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Can Medical Marijuana Help With Migraines

How Cannabis Can Help With Migraines

Medical Marijuana for Migraines: Can Cannabis Help?

For those who regularly experience migraines, life carries unique challenges. Seemingly harmless sensory stimuli, like bright lights, strong aromas, or loud noises, can trigger unbearable pain. Stress, neck tension, and even jet lag can set a crippling migraine in motion too. This intense pain can be accompanied by a loss of sensation, nausea, or alarming visual changes. The disruption associated with chronic migraines can be so constant it can even erode ones sense of self.

Although drugs commonly prescribed for the prevention and treatment of migraines help some individuals, they dont offer relief for all migraineurs. Similar to many heavy-hitting medications, a host of unwanted side effects may ensue with use. However, evidence is accumulating that cannabis may be an effective treatment for migraines and chronic headaches.

A November 2019 study published in the Journal of Pain reported that cannabis could reduce migraine and headache severity by 50%, and although tolerance can increase, cannabis use does not exacerbate headaches or migraines over time. Concentrates appeared to offer more significant relief than flower.

So now we know cannabis can ease migraine symptoms, what are the most effective ways to harness its benefits?

Which Form Of Medical Marijuana Is Best For Period Relief

Women are now the majority of new users of medical marijuana. Those who are new to the space, however, may need some guidance on how to best use medical marijuana in the treatment of PMS.

Edible Medical Marijuana Edible marijuana provides a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana without the complexities of smoking or vaping, and edibles can provide long-lasting relief. Dose management is important with edibles, so make sure you review products and work with your certified doctor to find the best solution for your needs.

Smoking Medical Marijuana Smoking or vaping whole flower is a good way to experience immediate relief that is often less intense than the experience felt with edibles. Given how quickly an effect can be generated with smoking, it is also easier to moderate intake and find the right balance.

Topicals As mentioned above, medical marijuana topicals are a great way to address the pain and cramps associated with PMS. Topicals apply directly to the skin to help with muscle aches and pain and are one of the easiest ways to enjoy medical marijuanas benefits.

Get A Medical Marijuana Card For Migraines

Those who live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and where migraine is one of the qualifying symptoms can qualify for a medical cannabis ID card if they are 18 years of age or older. To get a card, patients must first meet with a licensed physician tol review the patients medical history and determine if medical marijuana is right for them. Those caring for a minor or a patient who cannot purchase marijuana for themselves may qualify as a caregiver and be able to legally purchase cannabis for their patient. Complete the application to get started.

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Vaporizing Marijuana: The Best Alternative To Treat Migrains

Compared to the questionable efficacy and side effects of dronabinol, and other specific migraine drugs, vaporizing might be a better option. Vaping marijuana not only helps with a headache but can also alleviate nausea and other migraine-related symptoms. Furthermore, the relaxing effect of cannabis is beneficial, as stress is also believed to play a role in the onset of migraines.

The Benefits Of Inhaling

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Chronic Migraine Headaches ...

Unlike having to digest edibles, inhaling cannabis allows for quicker absorption into the body, says Laura Peters, a health and wellness expert for, a group that researches various brands and sells what it considers to be the best quality of cannabis on its website.

It can definitely help with migraines that are stress-related, Peters told Healthline. It calms your central nervous system. The absorption comes much more quickly. It doesnt have to pass through your digestive system.

Jamie Bacharach is a licensed acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner who prescribes cannabis for migraine and headaches from her clinic in Jerusalem.

She says inhaling cannabis gets it to the bloodstream more quickly than any other ingestion method.

Because oxygen in inhaled breath crosses the alveolar walls quickly, it is able to easily become attached to blood in order to carry the properties of smoke through the body, Bacharach told Healthline.

Ingesting the cannabis via other means takes more time to work and otherwise does not carry the health benefits along into the body as efficiently, she said.

That said, some methods of inhaling are better than others, according to Jordan Tishler, MD, a staff internist at Brigham and Womens Hospital and at Harvard Medical School as well as the medical advisory board of website cannabisMD.

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Jill 36 Jacksonville Beach

Jill, 36Jacksonville Beach Medical Marijuana Clinic 2 months on medical cannabis Back Pain, sciatica, migraines, menstrual cramps Previously treated with traditional pain medication, chiropractorI was in a car accident and as a result, have bad lower back pain with sciatica. I visited the chiropractor 2-3 times a week but I was…

Is There A Best Strain For Migraine

We do not know this. Of course, you will find numerous claims that this strain is best for headache etc but this is not based on research. Content and potency of strains are not controlled. Remember that cannabis is a marketed product that is not submitted to the regulations applying to drugs. Companies have no obligation to demonstrate effectiveness before making claims of benefits.

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What Cannabis Strains Can Relief Migraines And Headaches

Today, marijuana users for medicinal purposes, and actually recreational use as well, can choose from many different varieties of cannabis. These strains not only vary in taste and morphology but have different concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. Here is a list of marijuana strains that could help you with migraine symptoms.

