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Do Piercings Help With Migraines

Do Daith Piercings Actually Help Migraines

Do âDaithâ? Piercings Help Migraines?

If you are considering going for a daith piercing, you must know more about it to understand what it is all about, how it is done and how to take care of the new piercing.

The effects of daith or migraine piercing have not been officially investigated. It makes it difficult to determine the authenticity of the claims regarding their effectiveness. People who enjoy piercings and body art can give it a try as it is a simple and inexpensive procedure, and opting for it is a personal choice. There is no real scientific evidence that suggests bypassing regular migraine treatment in favor of piercing can prevent the frequency or intensity of migraine headaches.

Why Daith Piercings Dont Work On Migraines

The exact causes of migraines are unknown, although they are related to changes in the brain as well as to genetic causes. People with migraines may inherit the tendency to be affected by certain migraine triggers, such as fatigue, bright lights, weather changes and others.

For many years, scientists believed that migraines were linked to the expanding and narrowing of blood vessels on your brains surface. Its now believed, though, that migraines are caused by inherited abnormalities in certain areas of your brain.

A migraine begins when hyperactive nerve cells send out impulses to the blood vessels, leading to the blood vessels expanding and the release of prostaglandins, serotonin and other inflammatory substances that cause the bloods pulsing to be painful.

So its hard to see why or how a hole in the cartilage of your outer ear would impact the development of a migraine, Dr. Estamalik says.

I would never recommend ear piercing for one of my patients, he says. The danger of infection from a piercing of this site strongly outweighs any unproven benefit.

What Can You Expect When Getting A Daith Piercing

As with all piercings, a daith piercing should be done by a professional who will use proper tools and uphold proper sanitation standards . This piercing, which again, is most often a hoop that hugs the innermost cartilage fold of the ear and takes 6-9 months to fully heal after piercing .

Be prepared to sacrifice all use of in-ear headphoneslike AirPodsduring the entirety of the healing process, adds Pearce. Some jobs require the use of inner-ear instruments such as stethoscopes and earplugs, both of which can prove to be quite traumatic to a new daith piercing. Daith piercings, like all new piercings, are best to be left alone while they heal.

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Pearce notes the following to help the daith piercing heal:

  • Do NOT touch, twist or handle your piercing or jewelry at all during the healing process.
  • Rinse your new daith piercing daily .
  • Maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated and get adequate rest.
  • Schedule a check-up with your piercer so they can check on healing and make jewelry adjustments as needed.

As with any piercing, you can expect tenderness to the area. However, if you feel extreme pain or suspect infection, notify your piercer and seek medical attention as needed.

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Mymigraineteam Members On Daith Piercings

Many migraine sufferers whove undertaken the experimental therapy report dramatic improvement. The 2017 case study cited an anonymous survey of 380 respondents who had daith piercings. Some 47 percent reported an initial reduction in migraine frequency after the piercing, and half of all respondents said their attacks became less severe.

MyMigraineTeam member comments generally support those anecdotal findings. Since my daith piercing three years ago, Im 98 percent migraine free! said one member. My migraines used to cause nausea and temporary blindness. Daith finally stopped those symptoms six years ago, said another member. An elated member added, My husband says it was the best money he ever spent because now we can make plans!

Some members claim that ear piercings helped them wean off pain medications. I havent refilled my Imitrex script since the daith piercing! Another said, It has been a year since getting daith and Im off daily medication. I still get an occasional headache, but nothing like the migraines I had before.

For many others, a daith piercing reduced, but did not eliminate, migraines. Daith worked for about two months, then I started getting migraines again, reported one member. Another, whose migraines returned after four months, said, Now, I get them with the same intensity, but not as frequently as before. One member added, It hasn’t reduced the number of migraines, but it has cut their duration.

Do Daith Ear Piercings Hurt

Daith Piercing for Migraines: Hope or Hype

While theyre not the most painful piercing you can get, daith piercings will certainly cause you some discomfort during and after the procedure. After a daith piercing is finished, most people report a dull, achy pain for a few days. Your daith piercing may be sensitive to the touch for several months.

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Does A Daith Piercing Help With Migraine Relief

If migraines are making your life a misery, you would probably try almost anything to relieve your symptoms.But have you ever thought that an ear piercing could help reduce your pain?

A daith piercing is a piece of jewelry placed through a small fold of cartilage just above the entrance to your ear canal this fold of cartilage is called the daith. If you lift your finger to this part of your ear now, youll appreciate that its a tricky area to pierce. Its also fiddly to take care of afterwards, so people who have it done dont tend to change their jewelry often.

So why get the piercing in the first place?

Many people simply like the way it looks. But recently, daith piercing has also been suggested as an alternative treatment for chronic headaches.

Just how much truth is there in that statement though? Is it really possible that something as simple as a body piercing could be the answer to long-term migraine relief?

