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Do Blue Light Glasses Help Migraines

What Is Glare In Glasses

Blue Light Glasses Cured My Headache

All surfaces reflect light to some extent. Lens glare is when light bounces off lenses. Whether a camera lens, binoculars or telescope lenses, all lenses have a level of refraction.

Most eyeglasses let 90% of the light pass through and refract about 10%. Even though its a small percentage, the glare reduces clarity, causing people to see halos around street lamps and white reflections in the lens itself.

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself wearing glasses and noticed that the lenses looked white? Thats glare. Glare also makes it difficult for others to see your eyes.

Gamers feel the effects of glare strongly because the slightest reduction in clarity causes a drop in performance.

Best With Magnification: Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that gives you an extra boost we recommend these glasses from Prospek. These glasses have a variety magnification strengths, so you can find a pair anywhere from 0.00 to 3.00. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find a pair that best fits your style.

Frame Material: Polycarbonate | Blue Light Absorption: 50% | Lens Color: Light amber

  • Good choice for digital tech users

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If you spend your day reading from a laptop, tablet, or Kindle, you probably have experienced eye strain as a result. Research has found that people blink less when looking at digital screens, which leads to less moisture and greater eye strain.

Peepers reading glasses are specifically designed with readers in mind, offering magnification strengths of +1.00 to +3.00 and absorb 40% of harmful UV rays emitted from digital devices. Not only are do they look great, they also feature seven-layer anti-reflective coating to minimizes screen glare as you work.

Frame Material: Polycarbonate | Blue Light Absorption: 40% | Lens Color: Clear

Why Does Blue Light Cause Migraines

Scientists became interested in whether blue light can cause migraines when they found out that even blind people suffer from photophobia and light-induced migraine attacks. Since blind people dont have normally functioning rod and cone cells in their eyes, why does light affect them?Quick refresher: Cone cells detect colours and help us see during the day, while rod cells aid in night vision. They are both present in the retina of the eye.

If these cells arent active in the people who cant see, how is there still a functional connection between their eyes and their brain?

In 2002, researchers discovered a third kind of eye cell, in mice. intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells have nothing to do with vision. Instead, they sense blue light and relate changes in blue light in the surroundings, to the brain.

IpRGCs create their own light-sensitive protein called melanopsin, which is more sensitive to blue light than retinal rods and cones. Rather than controlling vision and enabling us to see colour, ipRGCs organize involuntary functions like circadian rhythms and the pupillary light reflex . These cells sense blue light in the surroundings and transmit signals to the brain. The brain responds by promoting wakefulness and releasing hormones such as cortisol which are responsible for alertness.

Since most migraine sufferers are troubled by blue light, ipRGCs are a prime suspect in the development of photophobia and migraines.

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Can Blue Light Blocking Glasses Prevent Migraines

    Blue light blocking glasses, or computer glasses as theyre sometimes known, are being marketed as a preventative to eyestrain, headaches, and long-term retinal damage. However, science doesnt necessarily back up those claims.

    Will blue light screen glasses help migraines? Anecdotal evidence suggests they might. Today, we break down the concept behind these types of lenses and attempt to determine whether they are worth investigating as a migraine preventative.

    Can Blue Light Cause Migraines

    Blue Light Glasses Help With Migraines

    People who suffer from migraines may frequently report an increased sensitivity to light in addition to a pounding headache. The combination of these intense migraine symptoms may be truly debilitating. While it is true that some foods may serve as migraine triggers, there may be some truth to the idea that computer and phone screens may also contribute to these attacks. Can blue light cause migraines? Read on to learn about the connection between a migraine attack and your screen.

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    Theraspecs Classic Blue Light Glasses For Migraine Light Sensitivity

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    • REDUCE LIGHT SENSITIVITY AND PHOTOPHOBIA: TheraSpecs protect you from fluorescent lighting, reduce headache and migraine frequency, and relieve light sensitivity and glare.
    • INDOOR LENSES: With FL-41 lenses, indoor TheraSpecs are great for wearing near fluorescent and other artificial light, while looking at computer or device screens, and for wearing outdoors on overcast days.
    • RELIEF FOR 90% OF CUSTOMERS: Please allow for 2-3 weeks in order to see the full benefit of TheraSpecs. They help the vast majority of people with their light sensitivity but they do not work for everyone.
    • HIGHLY PROTECTIVE, ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Made of ultra-lightweight TR-90 to minimize pressure on your face and head. Designed for those who do not need protection from light from the side but still want full protection from the front.

    What Are Blue Light Glasses And How Do They Work

    A spokesperson for eyewear specialists, Feel Good Contacts explained: “Blue light glasses are designed with lenses to filter out blue emitted from digital screens.

    “Wearing the glasses can help reduce the effects of exposure to blue light, which is bad for you as it has the shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies.

    What this means is that it causes haze and blur on screens, making it difficult to focus, which can lead to digital eye strain and fatigue.

    “If you spend a lot of time in front of your phone, tablet or computer screen, blue light glasses might be the answer to reduce eye strain and optimise your visual comfort.”