Common Migraine Headache Treatments

UC San Diego study looks at marijuana use against migraines

Common treatments of migraine headache include triptans, which increase serotonin. Triptans include: Axert , Relpax , Frova , Amerge , Maxalt , Imitrex or Alsuma , and Zomig . Midrin , Cafergot , Migranal Nasal Spray are also used to treat migraines.

OTC medications used include Excedrin Migraine , Motrin Migraine and Advil Migraine .

Nausea and vomiting associated with migraine are treated with drugs prescribed in addition to the treatments above: Compro , Reglan , Thorazine , Inapsine .

Drugs to prevent migraine include Botox, anti-seizure medications including Neurontin , Topamax , Depakote , antidepressants including amitriptyline and Aventyl , and drug used to treat high blood pressure including calcium channel blocker verapamil and beta-blockers propranolol, metropolol, and timodol.

Alternative therapies are also used to treat migraine and include: transcranial magnetic stimulation , biofeedback, yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. Finally, a new FDA-approved device called Cefaly is a headband TENS unit worn once a day for 20 minutes to prevent migraine.

Many patients are resistant to all the treatments above, and still struggle with frequent and severe migraine pain. They often turn to cannabis as the treatment of last resort, but what if they knew cannabis could help with their migraine pain when they first sought treatment?

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Chemical Components Of Cannabis

Before understanding how CBD can help with headaches, you should understand the main components of the drug. There are two main active ingredients of marijuana. These are tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol . THC is associated with the psychogenic effects of marijuana, often described as a high feeling. Though this is not the only compound in the plant-associated psychogenic effects, it is the main one. On the other hand, CBD slows down your brains activity.

S Of Marijuana To Treat Migraines

Most of those who use medical cannabis to treat migraines find that oral administration or inhalation delivery methods work the best due to the fast action in reducing pain. However, because of the complexity of migraines and how they affect people differently, these should not be seen as the only forms of marijuana that are effective treatments. Some prefer putting a lotion or oil on their neck or heads, while others like the discretion of taking a pill or eating a gummy or mint.

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Ways To Consume Medical Marijuana For Migraines

Many ways exist for taking medical marijuana for migraines. Some experts believe that smoking a joint or using a vaporizer is best because the medicine works faster. You need to observe how you feel after you take cannabis in this way. Determine if you feel better, worse or about the same and then adjust your dosage accordingly. Whether you smoke, vape or eat your cannabis, its essential to start slowly. If you take too much, you could increase the chance of another headache.

Here are a few ways you can use medical cannabis for migraines, and some of the pros and cons of each approach:

Your states medical marijuana laws may limit how you can use medical weed. Some states, for example, dont allow smoking, even though its an effective method for migraines because of the quick onset. Read up on your states laws beforehand or speak with your doctor about the best method of administration for you.

Are There Scientific Reasons That Could Support The Use Of Cannabis For Migraine

Can Marijuana Help Treat Migraines?

Yes. The cannabinoid system does regulate pain, emotions and sleep. Acting on the cannabinoid system may in fact influence every neurological disease because it is a generic regulator of our brain networks. The problem is that this system is very adaptable, extremely complex, and the final result of modulating many systems is not always clear.

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Can Medical Marijuana Treat Chronic Migraine Headaches

A headache now and then is a common occurrence even among healthy people. The headache can be triggered by stress, exhaustion, jet lag, neck tension, or following alcohol consumption. However, migraines are nothing normal. These are very painful headaches often accompanied by throbbing pulsing or pain on one side of your head. In addition, they can be accompanied by photosensitivity, vomiting, and nausea.

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Some people have chronic migraine headaches triggered by seemingly harmless stimuli like strong aroma, loud noises, and bright lights. Understandably, these are debilitating and limit the enjoyment of your life to a large extent. Traditionally, pain-relieving medications like NSAIDs and avoiding potential triggers were the management options for chronic migraines. However, these do not help all people, and most of those who get relief from the drugs will get tolerance for them over time, thus rendering them ineffective.

Here are facts to help you understand use for chronic migraine management and how it can impact your health.

The Toll That Migraines Have On People

Unless people experience it personally, they do not understand the physical, emotional, and mental strain that untreated migraines can have on a patients life. Migraines symptoms threaten a patients quality of life and happiness. In severe cases, these headaches can last for days on end, with the patients hiding in a dark, quiet room to avoid any triggers. These headaches can frequently occur in some patients, making it impossible for them to enjoy a normal life at work, at an educational institute, or with a loved one.

People start feeling depressed, isolated and develop anxiety from the thought of the next migraine episode. They start withdrawing socially in the fear that they cannot keep commitments. They often have to miss work, school, and personal engagements, which adds to their stress and anxiety. Stress triggers migraines, and many patients find themselves stuck in this vicious cycle of pain and distress.

When each day is a struggle, it is not surprising that patients are looking for alternative therapies. With Medical Marijuana treatment legalized migraine patients no longer need to suffer. My Florida Green is helping patients suffering from migraine symptoms to set up an evaluation with a Marijuana physician. There may be attainable relief available for you with the use of Medical Marijuana Card Sarasota.

