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Do Essential Oils Cause Migraines

Rose Essential Oil May Help Provide Relief From Migraines

Best Essential Oils for Headaches!

The fragrant aromas of rose oil can help to soothe dull, gnawing migraine pain and help improve your quality of life.

Research published in 2017 found that applying a blend of rose oil as a topical migraine relief remedy helped to reduce pain intensity in certain types of migraine. Applying rose oil topically helped as a short-term migraine remedy.

Rose essential oil may be a good oil to add to a headache essential oil blend if you need relief from PMS headaches or tension headaches. Many studies have shown that rose oil is effective for those types of pain.

How To Use Essential Oils To Ease Migraines And Headaches

There are many ways to use essential oils for helping to ease the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience of a pounding headache.

Here are some tips on the best ways to use essential oils for headaches:

Topical forehead or temple massage. Create your own essential oil mix using a combination of the best essential oils for headaches. As a general rule, use up to 3 or 4 drops of essential oils for every tablespoon of carrier oil. Gently massage the aromatherapy headache oil blend onto your forehead, temples, or back of your neck for quick headache relief.

Diffuse essential oils for headache relief. Put some aromatherapy oils for migraines in your diffuser to soothe headache pain or help prevent migraine attacks. There are many more scientifically proven recipes for your diffuser that can boost your health.

Inhalation aromatherapy. If you have an especially severe pressing headache, put a few drops of lavender essential oil in a bowl of hot water, cover your head, and breathe in deeply for 10-15 minutes.

Inhale directly from the bottle. To get the instant effect of essential oils such as lavender or peppermint oils, inhale the soothing aromas directly from the bottle.

Cold compress for migraine relief. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oils for headaches and carrier oil in some icy cold water. Mix well, dip a face cloth in the water, squeeze out the excess, and place on your forehead to help get migraine relief.

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Can Using Essential Oils Make You Dizzy

Inhalation is the most common method that you can easily do to use the essential oil. You can put selection of aetherolea inside diffuser, hot water and compress to be inhale and gain its benefits. However, inhaling essential oil in thick concentration and in prolonged period may leads to dizziness, headache, or vertigo. Especially, if you do not do the method properly as directed. The standard usage dose for most aetherolea is only ten drops which best use as treatment for sinus problems, respiratory problems and even headache. Some essential oils might need to be dilute first with carrier oil before use so the concentration is not too thick to use.

Can using essential oils make you dizzy? Overexposure of the aetherolea, that done not in the proper method might gives you headache, dizziness, or vertigo, especially when you are inside a confined room. When that happens, quickly open your windows and door to allow some fresh air come inside the room. Do not forget to turn of the diffuser or take out any tools that you use to diffuse the essential oil.

Then can using essential oils make you dizzy? If you use proper method in the right amount of time you should not be worry too much since it would not make you dizzy and you will gain many benefits.

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Preventing Headaches #: Better Sleep

Another common headache trigger is poor sleep.

In fact, Dr Stasha Gominak, a neurologist who works with headache patients, found that the majority of her patients suffer from sleep problems. Once the sleep problems are resolved, the patients find their headaches vanish.

Heres Dr Gominak herself on the topic:

Several essential oils have been studied scientifically and shown to help improve sleep. Here are the top 4 essential oils to help you get to sleep more easily and stay asleep more deeply:

  • Lavender essential oil

There are several easy ways you can use these oils to improve your sleep and ward off headaches.

You can put a drop on a cotton ball next to your bed.

Or you can diffuse a few drops of each of the oils before you go to sleep.

You can even make your own relaxing night-time bath. for more instructions on how to make a safe bath with essential oils, check out this article.

Studies Showing Essential Oils Help Asthma

Pin on essential oils menstrual cramps

Its true, there are limited studies carried out on essential oils and their effect on asthma. But this does not mean they dont work.

Study One: One such study showed that essential oils of thyme and eucalyptus play an important role in the treatment of respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma.

Study Two: Yet another study showed that inhalation of lavender essential oil suppresses allergic airway inflammation and asthma.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, they are completely natural and there are so many testimonials available to read on the internet, about how essential oils have helped real life people like you and me.

Yes, its true that like all things, essential oils also have risks associated with them. For example, you should not use them if you are allergic to them. You must dilute them appropriately before using them. You must not ingest them. By exercising common sense, safety and caution while using essential oils, you can avoid any risk that comes with using them.

Many people seem to believe that he is discouraging the use of essential oils for asthma all together, but that is not the case. He says that essential oils should not be a replacement for asthma medication prescribed by the doctor.

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How To Use Essential Oils For Asthma


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils from plants for the improvement of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

When it comes to how to use eucalyptus oil for asthma, diffusing it in the air is a great option. All of the oils I just mentioned can be used in an diffuser so you can breathe in the essential oil enriched air.