Lets take a closer look

Just So What Side To Get Daith Piercing For Headaches

You can get a daith piercing done in one or both ears. Some advocates of daith piercing suggest that it should be done on the ear which is on the side of the part of your head that pains the most during a migraine. Thus, if you get a left-sided migraine more often, get the piercing done on your left ear.

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Daith Piercing For Migraines

Daith piercings are probably the most well-known type of inner ear piercing for migraines. This piercing is done on the innermost fold of cartilage directly above the opening to your ear canal. This spot is also used in acupuncture to treat migraines. It is a very small spot and can be difficult to pierce. Once pierced, the area can take a long time to heal and is prone to infection.

When it comes to daith piercing for migraines, there are no findings that a piercing on one side is better than the other for relieving migraine pain.

Downside Of Daith Piercings

Do Daith Piercings Help with Migraines?

With every experience, there could be an upside or downside, not forgetting that there are definitely risks involved in getting a daith piercing. Undeniably, the process of getting the piercing itself could be painful and it would require more attention and care than other piercings. Alike other piercings, there could be risks of infections and the pierced area could feel tender for differing periods of time depending on each individual. Here is what some of our users had to say:

Finally, when asked whether they would recommend other migraineurs to try getting a daith piercing, despite the 41% of respondents who had no success, 79% of the respondents were optimistic and are willing to recommend this to other migraineurs. Here are some of the responds we received:

I have migraine aura, I tried out a fake piercing in my right ear, it looked cool and felt a lot better but when I took the earring away, I immediately saw aura again. Still unsure about committing to a real piercing because of the healing time.

Feel free to leave us any comments down below! We would love to hear about your experiences and your thoughts!

Please take note that this article was not written under any monitoring of medical professionals, and content provided has no intention of being used as a substitute for professional treatment, medical advice or diagnosis.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Ear Piercings

    • Helix Piercings These piercings are placed along the top of the ear and are cartilage piercings.
    • The anterior coil is also a cartilage piercing that is placed along the top of the ear, but lower than the original coil piercing.
    • Industrial drilling is one of the most difficult forms of drilling.
    • Heavy Piercing This is one of the most visible piercings of all time.

    It’s Easy To Get The Care You Need

    See a Premier Physician Network provider near you.

    If youve ever experienced a migraine headache, you know that the pain can be excruciating and last for hours. A recent social media explosion about daith piercing has some migraine sufferers singing its benefits, despite a lack of scientific evidence to support that claim.

    Daith piercing is a piercing of the inner ear cartilage that some people believe can relieve migraine headaches.

    The practice is similar to acupuncture in that there is a pressure point in the same spot where the piercing is done, says Richard Kim, MD, Clinical Neuroscience Institute physician. But we dont know if it does the same thing as acupuncture.

    Migraines involve nerve cells, hormones and blood vessels in the brain. Hyperactive nerve cells signal blood vessels to expand. This also releases inflammatory hormones that cause painful pulsing in those blood vessels.

    Acupuncture is a holistic Chinese practice that uses thin needles placed into the skin to stimulate specific points on the body. Its used to relieve pain and treat various health conditions.

    A daith piercing punctures the cartilage of the outer ear, at the spot where the cartilage ridge called the helix meets the opening to the inner ear. The practice of piercing this location on the ear has existed for thousands of years, says Dr. Kim.

    I would recommend a proven treatment and on top of that, if you really want to, then you can do a daith piercing.”

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    Which Side Should You Get A Daith Piercing For Migraines

    You can get a daith piercing done in one or both ears. Some advocates of daith piercing suggest that it should be done on the ear which is on the side of the part of your head that pains the most during a migraine. Thus, if you get a left-sided migraine more often, get the piercing done on your left ear. Some experts on daith piercing suggest that the side where you get the piercing matters more in cases of anxiety-related migraines.

    How Much Does An Industrial Piercing Usually Cost

    Migraine Piercing

    As with any piercing, the cost will depend on the professional you choose, where you live, and whether you want to update your jewelry. In most cases, industrial piercings can cost $45-$85 for a single piercing and bar. In general, there will be less industrial drilling in rural areas than in the popular metropolis.

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    Is Daith Piercing Effective For Treating Migraines

    The American Migraine Foundation , Cleveland Clinic, and other medical institutions assert theres no research to support the claim that daith piercing helps relieve migraines. Reported benefits are widely believed to be a placebo effect, in which the brain convinces the body that a treatment with no therapeutic value has healing benefits.

    A 2017 case study published in Frontiers in Neurology found that migraine symptoms improved for some people after a daith piercing, but worsened for others. The researchers concluded the treatment could not be recommended without further study. A 2020 literature review in Current Pain Headache Report also concluded that, similar to acupuncture, daith piercings may provide benefit in acute and long-term treatment of migraine, but additional research is needed.

    Although theres no permanent cure for migraines, piercing proponents claim the procedure is a long-lasting pain relief solution. Like acupuncture a common migraine treatment daith and tragus piercings treat migraine pain by activating specific pressure points in the ear.

