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Does Homeopathy Work For Migraines

Homeopathy Follows Scientific Principles

Does Homeopathy actually work?

Many claim that homeopathy cant possibly work because scientists cant measure any of the substance in the homeopathic remedy. However, we know from established physics rules that matter, regardless of its dilution, is still present.

  • Homeopathy works according to Newtonian physics: Sir Isaac Newton founded an entire branch of physics relating to the laws of matter. Building on his ideas, Antoine Lavoisier came up with the Law of Conservation of Mass in 1785. At its most basic, this law states that matter is neither created or destroyed. No matter how dilute a substance is, its mass and energy still exist. Even though homeopathic remedies are incredibly dilute, so dilute that the original substance cant be measured, its mass and energy are still there.
  • Homeopathy works according to Einsteinian physics: Albert Einsteins work on space, time, matter, and energy led to an entire new area of physics. One of his major findings was that energy and mass are two forms of the same thing . He discovered further, that just a tiny amount of a substance can be transformed into a huge amount of energy. Even though homeopathy contains only a small amount of the original substance , that tiny amount of mass produces a huge amount of energy.

This is homeopathy; tiny amounts of mass turned into large amounts of energy! Using homeopathy, we can help the body in ways that we may not completely understand right now, scientifically, but we are learning more about every day!

Advantage Of Homeopathic Treatment In Of Headache

Homeopathic mode of treatment offers immense help in treating headaches. Homeopathic medicines, which are natural, can neutralise or wonderfully treat headaches of acute as well chronic nature. Headaches arising from varying causes including mental stress, worry, exertion, gastric issues, menses, vision related problems and sun exposure find permanent cure in Homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are safe for use among all age groups and are not habit-forming in nature.

Nutrition And Dietary Supplements

The following foods may trigger migraine headaches:

  • Chocolate
  • Meats containing nitrates, such as bacon, hot dogs, salami, cured meats
  • Fermented or pickled foods


Preliminary research indicates that these supplements may also help prevent migraines, although more research is needed to say for sure:

  • Coenzyme Q10 . CoQ10 can interact with several medications including blood thinners, such as warfarin , some cancer medications, and medications for high blood pressure.
  • Melatonin. Melatonin can interact with a number of medications, so ask your doctor before taking it.

Natrum Muriaticum For Migraine Attacks During Menses

Natrum Muriaticum is the best prescription for migraine attacks that worsen around the menstrual cycle. The headache may be triggered before, during or at the close of the menstrual cycle. Another unique symptom is migraine headache that starts with sunrise, continues through the day and vanishes after sunset. This is popularly known as the sunrise to sunset headache. Also, in cases where the migraine headache feels like little hammers knocking on the brain, Natrum Muriaticum will help. It is also the most suitable prescription for migraine headaches in school girls or in girls who are anaemic. It is also considered the best medicine where numbness or tingling is felt in the nose, tongue or lips before the migraine attack.Natrum mur is also a very effective medicine for headache caused by eye strain.

/12how To Treat Headache With Homoeopathy

Homeopathy for Migraine: Does It Work?

The approach of homoeopathy lies in treating the medical condition along with the emotional state for complete and long-lasting relief. This is why when you go to a homeopathic practitioner, he/she might ask you a host of questions pertaining to your lifestyle and other existing medical conditions.

Here are some of the most commonly used medicines to treat headaches in homoeopathy. Remember to choose a medicine which closely matches the symptoms of the headache and make it a point to take a dose every hour until you get some relief.

/12alternate Treatment For Headache

While it is common for people to pop one painkiller after another to get through the day, these over-the-counter pain medications come with their own set of side-effects. They may help you get rid of the pain for one day, but they do not get to the root cause of the same. This is where an alternate treatment approach like homoeopathy comes to fore.

Homeopathic Medicine For Migraine

There are many such homeopathic medicines for Migraine that are prescribed taking into consideration every tiny detail of the patient suffering from the disease. Therefore, homeopathic medicines should always be taken under the guidance of an expert homeopathic doctor to get the best possible results. Please do not self-medicate.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time homeopathy sets you free from Migraine! To get an individualized, safe, and effective treatment for Migraine, book an appointment with our homeopathic experts. At Dr Batra’s, we have treated thousands of cases for Migraine with a treatment success rate of 96.1% as authenticated by American Quality Assessors.

