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Can I Get Ssi For Migraines

Can You Get Disability For Migraines

Migraines and Social Security Disability

Although the condition is not specifically mentioned in the Blue Book, you may still be able to get disability benefits for migraines. You can be approved for disability for migraine through a medical-vocational allowance.

For these applicants, the SSA will consider multiple factors, including your age, educational level, employment history, and residual functional capacity , to determine your eligibility for disability benefits.

These are some of the common limitations often found in the RFC of a person with persistent migraines.

  • The applicant may be off-task for the workday
  • They may miss more than two or three days of work per month because of the pain
  • The applicant may require unscheduled breaks throughout the workday
  • The person may be unable to concentrate or focus on work

The SSA will also see your doctors notes to understand the severity of your condition. You can get in touch with a legal professional to discuss the circumstances that you face.

A Legal Professional Can Make The Process Less Daunting

Your lawyer can help you through every step of the process of applying for disability benefits. You can avoid unnecessary hassles when you have a Social Security disability attorney by your side as you pursue the benefits you need. Complete medical documentation can play a crucial role, and this is why you should seek a lawyers assistance for carefully assembling your application paperwork.

An attorney can assist with every part of the disability benefits process. Understanding the rules and regulations that apply to Social Security claims can be challenging. If you try to do everything yourself, your chances of facing an avoidable denial are high. When you have a professional by your side, you can rely on their experience handling all types of claims.

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  • Go To The Emergency Room Or See Your Doctor When You Have A Migraine

    Dont delay in seeking treatment when you are experiencing a migraine. Getting treatment during an episode can help you get the care you need. Also, doctors will record their observations in your medical record, which can strengthen your disability case.

    If your medical file does not contain a record of a doctor observing you having a migraine headache, a skeptical judge may find you less than totally credible. This may be unfair, but it is consistent with SSR 19-4p. Oftentimes, the hardest workers are amongst the most reluctant to seek medical treatment. Dont let this reluctance prevent you from getting the disability benefits you earned.

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    Can I Get Social Security Disability Payments For Migraines

    Migraine headaches are a common health issue that affects millions of Americans each year. And while most people can manage the pain associated with their migraines, others may find that the migraines and associated health conditions make it impossible to maintain regular employment. While it can be difficult to prove that your migraines are this severe, if you have a well-documented history of struggling with them, you may be able to apply for social security disability benefits.

    How Do You Prove Migraine Disability

    Can I Get Social Security Disability For Headaches?

    The process of applying for disability starts with proving you have a disability. Showing proof involves gathering documents and dates. Per the SSA, prepare by collecting the following:

    • Names, addresses, and phone numbers for all doctors, clinics, or hospitals involved in your treatment

    • Documents showing all treatment dates

    • Names of medications and who prescribed them

    • Names and dates of medical tests and who sent you to get tested

    You will also need to show work-related information such as the name of your current employer, your earnings, and a list of employers for the past 15 years.

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    Can You Get Disability Benefits For Migraines

    Symptoms can physically and mentally limit daily activity of people who suffer from a migraine condition. It can interfere with the persons capabilities and ability to concentrate due to aggravating lights and painful sounds. Other diseases can also aggravate chronic migraines. Anxiety and depression are much more common for people suffering with migraines.

    You should be prepared for an uphill battle to be approved for benefits due to disability for migraines. Unfortunately, many claims for chronic migraines are denied, especially when they lack medical evidence demonstrating that a persons pain severely impacts their ability to cope, work, or perform healthy activities in everyday life.

    To be approved for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration , you must receive regular treatment for this disorder. Although the insurance company considers subjective reports of your symptoms as part of their overall evaluation, they are more interested in the objective medical evidence submitted to support a claim. There is no definitive test to diagnose this disease however, the insurance company will want to see that your doctor has diagnosed you with recurrent migraines in your medical records.

    This disease is often diagnosed primarily based on the patients self-reported subjective symptoms and a family history. Your doctor may also order additional tests, such as an MRI or CT scan, to rule out other causes of your headache.

    Do Chronic Migraines Qualify For Disability

    Migraines, as some of our readers may know, are intense headaches that occur in one side of the head. They oftentimes cause pain, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, and sometimes even visual disturbances called auras. A migraine can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, sometimes even impacting a person’s ability to continue daily tasks until a headache has subsided.If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, then you know how disabling one can be. This is especially true for people who suffer from chronic or cluster migraines, which occur on a regular basis — sometimes even twice a week. But even though chronic migraines may be disabling to the sufferer, they may wonder if their condition meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of a disability. The reason they may consider this is because they may need disability benefits for their condition and are wondering if they qualify. or fill out the contact form below to learn if you may qualify for social security disability for migraines.