    What Are The Names Of Different Ear Piercings

    Cartilage piercing refers to many different ear piercings, such as coil, pre coil, industrial coil, triple coil, anti coil, tragus, anti tragus, dyf, conch, tight piercing and the like. Normal ear cartilage piercing is very popular among teenagers these days, as is the earlobe.

    Types Of Ear Piercings

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    What Are Some Migraine Treatment Options

    While daith piercing may not be a proven treatment option for migraines, there are treatment options that are recommended. Dr. Ahmed says at home, you can take migraine medication and avoid triggers such as light, sound and even certain foods. Additionally, having a consistent routine is helpful.

    Patients should not lose hope, adds Dr. Ahmed. The most effective approach towards treating headaches involves a multidisciplinary approach for patients with severe or frequent headaches this might include combining non-pharmacological interventions, lifestyle changes and medications.

    For patients who would also like to try functional medicine, it is supported by the medical literature. In fact, one study found evidence of acupuncture being at least as effective as prophylactic drug treatment for treatment of acute migraines.

    Could A Daith Ear Piercing Help Migraines


    Dr. Estemalik says theres no medical research that supports this theory.

    While some people swear that a daith piercing gets rid of their migraines, whats probably at work is a temporary placebo effect, says Dr. Estemalik.

    A placebo is an inactive treatment, such as a sugar pill, that mimics an active medication or therapy. The placebo effect happens when you believe the placebo is effective. In turn, the placebo affects the medical condition and can positively affect the perception of pain.

    Placebos aside, there is no scientific evidence or clinical trial results that support ear piercing as a solution to migraines, Dr. Estemalik says. Theres nothing in literature Ive heard of, nothing Ive read about, nothing I have studied out there that supports such a procedure to treat migraine headaches, he says. Receiving a piercing in that area will not alter the pain pathway of migraine.

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    Do Daith Piercings Provide Migraine Relief

    If someone gets a daith piercing and does feel migraine relief, there is a good chance that it is a placebo effect. There are no studies that confirm daith piercing as a proven treatment option. A 2017 case study, published in Frontiers in Neurology, followed a 54-year-old male patient who found relief from migraines after getting a daith piercing, but the authors do note the placebo effect cannot be ruled out.

    If it does help, it is the stimulus applied to the trigeminal and vagal areas of the ear that is speculated to ease pain however, more studies are needed and called for in this case study to determine anything beyond placebo effect for daith piercing to serve as a recommended treatment option for migraines. It hasnt been studied systematically to determine if the benefit from the daith piercing is solely a placebo effect, confirms Dr. Ahmed.

    Does Daith Piercing Work

    As with any decision regarding your health, the final verdict on whether the daith piercing is right for you ultimately lies with you. It would be wonderful if there was more data-driven information available on the Migraine piercing, but that requires funding for double-blind placebo studies that isn’t planned at this time.

    Until then, these daith piercing reviews for migraines can help you make an informed decision with your doctor. An ear piercing that helps with migraines is an unlikely silver-bullet treatment, but stranger things have happened.

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    Can Ear Piercing Mitigate Migraine Pain

    So what does piercing your ear have to do with migraine pain? Why the ear instead of, say, the nose? Getting a piercing in your ear for migraines may seem strange, but many people in recent years have been trying it to relieve their migraines.

    The idea is that piercing the same spot on the ear previously treated in acupuncture would bring a constant pressure and alleviate migraine pain.

    Ear piercings for migraines and anxiety are done on very specific locations on the ear. The reason is related to acupuncture. This Chinese practice involves inserting small needles into various places in an effort to relieve pain and improve a variety of health conditions. There are specific points on the ear, two in particular, that are known to relieve migraine pain.

    Some people who have found acupuncture helpful but wanted a more permanent solution have turned to ear piercing. The idea is that piercing the same spot on the ear previously treated in acupuncture would bring a constant pressure and alleviate migraine pain. Practitioners of this approach believe they have fewer migraine episodes and fewer migraine symptoms overall.

    What Is A Tragus Piercing

    Daith Piercing For Migraines Reddit

    Tragus and daith piercings are novel treatments for migraine headaches and pain.

    The daith is a fold of cartilage above the ear canal. The tragus is the triangular piece of cartilage below the daith, to the side of the opening.

    Piercing either area involves inserting a needle through the cartilage and placing a stud or a hoop through the hole.

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    What Is The Best Jewelry For A Daith Piercing

    Ball lock rings, curved dumbbells and round dumbbells are the best jewelry for daite piercings. There are quite a few people in this part of the ear, so jewelry may be necessary. This piercing should be cleaned with a saline solution at least twice a day. Do not swim or submerge in water until you have recovered.

    Daith piercing migraineWhat is the healing time for A Daith piercing? As with other cartilage piercings, the ideal healing time for a daita piercing is about six weeks. However, in the healing process, people have problems. Because of these issues, many cartilage piercings take three to six months to fully heal.How painful is it to get A Daith piercing?Most piercings cause pain and discomfort. A daith piercing penetrates in


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