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    Prevent That Next Migraine Attack By Blocking Blue Light

    Medical Review:David Watson, MD

    Blue light from electronic screens may trigger Migraine attacks. The visual stimulation from electronic device screens can overload our brains, putting us at a distinct disadvantage. Many Migraine specialists recommend limiting screen time to their patients. While thats one way to avoid a Migraine attack, it can limit our ability to communicate with others, engage in social activities, and limit our career options. Fortunately, theres another strategy. We can block the light spectrum most often responsible for triggering a Migraine attack with software or physical filters. These tools allow us to maintain our current activities without risking another attack.

    Give Your Eyes A Break

    Blue Light Sensitivity, Migraine Glasses, Apps And Covers

    If youâre worried about how computers and other blue light-emitting screens are affecting your eyes, you can find relief without special eyewear.

    The American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Vision Council, and other vision-related organizations urge moderation in screen use. Most of them recommend adopting the 20-20-20 rule. That means that every 20 minutes, youâll look at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

    The American Academy of Ophthalmology also recommends taking these steps:

    • Adjust your seat, or the position of your computer, so your eyes are about 25 inches from the screen. Position the screen so youâre gazing slightly downward.
    • Use a matte screen filter on the screen to reduce glare.
    • Use artificial tears when your eyes feel dry.
    • Pay attention to the lighting in the room where you work. You might try increasing your screen contrast.

    If you wear contact lenses, give your eyes a break by wearing glasses now and then.

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    Other Ways To Combat Screen Headaches

    The good news is there are simple solutions to help reduce eye strain and headaches while spending time on your devices. Dr. Rapoport recommends the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. You should also take breaks from continuous screen time, and you might consider keeping lubricating drops close to your workspace to refresh your eyes when they get dry.

    You can also make tweaks to your environment. Optimize the air and lighting in your room, as a very dry space or one where the A/C or heater is blowing in your face can increase evaporative moisture loss in your eye, leading to dryness and eye strain, Dr. Krauss said. “Working in bright light, especially fluorescent, or in a glare-y environment with reflected light in or around the workspace will increase eye strain, especially amongst those people who may have a predisposition to migraine,” he added.

    And don’t worry â you don’t have to throw out any blue-light glasses you’re already using. There’s no proven harm in wearing them part-time, but you should also know they’re probably not a miracle cure for screen use. “If one is already utilizing and enjoying blue blockers, there is not yet any need to discourage it, but the evidence for its proposed health benefit is still lacking,” Dr. Krauss said.

    Experiences Of People Who Wear Blue Light Glasses

    One user of blue light glasses claims:

    I use them so often that I have a pair of blue light glasses around my neck all day, one user declared in 2019. Im not an optometrist. I know that my eyes dont get as tired at the end of the day. My frequency of headaches has gone down. Im able to focus on things easier on a screen.

    Another user of bluwinx blue light glasses claims:

    Between work, reading, writing, social media, news, and streaming services, I get A LOT of screen time. I also suffer from terrible migraines and while its not the only trigger, screen time certainly doesnt help.

    I noticed a difference with my bluwinx glasses after the first day. My eyes felt more relaxed, less strained, and less drained at the end of the day. Theyre the first thing I reach for now before getting in front of any screen.

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    Combining 1 And 2 Blue Glare Screens

    I am more blue light sensitive, so I have to use f.lux in combination with the DIY text and background color change. It takes a bit more fine tuning, but by using both you can reduce most of your screens blue light emissions, choose the most suitable color for you, and also take the blue out of the icons and other objects that you cant control with the DIY approach.

    Can Blue Light Glasses Help With Migraines


    Whether blue light glasses will help with your migraines depends on what your triggers are. Suppose youve noticed that you are sensitive to light , or that you use screens excessively, or youve suffered from digital eye strain . In that case, blue light may be a migraine trigger. If you become sensitive to light during a migraine attack or have trouble sleeping at night, blue may again be the culprit.

    Blue light is a leading trigger in migraine attacks. Its important to note that the triggering wavelengths include not only blue light but high energy green light towards the end of the spectrum too.

    Migraine glasses operate by reducing glare, invisible flickering light, and filtering blue and green light at the high energy wavelengths . High-energy blue light seems to be a migraine stimulus, which makes sense given that rose-tinted lenses have been used to treat migraines for many years with certain effectiveness.

    Any pair of blue light blocking glasses that doesnt target green light will be ineffective in preventing migraines. When buying a pair of blue light glasses, check for a spectral test report as proof. For the checklist of everything you need to know before investing in a pair of blue light glasses, take a look at our blog on how blue light glasses work.

    Gary Heiting, O. . Ocular migraines Explained. Retrieved April 07, 2021, from

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      Do Migraine Glasses Work

      Migraine glasses have come a long way from those first pairs in the early 90s, and by and large, they seem to help with migraine attacks.

      They now have whats called the FL-41 tint or filter. FL-41 stands for Fluorescent 41, the light wavelengths believed to cause trouble for people with migraine.