Homeopathic Remedies For Migraine Natural And Safe Homeopathic Treatment For Migraine

Homeopathic remedies for migraines are highly effective and safe. While headaches tend to be extremely frustrating and cause a lot of pain, most of the time, taking paracetamol, taking a nap or just a cup of strong coffee is enough to cure headaches.

However, these typical remedies for headaches arent as effective when it comes to treating migraines. Patients suffering from migraines can only wish to cure it was just as easy as going to sleep or sipping coffee. In fact, we all know that trying to nap with a migraine is nearly impossible.

Also, having a headache doesnt necessarily stop one from functioning completely, but migraines most definitely do. A person with migraine often suffers from dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, confusion, and is sensitive to light. As such, it makes it impossible to do everyday tasks like going to the market or even driving.

This is where homeopathic treatment for migraines comes in. It provides excellent scope for getting rid of migraines using natural medicines. While conventional treatments only offer temporary relief, homeopathic remedies for migraines promise to offer a permanent remedy for migraines.

In this article, well be talking about homeopathy and its effectiveness when it comes to treating migraines naturally and whether its safe or not.

Potential Side Effects And Risks

Homeopathy works for me: Migraine, headaches, anxiety and more.

Overall, studies show that the side effects of CBD and CBD oil are minimal. This is one of the main reasons why people are opting out of over-the-counter or addictive prescription pain medications.

Still, fatigue, drowsiness, and upset stomach are possible, as well as changes in appetite and weight. Liver toxicity has also been observed in mice whove been force-fed extremely large doses of CBD-rich cannabis extract.

Your risk for side effects may depend on the way you use the CBD oil. For example, vaping may cause lung irritation. This can lead to:

If you have asthma or another type of lung disease, your doctor may advise against vaping CBD oil.

If youre unsure about the potential side effects or how your body might handle them, talk with your doctor.

If youre also taking other medications or dietary supplements, be mindful of drug interactions. CBD may interact with a variety of drugs, including:

CBD oils are made from cannabis, but they dont always contain THC. THC is the cannabinoid that makes users feel high or stoned when smoking cannabis.

Two types of CBD strains are widely available on the market:

  • dominant
  • rich

The CBD-dominant strain has little to no THC, while the CBD-rich strain contains both cannabinoids.

Nux Vomica And Carbo Veg Effective Homeopathic Medicines For Headache Due To Gastric Complaints

Nux Vomica and Carbo Veg are rated among the most helpful Homeopathic medicines for headache with gastric complaints. Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is prominently indicated where headache appears with constipation. Nux Vomica also shows best results in gastric headache from eating heavy food or after consuming alcohol. Carbo Veg is the ideal choice among Homeopathic medicines for headache where gas in abdomen leads to headache. A person in need of Carbo Veg also has a bloated abdomen. In case of acidity and frequent belching causing headaches too, Homeopathic medicine Carbo Veg is prescribed. Nux Vomica and Carbo Veg are also rated best among Homeopathic medicines for migraine.

Marys Experience 10 Years Of Weekly Headaches And Migraines Gone In 8 Weeks

Mary had been struggling with weekly headaches and migraines for 10 years. They were brought on by tiredness, mental exertion and hormonal issues. In just 3 weeks they had decreased from 6 migraines to only one. The intensity of this one migraine was 50% less severe, it didnt last as long, she didnt need to take her usual medication which was the only way it would normally bring relieve, and she was back in action in no time.

8 weeks into her homeopathic treatment she had no migraines. She has never known such an extended period of time without them, without having to use medication and she had come to accept that they were part of her life. As she says I just didnt think there was an out.

Sepia And Lachesis Wonder Homeopathic Medicines For Headache During Menopause

Sepia and Lachesis are two top grade Homeopathic medicines for headache during menopause. Sepia is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for headache during menopause with menstrual irregularities. Bearing down pains in the uterus, mood swings, irritable and indifferent nature are some accompanying symptoms. Lachesis is considered for headache during menopause when marked hot flashes predominate. Tight clothing, especially around the neck and waist, are intolerable in such cases. Women who need Lachesis may also feel a burning sensation or heat coming off the top of the head.