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Cannabis May Also Address Migraine Comorbidities

Medicinal cannabis has a wide range of potential medicinal applications in conditions that are often comorbid with migraine. Its important to remember that these are not high quality placebo-controlled clinical trials. Many of the studies that support its potential are anecdotal, case based or laboratory based. Thats why its important to remember this is a list of potential areas where there are currently promising signs for therapeutic benefit. These include:

  • chronic pain
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety

Studies have suggested that tolerance to many of these minor side effects improves quickly with continued use.

It is possible to have withdrawal symptoms from cannabis. One study showed that as many as 23% of patients may experience rebound headache after ceasing cannabis treatment.

Cannabis edibles can be confused as foo. Children are particularly vulnerable. Candies, cookies, and brownies often look the same despite containing cannabis. Take care to keep these away from children who might confuse the edibles as candy.

Depression and anxiety is a common comorbidity with migraine. There is evidence that suggests cannabis can improve or worsen these two conditions depending on the type of strain being used. CBD to THC ratios can play an important role, for example, cannabis sativa strains are more energizing and uplifting which may be appropriate for depression.

Best Methods Of Marijuana Treatment To Treat Side Effects And Symptoms Of Headaches

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) For Migraines and Headaches

You can separate cannabis and headaches consumption methods into three main categories:

  • Oral techniques
  • Topicals are absorbed through the skin and may include:

    • Lotions
    • Transdermal patches
    • Salves

    Today, more consumption methods are coming out all the time for medical marijuana to benefit patients varying needs for getting medical pot into their systems.

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    Which Cannabis Is Better For Migraines

    There are two subspecies of cannabis: Indica and sativa.

    Cannabis sativa has a high level of THC and a low level of CBD . Sativa is known for its uplifting, euphoric and energetic after-effects. Hence, its often recommended for use during the day.

    Moreover, cannabis Indica has a high level of CBD and moderate levels of THC. It induces a calming, sedative and relaxing effect and is often prescribed during the night. It can make you drowsy and put you to sleep.

    If you or your loved one are suffering from prolonged migraine attacks, medical marijuana might help.

    Here at Indica MD, we strive to make medical marijuana accessible with state compliant rules and regulations. Get in touch with us to receive a certified medical marijuana card online or consult with one of our licensed medical marijuana doctors New York and California!

    You Feel The Onset Of A Migrainewhen Should You Dose

    While the science supporting the use of cannabis for the treatment of migraines is piling up, practical knowledge regarding how, how much, and when to dose is still lagging. That being said, those who are already acquainted with cannabis for migraines have valuable tips to impart.

    I use cannabis both as a prophylactic, to prevent migraines by reducing stress and relaxing muscles, and as a rescue remedy once migraine hits, to reduce intense pain and nausea, explained Boston Marathon survivor Lynn Crisci.

    Dr. Debra Kimless, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Pure Green, observes that cannabis may be most effective when the signs of an impending migraine first become apparent. The patients I have treated using cannabis enjoy tremendous success in reducing and eliminating the acute onset of their migraine symptoms, especially if they can dose when they first experience symptoms, she said.

    Cannabis can work as both a preventative and a treatment for migraines, because the triggers and symptoms of migraines are so varied.

    Migraines have a complex set of underlying causes, triggers, and various symptoms, noted Polston. Cannabis may be an ideal migraine medication with its diverse compounds and widespread roles in many of the issues associated with migraines. Its a potent anti-inflammatory agent, analgesic, and anti-emetic. Furthermore, CBD is a known anxiolytic , thus its presence could be useful in the treatment of stress-induced migraines.

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    Thcv Is A Rare Cannabinoid That Can Help Migraines

    Anecdotal evidence suggests patient using cannabis strains such as Durban Poison or Durban Haze containing the rare cannabinoid THCV experience reduced migraine. THCV appears to be well-tolerated and not psychoactive at a 10 mg oral dose in humans.370-372

    The mechanism of how THCV works is still unclear. THCV is suggested to be a neutral antagonist at the CB1 receptor, which means it binds to the receptor but does not activate it.373 THCV can activate CB2 receptors in vitro and decrease signs of inflammation and pain in mice via CB1 and/or CB2 receptor activation.374

    THCV can also enhance serotonin receptor 5-HT1A activation, may also impart antipsychotic effects.375 As migraine is often comorbid with mental illness, another explanation for relief from migraine seen by using cannabis enriched in THCV may be due to these antipsychotic effects. THCV also shows potential to reduce nausea, which is often a symptom of chronic migraine.376-377

    What Else It Could Be

    Medical marijuana may help treat migraines

    Migraine and sinus headaches are commonly confused with each other because the two conditions share many of the same symptoms which makes it hard to distinguish one from the other. In fact, nasal symptoms are experienced with many types of migraines. Cluster headaches too are mistaken to be migraine headaches as they have overlapping symptoms such as a one-sided headache. However, cluster headaches arrive and depart rather swiftly unlike migraines that can last for several hours to days.

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