Are oil diffusers safe for asthma? Check with your doctor first, but many experts will agree that oil diffusers can be used with caution. Start off with just a couple of drops of oil to see how you do. You can use a single oil in a diffuser or combine multiple oils to create your own custom blend.

Other ways to use essential oils for asthma through aromatherapy include:

  • Inhaling oils through the nostrils directly off of a cloth or from the bottle.
  • Soaking in an oil-infused bath.
  • Rubbing oils directly onto the skin.
  • Receiving massage therapy that includes the use of essentials oils.

Oral Application

Before using essential oils for asthma internally, read labels carefully to make sure an oil is appropriate for internal use. There are many essential oils that can be ingested by the mouth; however, it is critical to make sure that the oils you use 100 percent pure, therapeutic grade and certified USDA organic. Many oils on the market today are diluted or blended with synthetics that are unsafe for ingesting.

Topical Application

Possible Side Effects and Caution;

Final Thoughts

What To Look For When Buying Essential Oils

There are things to look for to make sure youre buying high-quality oil, says Nancy J. Rodgers, a certified massage therapist and aromatherapist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, including the following:

  • Organic oils are typically better than nonorganic; make sure the product has a USDA certified organic label.
  • Read the label. It should include the country of origin, where the plant came from, the Latin name, as well as how the oil was extracted. Safety data should be included as well.
  • The oil should be sold in a dark blue or amber bottle, because the darkness protects the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the oil.

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Top Essential Oils For Headaches And Migraines + Application Tips

Within the quick-paced life of the 21st century, those of whom are fortunate enough to suffer from migraines or headaches infrequently are considered to be utterly lucky.; There is a significant percentage of the global population for whom migraines as well as headaches have become a chronic issue to deal with. Thus it is best advised to carefully chose the method for easing the pain as well opting for a method of relief which can be considered as a safer alternative. In this article we present you top essential oils for headaches and migraines and effective methods to combat them.


Types Of Essential Oils

Headache And Migraine Relief Using Essential Oils

There are a countless number of essential oils out in the world, so today, well just be discussing the most popular essential oils that people tend to buy most frequently. So, lets start by just finding out the names of some of the most popular essential oils that are out there.

These are the oils people buy most often:

  • Roman Chamomile
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Rosemary
  • Now that weve learned the names of the most popular types of essential oils that are out there for you to purchase, lets discuss the specific problem or issue that each essential oil on this list is made for. In other words, basically what its used for, what it was specifically made to be used for.

    So, lets discuss that now.

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    How Are Essential Oils Made

    Essential oils are extracted from plants. Theyre made in one of two ways, distillation or expression. In distillation, hot steam is used to release the compounds from the plants and then passes through a cooling system where the steam is converted back into water. Once the mixture cools, the oil floats to the top.

    Citrus oils are often made through expression, a method where no heat is used. Instead, the oil is forced out using high mechanical pressure.

    Which Essential Oils Are Best

    There are dozens of essential oils, all with different fragrances andchemical makeups. Which essential oils are best depends on what symptomsyou’re looking to ease or fragrances you prefer. Some of the most popularessential oils include:

    • Lavender oil: Many people find the lavender scent relaxing. It’s often used to help relieve stress and anxiety and promote good sleep.
    • Tea tree oil: Also called melaleuca, this essential oil was used by Australia’s aboriginal people for wound healing. Today, it’s commonly used for acne, athlete’s foot and insect bites.
    • Peppermint oil: There’s some evidence peppermint essential oil helps relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms when taken in an enteric-coated capsule . It may also relieve tension headaches when applied topically.
    • Lemon oil: Many people find the citrusy scent of lemon oil a mood booster. It’s also often used in homemade cleaning products.

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    Rosemary Oil For Migraines

    Rosemary is one herb that can stimulate hair growth, improve memory, boost blood circulation along with reducing pain.

    Why to use?

    This oil is a stress reliever as inhaling it can significantly lower cortisol levels in saliva. Cortisol is released during stress and is a stress hormone. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well and readily helps to increase blood circulation which can reduce aids in reducing severe headaches.

    How to use?

    Rosemary oil can be applied directly to the temple or the exact area of pain. The best way is to inhale its vapors for five minutes or to take a vapor bath with the oil. To improve its effects, you can mix 6-8 drops of the oil with other essential oils as well.

    How Essential Oils Cause Headaches

    Say Goodbye To Chronic Headaches With The Power Of Clove ...

    There are a few ways essential oils can cause headaches, but it typically depends on the person.

    For some people, a smell might be too strong, and so it can make the person develop a headache or migraine. Anything that has a scent is likely to give at least one person in the world a headache and/or migraine, and potentially make them nauseous along with it.