Getting Her Life Back

Pin on Homeopathic Remedies

Over the ensuing years, I have continued to work with Linda, and she is making good progress overall. She is definitely having fewer migraines, and when she does have a headache, the symptoms are less severe, they dont last as long, and they are more predictably helped by her conventional medication. Linda often goes for months at a time without a migrainea huge improvement over her 40-plus years of suffering with 2 or 3 migraines a month, each lasting for 2 or 3 days at a time. She is also finding ways of working with her stress and supporting her husband during his professional difficulties; these efforts at stress reduction should help her migraines to ease as well. Now and then, especially during times of stress, Linda has benefited from additional doses of Calcarea carbonica. Linda is extremely happy to have her life back and to make plans and be able to keep them these days. She eagerly sends friends and relatives to me as patients.

So, if youre a homeopath, take on those migraine sufferers. If youre a migraine sufferer, seek professional homeopathic help. Homeopathy and natural medicine have much to offer, and the results will generally please. To liberate someone from chronic or intermittent excruciating head pain is indeed rewarding for all.

Manage Migraines the Natural Way

Glonoinum Natural Remedy For Congestive Headache

Glonoinum is most helpful in treating migraine with excessive congestion in the head. The head feels very large, as if it would burst. In such a migraine attack, patients in pain are seen holding their head in hands. The eyeballs seem protruded. Extreme heaviness in the head is felt. Also, heat around the head is unbearable. Uncovering the head relieves the headache. The migraine also gets better with sleep while walking worsens the migraine headache. Apart from congestive headaches, Glonoinum is also the most suitable medicine for migraine headache triggered by sun exposure.

Why Welling Homeopathy Medicines For Migraine

  • The custom-made Homeopathy medicines for migraine has helped over 9000 patients from 108 countries
  • The treatment has been effective to cure symptoms of migraine-like extreme head pain, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, and more.
  • Usually, our patients feel better within 2-3 months of treatment and get a complete cure within 12-18 months,
  • The treatment is safe, natural, and not habit-forming, you can stop the medicines after cure.
  • The cure can be early or delayed depending on how soon you start your treatment after you feel the first symptom of migraine. 

How Does It Work

A basic belief behind homeopathy is âlike cures like.â In other words, something that brings on symptoms in a healthy person can — in a very small dose — treat an illness with similar symptoms. This is meant to trigger the bodyâs natural defenses.

For example, red onion makes your eyes water. Thatâs why itâs used in homeopathic remedies for allergies. Treatments for other ailments are made from poison ivy, white arsenic, crushed whole bees, and an herb called arnica.

Homeopathic doctors weaken these ingredients by adding water or alcohol. Then they shake the mixture as part of a process called âpotentization.â They believe this step transfers the healing essence. Homeopaths also believe that the lower the dose, the more powerful the medicine. In fact, many of these remedies no longer contain any molecules of the original substance. They come in a variety of forms, like sugar pellets, liquid drops, creams, gels, and tablets.

During your appointment, a homeopath will ask a number of questions about your mental, emotional, and physical health. Theyâll prescribe the remedy that best matches all of your symptoms. Then theyâll tailor the treatment for you.

You can also buy over-the-counter homeopathic remedies at drugstores and health food stores. The dosage and quality of these products depend on the manufacturer.

Homeopathy Medicine For Migraine

What Is Homeopathy And Does It Work?

The Homeopathic medicines for migraine are very safe to use provide most effective treatment for migraine without any side effect. They work very well in acute migraine attacks as well as chronic migraine. If homeopathic remedies for migraine must be selected as per individual case then they shows miracle effects.

Worried Nights Active Days

Linda attributed her insomnia to mental over activity: making lists, worrying about what she had forgotten to do the day before, or fretting over what she had to do the next day. This low-grade anxiety, which mostly manifested at night, was ameliorated during the day by working, being involved in her life, and taking care of business.

