window. Scotoma is the area where vision is disrupted and the whole episode is called a positive aura.

      An ocular migraine is often referred to differently by different experts. While many call it a visual migraine or a typical aura without headache, the International Headache Society classifies such a migraine as a silent or acephalgic migraine.

      Though it seems serious since you lose your vision partially, the condition is usually harmless and will resolve on its own within 2030 minutes without any medical intervention. Complete visual darkness, or a negative aura, is not a symptom of an ocular migraine, but of some other underlying condition that needs to be investigated.2

      Apart from visual disturbances, ocular migraines can also interfere with your speech. You may also feel tingling, weakness, or numbness in your hands and legs, experience size or space distortions, or feel confused. All of these, however, are rare.3

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      Aura: Warning Sign Of A Migraineand A Future Stroke

      Excruciating pain. Nausea. Sensitivity to light. The crushing symptoms of migraine headaches affect 15% of the population and, unfortunately, women are 3 times as likely as men to experience them.

      Migraine headaches alone are bad enough. But add the symptoms related to auras and your risk of a future stroke goes up significantly.


      A migraine headache with aura, known as a classical migraine, affects up to 30% of migraine sufferers. Five to 20 minutes before the onset of the headache, you see flashing lights, sparks, and dark patches. These effects might be accompanied by the feeling of pins and needles, spreading from one part of your body to another.

      In some ways the aura is a good thing. Longtime sufferers recognize the aura as a warning sign of an oncoming migraine. It allows the victim to prepare, taking medication to reduce the severity of the migraine.

      The migraine with aura should also be seen as a warning sign of possible stroke and heart problems.


      First, the good news: In most people, migraines rarely result in a stroke. Evidence says its also unlikely that a stroke will occur during a migraine.

      The not-so-good news: People who suffer migraines are more likely to eventually have some type of heart or vascular problem. A cause-and-effect hasnt been proven. In other words, the migraine with aura doesnt CAUSE the stroke. But the two do occur together.


      Foods That Lower Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

      What Does A High Blood Pressure Headache Feel Like / High ...

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      Treatments For Hypertensive Headaches

      If people have headaches as a result of high blood pressure, they should seek immediate medical attention. Without treatment, there is a risk of further organ damage or unwanted side effects.

      Doctors classify hypertensive headaches with other related symptoms as a hypertensive emergency. This condition often requires blood pressure control with intravenous medications.

      Examples of these medications include:

      • nicardipine
      • nitroglycerin
      • sodium nitroprusside

      It is essential that people do not try to lower their blood pressure at home, even if they have the medications. Reducing blood pressure too quickly can affect the blood flow to the brain, causing unwanted side effects.

      Instead, they should go to an emergency room where doctors can help them to lower their blood pressure in a safe, controlled environment.

      Best Medicine When You Have High Blood Pressure And Cant Take Witha Blood Thinner

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