    Usually, when essential oils cause headaches, as well as migraines, they are caused by the essential oil being too strong, as lots of people cant handle such strong smells. So really, its the ingredients in an essential oil that cause people to have reactions, and a headache is one of those reactions thats very possible to have, so that is usually how essential oils can cause headaches.

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    Can Essential Oils Also Contribute To Headaches

    Also, over 40% of migraine sufferers reported an aversion to smells during an attack.

    The fact remains that many people get significant headache relief from essential oils.

    But if you are just starting out with essential oils, do so slowly, and be aware of how your body is reacting.

    In addition, it is possible to overdose on essential oils, and this can certainly lead to headaches. For example, a prolonged inhalation of 30 minutes or more can cause such a reaction in some people.

    That said, if you follow the recipes above, you should certainly be safe, and odds are, essential oils will be a help rather than a trigger for your migraines.

    And Then Unexplained Symptoms Started

    Im fortunate to work from home and could diffuse oils all day long. I was excited to start because the migraines had become a debilitating nuisance in my everyday life.

    On the first day, I set the diffuser to four hours and used the recommended oil combination my friend had told me about. My house smelled fantastic! I was telling everyone on Facebook that I had jumped on the essential oil bandwagon.

    Of course, this made my essential oil consultant friends leap for joy. Soon, my Facebook feed was flooded with oil combinations and a ton of different remedies for curing everyday ailments. There wasnt a single person who mentioned that theres a dark side to essential oils a dark side that I was about to discover for myself.

    After three days of diffusing the peppermint and lavender oils, my migraines hadnt stopped. In fact, I thought I was going a bit crazy because they seemed to be getting worse. Instead of getting one once a week, I had one every single day.

    A week in I started commenting to my husband that I felt extremely nauseous all day long. We both assumed I was pregnant and were baffled when we found out I wasnt. The symptoms were extremely similar to the all-day morning sickness Id experienced with our daughter.

    My husband pointed out that the essential oils didnt seem to be helping, and perhaps I should switch the oils I was diffusing. I considered what he said but forgot to do anything about it until a few days later.

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    Lavender Essential Oil For Migraines

    Like peppermint, “lavender is a highly versatile oil to use topically for pain and to relax muscles and inhale or diffuse for stress and anxiety,” says Gillerman. It has a long history of blending well with peppermint for migraines.

    “Some studies have found that the use of aromatherapy, particularly lavender essential oil, reduced pain levels,” says Dr. Broner. Though it’s unclear why it helps, it is possible “that the connection between fibers in the olfactory system and the trigeminal nucleus, which is one of the main regulators of migraine activity, may account for lavender’s effectiveness,” she adds.

    Camphor Essential Oil For Migraines And Headaches

    Using YL essential oils to cure headaches and migraines

    A main ingredient in Vicks VapoRub, one valuable;benefit of camphor essential oil;is its natural pain-relieving properties. A study published in;Biomedical Chromatography;found that the feverfew plant was made up of 50.5% camphor.

    Oils produced from the plant had great pain-relieving properties for headaches and migraines. Camphor essential oil may also provide relief for sinus headaches as it is a known decongestant.

    To use camphor essential oils for a headache, combine 5 drops of camphor oil with 1 Tsp. of grapeseed, hazelnut or olive oil and apply to the forehead and temples. To use for congestion related headaches, bring 2-3 cups of water to a boil. Add 4-5 drops of camphor essential oil and inhale.

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    Which Essential Oils Are Best For Headaches

    Not all essential oils are the same! As essential oils are typically pressed from plants, each extract offers its own particular benefits. While some are thought to help you stay alert and focused, others are meant to help you calm down and relax. Essential oils can offer a wide range of benefits, and you may need to try a few to find the one that works best for your symptoms.;

    Also, youre not confined to one essential oil! If you find that two different oil have positive effects on your headaches or migraines, you can easily mix the two or more essential oils to reach the most effective blend for you.

    Some essential oils that are thought to be effective in relieving headaches are as follows.

    When You Think You Know Your Migraines

    A few months ago, my migraines started to get worse. I usually got cluster migraines Id get an aura migraine 2-3 times a week, about six to nine months apart. But about six months ago, the migraines started happening about once a week. The sudden change made me desperate to find a solution.

    Over the years Ive tried many treatments and medicines to alleviate the migraines and always with little to no success. I remembered my friend whod told me how much essential oils helped to alleviate her aura migraines. I decided to give them a try.

    I texted her to ask which oils I should start with, and she suggested I diffuse peppermint and lavender together four drops of peppermint and three drops of lavender.

    At that point, it would have been wise to consult a doctor to see if using essential oils was a good home remedy for my migraines. Instead, I did a quick Google search and found the top search results supporting the use of essential oils for migraines. Articles like The Top 4 Oils to Help Migraines popped up and confirmed to me what my friend had said. Essential oils must work for migraines.

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