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    Medically Qualifying For Benefits For Migraines

    The SSA has no standard disability listing for migraines in their Blue Book, but this doesnt mean you cant get approved for benefits with chronic migraines. It simply means youll need to prove that youre unable to maintain a full-time job and earn a gainful living due to your limitations.

    To determine your eligibility, the SSA will:

    • Look at your daily limitations
    • Consider the frequency and severity of your headaches
    • Examine your employment options
    • And review your medical evidence

    If after taking all of these factors into account, the SSA finds youre unable to perform the essential job duties of any job for which youre otherwise qualified, then youll be deemed medically eligible for SSDI and/or SSI benefits.

    The frequency and duration of your headaches and the extent of your migraine symptoms , tell the SSA how often you must miss work. The length of migraine attacks, which can average a few hours or several days at a time, inform the SSA about your ability to keep a consistent work schedule.

    When it comes to evaluating daily limitations, the SSA will use your medical records and functional report forms that you and your doctor complete. Ensure you accurately reflect all of your limitations by thoroughly completing these forms and describing in detail the manner in which your headaches and other symptoms affect your ability to perform everyday tasks.

    How To Apply For Ssdi Benefits

    If you suffer from migraines can you apply for Social Security Disability

    If a person thinks that they are eligible for SSDI benefits, they should apply for them as soon as possible, because they have a 5-month waiting period.

    This means that people will not receive a benefit payment until the sixth full month of disability. This is on top of the time that it takes for the government to decide whether they will receive the benefit.

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    Are Migraines A Disability Under The Ada

    The American Disabilities Act prevents employers from discriminating against people with disabilities. The act defines a disability as:

    • A mental or physical illness that keeps a person from participating in major life activities

    • A record or history of the illness

    • Other people being aware of the illness

    By law, if your migraines make it difficult for you to work, your employer must provide reasonable accommodations. That means getting rid of possible triggers like noise, fragrances, high-stress situations, and fluorescent lights. It may also mean allowing you to work from home or investing in a comfortable chair and desk for your workspace. In the meantime, heres some advice from a doctor on how to cope with migraines at work.

    Evidence Needed For Migraine Disability

    The SSA wants proof that you need disability for your migraines. This proof comes in many forms, including a doctors medical report diagnosing the condition, lab test results, and exams that exclude other conditions that could cause the headaches.

    At a minimum, the SSA needs:

    • Documentation from your doctor verifying your diagnosis of primary headache disorder
    • Notes from your doctor detailing the frequency and severity of your migraines
    • Medical records showing you’ve tried treatment and still suffer disabling effects from your migraines
    • A headache journal with specific details about your migraine attacks

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    Are Migraines Listed In The Ssa Blue Book

    The SSA Blue Book contains hundreds of medical conditions that may qualify individuals for disability benefits.

    The Social Security Administration does not have a specific listing for chronic migraines. However, this does not make you ineligible for disability. The SSA will review your medical evidence to determine if your migraines are serious enough to be considered disabling. It is important to provide sufficient documentation that shows the side effects of your migraines to increase your chances of approval.

    In some cases, chronic migraines may be an underlying symptom of another serious condition. Conditions that may cause chronic migraines include:

    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Inflammation or other issues with blood vessels in the brain, including stroke
    • Brain tumor

    Proving The Disabling Effects Of Your Migraines

    Can You Get SSDI Benefits for Migraines?

    Migraines are a severe form of headache that can cause nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. They can last several hours, or even several days, which can interfere with your ability to work. If you experience migraines that are frequent, long-lasting and severe that prevent you from working, it may be possible to get disability benefits.

    The SSA will require detailed medical documentation that provides evidence of the disabling effects of your migraines. Because there is no laboratory test that can prove how severe a migraine is, the SSA will rely on statements and reports from your doctor.

    The types of documentation the SSA will require includes:

    • Reports from the primary doctor who treats your condition, such as a headache specialist, a neurologist or a pain management specialist
    • Detailed documentation about how often you experience migraines as well as how severe they are, exactly when they happen, how long they last, the symptoms you experience, the intensity of the pain and how they affect your daily life
    • Documentation of the treatments you are currently receiving, as well as those you have tried in the past

    It is important to show how migraines affect your daily life and your ability to work. Keeping a migraine journal can help you keep track of this.

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    Headaches Combined With Other Medical Problems

    While headaches alone may not be enough to prove disability in many cases, when combined with other disabling impairments, the SSA may consider that their cumulative effect render you disabled. Headaches can be caused by many illnesses, and often contribute to anxiety or depression. Be sure to have your doctor document your headache pain if you are applying for disability based on other impairments as well.