The sense I got from Linda with regard to her financial situation and derailed retirement plans was that she would just plod onward. She really didnt have a choice, so she would turn her vision toward getting the job done. It helped that she enjoyed the people and families she worked with and felt valued as a teacher.

Overall, Lindas mind was quite clear, although she did complain about her memory of late; she didnt know if it was just her age, her constant multitasking, or the financial stress. I asked if her poor memory was affecting her teaching, and she replied no, it was more the kind of thing where she would mislay her keys or forget why she had walked into a room.

What Causes Migraine Or Headaches

While medical science does not know the exact cause of migraine headaches, there are a number of factors which trigger headaches.

  • The most common trigger is stress. This may be due to any reason. Mental stress triggers headache in almost all of the patients.
  • Other triggers include going out in the sun. It is again a very common factor that triggers headaches.
  • Improper sleep can also cause an episode of migraine.
  • Another common trigger is staying hungry more than usual. Disturbance in eating routine of a patient can cause headache.
  • Loud noise is also another common trigger.
  • Females may get it just before or during menses.

Identify And Treat Early

Headaches can range from being a mild inconvenience to being severe and debilitating. Identifying and treating headaches as early as possible can help a person engage in preventive treatments to minimize the chance of another headache. Distinguishing migraine from other types of headaches can be tricky. Pay particular attention to the time before the headache starts for signs of an aura and tell your doctor.

Sanguinaria Canadensis For Migraine Of Right Side


Sanguinaria Canadensis is a good medicine for right-sided migraine. The pain starts from the back of the head i.e. occiput, ascends and settles over the right eye. Lying down quietly in a dark room brings relief. In some cases, sleep may relieve pain. Fasting often triggers a migraine headache in persons prescribed Sanguinaria Canadensis. It is also the medicine to prescribe when the headache starts in the morning, increases during the day and lasts until sunset. Also, Sanguinaria Canadensis is a significant medicine for migraine in women during menopause.

Homeopathy Works Like Other Medicines

Homeopathy isnt that different from many other types of medicine that are widely accepted and used in conventional medicine. Take these, for example:

  • Immunization: Conventional medicine uses a tiny amount of a pathogen, introducing it into our bodies to provoke an immune reaction. Homeopathy introduces a tiny amount of a substance into the body to provoke a response from it.
  • Immunotherapy: Its pretty common for someone with a lot of allergies to get allergy shots. In this type of therapy, tiny amounts of allergens are injected into the body to help increase tolerance to the allergen and reduce allergic symptoms. Researchers are now using sublingual immunotherapy. Homeopathy works the same waytiny amounts of a substance help increase tolerance to it.
  • Nanotherapy: Scientists are exploring how to use ultra-tiny molecules to provide medicine at a cellular level. Homeopathy uses extremely tiny amounts of substances to provide the body with what it needs.

If we look at homeopathics in the light of these types of therapies, its easy to see that it works in the same fashion.

Migraine Headache Is Migraine Curable

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How To Find A Good Homeopath

The American Institute of Homeopathy offers resources on their website that help connect patients to qualified practitioners. Doctors are listed by state along with contact information to make finding a doctor easy for patients. The National Center For Homeopathy  also offers similar resources. The NCH Practitioner Directory contains listings for professionals that practice homeopathy, which includes some doctors who exclusively practice homeopathy and others that use a combination of practices.

Always look for a reputable doctor and do your research. Keep in mind that self-identification with certain titles does not guarantee any scope of the practitioners license or that they have the right to prescribe medicines, make a diagnosis and treat all illnesses. You can choose to contact your states licensing board for particular information on homeopathic license requirements, training programs, qualifications and professional societies.

Acupuncture For Migraine Ancient Chinese Natural Treatment For Migraines

What Is Homeopathy & How Does It Work? | Dr Priya – NatureNurtures

When traditional medicine has not helped alleviate migraine pain, many migraine patients are eager to discover other treatments. Acupuncture was developed in ancient China by piercing specific areas of the body with a needle to relieve pain. According to Chinese practice, there are 14 meridians along the body, and in the event of an energy disturbance along these meridians, pain or illness can occur. While there is a lot of research out there, acupuncture has mixed reviews in the migraine community. Heres what we believe migraine sufferers need to know about acupuncture before scheduling a consultation with a specialist.

Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves inserting very thin needles into pressure points on your body.

Acupuncture for migraines removes the negative energy that is causing you pain. Acupuncture for migraines stimulates various systems of your body. This may trigger a healing response.

Massage And Physical Therapy

Reflexology is a technique that places pressure on specific “reflex points” on the hands and feet that are believed to correspond to areas throughout the body. Preliminary studies suggest it may relieve pain and allow people with migraines to take less pain medication. More research is needed. Practitioners believe reflexology helps you become more aware of your own body signals, which might help you sense an oncoming migraine, before pain starts. They also believe reflexology helps improve general well-being and energy level.

Homeopathic Treatment For Migraines In Philadelphia

Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic is the #1 homeopathic facility in the City of Brotherly Love and the suburbs. Our clinic is a division of the internationally recognized Philadelphia Holistic Clinic directed by the Medical Doctor, homeopath, acupuncturist, and clinical hypnotherapist Victor Tsan. Dr. Tsan has 40+ years of academic and clinical experience in holistic and integrative medicine. Contact Philadelphia Homeopathic Clinic 403-3085 to book your appointment for a homeopathic evaluation or use our online secure application.

Whittling Down The Remedies

I repertorize a patients case when they are sitting before me so, when I have whittled remedy choices down to a small handful and discarded those I know will not be relevant, I can ask more focused questions to help me count a remedy in or rule it out.

When I repertorized Lindas caseincluding the nature of her headache, the mild inflammation of her joints, the chronic constipation, and her insomnia due to worryand also considered her temperament , the top remedy candidates were Calcarea carbonica, Silica, Carsinosin, Natrum muriaticum, and Nux vomica. I was satisfied with this list as I think that a patient needing any one of these remedies on a constitutional level would tend to be likable, responsible, tidy and organized , and at least somewhat forthcomingall qualities that I felt applied to Linda.

Those who benefit from Carsinosin really want to be taken care of. Though they are quite even-tempered and kind, when they are feeling stressed, they will blow up emotionally or have some sort of strong physical discharge. I did not see these qualities in Linda, so I ruled out that remedy.

Likewise, Linda did not have the temperament or controlling nature of someone who needs Nux vomica constitutionally. Honestly, it would be hard to imagine a Nux vomica type as a middle-aged, female kindergarten teacher; the job requires undue patience, a quality most people who need Nux vomica have only in short supply.

How Does Homeopathy Work

What are Tension Headaches? Symptoms & Treatment

Homeopathy has its own niche of medical specialists. They are called, as you might have guessed, homeopaths. They practice a form of medicine developed in the late 18th century by German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann, per While homeopathy has become widespread in Europe, it remains more a curiosity in America although it continues to gain in popularity among those open-minded to medical practices that dont necessarily adhere to traditional medicine taught in medical schools.

When working with a patient, homeopaths wont just diagnose a health problem, prescribe treatment and prescriptions, and send you home. They will ask a variety of questions regarding not only your physical state, but your emotional and mental health as well. In that sense, homeopathy as a wholistic aspect to it. The homeopathy practitioner will then determine the remedy that best matches your symptoms and design a treatment plan specific to you. Note: it might not be exactly the same as one prescribed for another person with the exact same symptoms.

Ipecac When Nausea And Vomiting Accompanies Headache

This medicine is prepared from the dried root of plant Cephaelis ipecacuanha of the family rubiaceae. It is a very helpful medicine for cases of headache with nausea and vomiting. Throbbing and heated sensation is felt in the head. In most cases, the pain can be present in the back of the head or top of the head. 

Kali Phos For Migraine Due To Stress

In case of a migraine attack triggered by stress, Kali Phos proves extremely useful. The unique indication for use of Kali Phos is that stress, tensions and worry lead to migraine headaches. Such migraine headaches are common among students who suffer school or college related stress. Exhaustion and weakness usually accompany the migraine in such cases.


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