      The glasses still have a rose tint, but the filter has been perfected by Dr. Bradley J. Katz at the University of Utah. It blocks out light at the green-to-blue end of the spectrum, according to a 2009 study.

      Adding to existing research, Katz studied FL-41 in people who have benign essential blepharospasm, a rare neurological condition that causes muscle spasms in the muscles around the eye .

      He found that the tint improved their condition in relation to light sensitivity, as well.

      We all have a little light sensitivity to some degree. Its what makes us squint when we first go outside on a bright day or flip on the light in the wee hours of the morning.

      But for people coping with migraine, a pathway from the eyes to the brains thalamus may cause light to trigger a head hurter or worsen symptoms, a Harvard study found in 2016.

      So if light is a trigger for your migraine episodes or worsens an attack youre already dealing with, a pair of FL-41-filtered glasses may be worth a try.

      How Do Glasses For Migraine Relief Work

      No, they aren’t special frames that massage your temples or anything like that . Instead, it’s all about the lenses. Basically, when you have a migraine, the nerves in your head become much more sensitive than normal, as explained by Christopher Gottschalk, MD, director of headache medicine and chief of the division of general neurology at Yale School of Medicine. As a result, this also leaves you more sensitive to light in general .

      Migraine glasses are designed to filter out some of that harsh light, relieving you of delibating headaches .

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      Do Clear Or Slightly Yellow Glasses Help With Migraine

      Nearly clear or slightly yellow tinted blue light glasses have not been clinically proven to help with migraine symptoms nor photophobia. Most of these blue light glasses only block light in the early 400nm to 450nm blue light range. According to the science, they don’t block nearly enough nor do they block at the right wavelengths of light for individuals who are most sensitive to light.

      While Avulux is not a simple blue light lens, when compared to a typical blue light lens Avulux absorbs blue light in the upper 450nm-500nm blue light range at an even higher rate than most any other blue light lenses available while also filtering blue light in the earlier 400nm-450nm range. Avulux’s precisely engineered lenses do this so efficiently that it doesn’t distort your color perception.

      Mpod: When Lighting Needs Get Personal

      Teacher Tries Amazon Blue Light Glasses | First Impressions | Do they reduce screen headaches?

      Research suggests that the most common cause of intrapersonal variation in light sensitivity and eye strain headache threshold might be different levels ofmacular pigment optical density macular pigments blue light filtering capacity . Moreover, the effect of low discomfort glare threshold to blue light tends to be exaggerated in people with low MPOD .

      MPOD profiles of eight individuals show important intrapersonal variation3-D representations of High, Medium, Low and Irregular MPOD profilesMPOD tends to decline with ageEstimated distribution of MPOD score in US population

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      I Believe I Can Work Longer

      Many consumers say the blue light glasses help.

      Cindy Tolbert of Atlanta, a mystery novelist and retired lawyer, had a variety of vision problems and spent an extra $140 at the eye doctor for blue light lenses.

      âItâs not terribly apparent that the glasses help when youâre wearing them, but I believe I can work longer, and I know I can work more comfortably,â she says. âUsually my eyes poop out after 4 or 5 hours of computer work, but I can work longer with the glasses.â

      Michael Clarke of San Diego says he doesnât care what the experts say about blue light glasses. They work for him.

      âI use them so often that I have a pair of blue light glasses around my neck all day,â he said in 2019. âIâm not an optometrist. I just know that my eyes donât get as tired at the end of the day. My frequency of headaches has gone down. Iâm able to focus on things easier on a screen.â

      Back in 2019, Erin Sattler of Bellevue, WA, was sold on blue light glasses, saying they eased eyestrain. But sheâs changed her view.

      âAfter doing more research, I have learned that the blue light technology isnât well-founded and is largely a placebo effect,â Sattler said this month. âI now wear mild prescription glasses, and THAT has made a major difference. I believe I was experiencing relief from achy eyes with the blue light glasses because I would take them off regularly to clean them, adjust them, or talk to a co-worker in my office.â

      White Blue Red And Amber Light Are Painful

      Studies show that multiple colors, meaning multiple bands of wavelengths of light, can cause migraine headache pain to intensify. A study in 2016 found that the following colors actually increased migraine related head pain2:

      • Blue light

      Only one light color was found to reduce migraine pain:

      Green light

      Its not an easy task to create a comfortable lens that absorbs light in high percentages at multiple bands of wavelengths, does not distort your color perception, and is manufactured accurately and consistently.

      If youve found some type of benefit by wearing blue light glasses, great! Its very likely that you are more sensitive to light than most people and using a proper, migraine and light sensitivity-specific optical filter like the Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lens could prove even more beneficial.

      If you havent found success with blue light glasses and you still find yourself unable to stay in front of your computer for long periods of time or under harsh lighting, theres something much more effective out there for you — keep reading.

      Most blue light glasses are not made for migraine related light sensitivity and theyve never been clinically proven to help with migraine headaches and light sensitivity .

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