    Getting Ssdi For Chronic Headaches

    The SSA does not maintain a listing for chronic headaches, but this does not mean that people who suffer from chronic headaches will not qualify for benefits. A disability that lasts for at least 12 months and causes complications that make it impossible for a person to complete job tasks may qualify an applicant for benefits. In order to prove that a disability exists, it is important to gather evidence of the condition.

    In the case of chronic headaches, applicants should maintain a headache diary that lists the time of the headache, the severity of pain and any additional symptoms that may have been felt. This diary can also be used to help medical professionals determine if the headaches are triggered by a certain situation or environmental factor, and treatment options can be targeted according to these triggers.

    Medical records are typically used as evidence of a disability, so it is important to regularly schedule appointments with a licensed medical provider. Complaints of pain and the results of treatment attempts should be recorded. The SSA will administer a residual functional capacity test to determine whether the pain of chronic headaches would cause an individual to regularly miss work or perform poorly when completing job tasks.

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    Aug How Someone With Chronic Migraine Can Qualify For Social Security Disability

    Outreach Specialist

    If you experience chronic migraine that makes it difficult or impossible for you to work you can file a claim for Social Security disability benefits. You will need to provide medical documentation of your illness in order for your claim to be approved. This medical documentation will help support that you are unable to work for at least 12 months, which is a requirement for applying for disability.

    Medically Qualifying For Disability Benefits With Migraine

    A migraine attack can incapacitate someone for days. The light and sound sensitivity, as well as the physical toll that migraine disease takes on the body, can mean that the person needs days of recovery time. But in order to be approved for disability benefits due to migraine disease, there needs to be an underlying medical condition or a person needs to ask for a Medical Vocational Allowance.

    All of the conditions that qualify for Social Security disability benefits are listed in the Social Security Administrations Blue Book, and there is no official listing for migraine disease. However, migraine can be symptoms of other health problems that are listed in the Blue Book. If you experience migraine due to any of these conditions you can be approved for disability benefits based on Blue Book listing for these conditions:

    • High Blood Pressure
    • Anxiety
    • Epilepsy

    Medical Vocation Allowance And Residual Functional Capacity

    Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

    If You Are Denied

    Disability Benefits For Chronic Migraines

    Do I Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits If I Have Chronic Headaches Or Migraines?

    It is possible to qualify for SSDI with a migraine-related disability if you experience severe migraine symptoms frequently enough that it interferes with your ability to work. The SSA will consider whether you have documented medical evidence for your migraines and how much your symptoms limit your everyday activities. It will also consider whether your migraines will likely last past one year.

    If youve missed several days of work due to migraines, its in your best interest to provide proof of them to the SSA with your claim. You should also ask your doctor to send your medical records of any visits or tests youve had associated with your migraine symptoms.

    Other conditions may be present alongside migraines, like neurological symptoms, asthma, or stroke. In that care, be sure to send evidence of your coexisting condition too.

    Regardless of how much information you send to the SSA, you still could receive a denial of your claim. Consider consulting a disability attorney to help you complete your claim and file an appeal, if necessary. Your disability attorney can also guide you through the appeals process to explain anything you dont understand and represent you during a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.

    You shouldnt feel like you dont have options as a migraine sufferer. A disability determination in your favor could be right around the corner to give you some relief as you continue to seek care for your migraines.

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    Getting Social Security Benefits For Chronic Migraines

    I regularly counsel clients who suffer from migraine headaches. While migraines are a common problem, they can be debilitating and make someone unable to sustain a work schedule. An individual in this situation should be considered disabled. However, the Social Security Administration has strict criteria for what needs to be medically documented before someone can be considered disabled on this basis.

    It’s Time To Get The Benefits You Deserve

    Suze Orman shares how to get disability benefits in less timeâwith no out-of-pocket costs

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    What If Youre Denied

    If the government denies someones SSDI claim, they can file an appeal online within 60 days of receiving the denial.

    It is important that a person thoroughly read through the reasons given for denial so they can look for evidence or arguments to counteract them.

    Individuals have the choice of appealing the decision themselves or hiring a lawyer.

    There are four levels of the appeals process:

  • Reconsideration: A different person will look at the application again, along with any new supporting documents.
  • Hearing: An administrative law judge will hear the case. The appellant may need to produce more documentation, and produce doctors or other witnesses to provide evidence.
  • Appeals council: Here, a person may have their appeal dismissed, decided, or sent back to the previous stage.
  • Federal court: People can also file a lawsuit in a federal district court.
  • If a person wishes to continue to work, they may want to discuss their options with their employer.

    Many employers will make reasonable accommodations if a person is able to clearly detail their request.

    Things that may count as reasonable accommodations in the workplace include:

    • working from home when required
    • flexible working hours, to work around migraine
    • different lighting
    • reducing noise

    It is important that people make sure to prepare concrete examples of how work may trigger migraine or make it worse, as well as steps that they or their employer can take to remedy the situation.


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