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Can I Get A Service Dog For Migraines

S To Get A Service Dog

MIGRAINE SERVICE DOG // The OTHER tasks I trained my Migraine Dog to do

Before you take the first step it is important to really consider that if the responsibilities of taking care of a service animal are right for you. Most people love pets and for good reason. They offer non-judgemental love and affection. They are reliable. Most animals like to cozy up and provide relief during a difficult day. However, having a pet, even a well-trained service dog, is a big commitment. Dogs require time and energy to make sure they are also properly fed and well taken care of. Even remarkably well-trained animals like service dogs have some requirements. Do you consider yourself physically, mentally, and financially stable enough to handle one? If the answer to that question is yes then it is time to move forward with how to get a service dog. Please note the following process is generalized. There are many organizations out there that train and offer service dogs. However, these are the basics:

Drake Is Smart Strong Determined And Kind He Is Gentle Yet Sturdy And Can Be Depended On To Help You Feel Secure He Would Be Suited To Any Home As He Would Be Great With Children Or An Older Family He Is A Quick Learner And Would Be Great For A Single Person Or Family Who Is Looking To Build A Close And Intimate Bond With Their Puppy

He is a curious dog that isn’t afraid of anything and loves to be out and about!

About Drake

Birth Date: December 29, 2018

Size: Will be 45-55 Mature weight

Color: Apricot

Parents: Purebred, Health Certified, DNA Tested – Goldendoodles

Coat: Nice loose wavy coat, soft, and very low shedding and low dander.

Drake’s Training

Drake is only a little pup. We are expecting to finish him for service training by January 2020

Drake’s Service Module Finish Recommendations

As Drake grows we will update this section

Drake’s Guarantee

Health Guarantee: 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Adoption Parent Requirements

Pet Insurance: $30-$65 Per/Month

Food: While in our care Open Range feeds Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Dog Food. After purchase contract completion the owner can pay a monthly food fee or switch to PawTree and Cosmo will have his own custom diet and personal food bag.

Enroll in Open Range Online Pup Academy.

View The Open Range Service Dog “How It Works” Page.

Respect for Open Range decision making. New puppy parents are making a HUGE financial and emotional investment, we get it! We want your experience to be nothing less perfect. Because we are working day-in and day-out with service dogs Open Range staff need to work in a stress free environment that is supported by our clients. Our concentration needs to be on providing and your new puppy with the BEST service and attention we can offer!

Drake Will Come Home With:

Drake’s Current Routine



How Alert Service Dogs For Migraines Help

Im sure you are aware that pets positively influence our emotional state, reduce stress levels, help with blood pressure and motivate us to be more active. The majority of pets help us cope with such tasks.

However, a particular type of pet can help the most its a service dog, more precisely, an alert service dog for migraines.

But, how can my dog become a service dog? Does she need a special registration? How is it even possible for a dog to help cure migraines? you might ask.

Officially, youre not obligated to register your dog, but applying for a service dog certification can be beneficial, for example, when you need to rent an apartment with your pet.

As for the third question, there is a unique set of exercises helping teach a dog to recognize specific actions and chemical changes in the blood or saliva of a person and react to them.

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Migraine Alert Dog: Everything You Need To Know

If you or someone you know suffers from migraines, then a migraine alert dog may be the answer. It can provide life-changing relief for those who suffer from debilitating migraine attacks. Migraine is a disorder characterized by recurrent headaches often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, and increased sensitivity to sound. According to the National Headache Foundation, migraine affects more than 37 million people in America alone!

The majority of migraine sufferers are women with about 18% of men also experiencing migraines but usually less severe ones. The severity of migraine varies from person to person and there are different types that range anywhere from mild tension-type headache to an intense throbbing pain that causes temporary loss of consciousness.

Migraine Alert Puppy Trainer How Long Will It Take To Train An Alert In My Home

Can Dogs Help with Migraines?

Ashley from Ohio has severe chronic migraines that causes headaches, light sensitivity, nausea, vertigo and vomiting. She is interested in getting a migraine alert dog but still has some questions about them. Her question has to do with how long it actually takes to train a migraine alert dog, whether that be an already trained one or one you train yourself at home.

What Ashley may not know is that as of today, Service Dog Academy has trained more migraine alert dogs than anyone else in the entire United States. And with that experience, has come a complete change in the way migraine alert dogs are trained. 4 years ago, it could take up to 1-2 years to train a migraine alert dog because the dog had to naturally learn what you smelled like prior to having your migraine. Now, Mary McNeight has developed a proprietary training methodology that has taken what was a one to two year waiting period for the dog to learn what you smell like prior to a migraine into a several week to several month training miracle. The technique we now use has been proven so effective that we have dogs as young as 3 months old, with less than 3 weeks of training already alerting to oncoming migraine attacks! This has NEVER been accomplished in the history of migraine alert dog training.

Watch the video below to see our answer to Ashleys question and this weeks socialization item .

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Does A Service Dog Need A Vest

No, a service dog doesnt need a vest. The American Disabilities Act doesnt require a service animal to wear a vest, ID tag, specific harness, or anything identifying it as a service dog.

However, a service animal must be under the control of the handler. ADA does require service animals to be harnessed, leashed, or tethered. Otherwise, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

These Organizations May Help You Figure Out How To Get A Service Dog For Less

The Assistance Dog United Campaign assists people who need an assistance dog but cant raise the necessary funds themselves.

Paws with a Causeprovides service animals to assist with many types of disabilities. They provide the animals free of charge based on prior donations. Since they rely on donations to cover the $30,000 cost per service dog, they encourage everyone to fundraise to help the next person receive their dog. This pay it forward system has been in place for years.

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Get A Service Dog For Cheap

If you cannot get a service dog for free, some organizations help you get a cheap one. The cheapest ways to get a service dog include:

7. The Assistance Dog United Campaign

ADUC understands the help and cost of service dogs. It appreciates that not everyone has the financial muscle to afford one. Thus, the health and human welfare organization provides financial assistance and service dog grants to individuals who need assistance dogs but cant raise the required funds to obtain one.

8. Paws with a Cause

Paws with a Cause relies on donor funds to provide service dogs to people with different types of disabilities. Hearing dogs, seizure response dogs, free dogs for autism, and service dogs for physically disabled people are all sorts of dogs you can get at a low cost from this non-profit organization.

They use client donations to cover the cost of obtaining service dogs through a pay it forward system where a person receives a service dog based on prior donations. People fundraise to help the next person receive their service dog.

Service Dogs For Chronic Migraines

Migraine Alert Dog Training – What Tasks Can A Migraine Alerting Dog Do For Me

by painstop007 | Feb 19, 2017 | Headache, Health & Wellness, Therapy, Treatments |

Dogs are truly amazing creatures. They can be trained to work with anyone and to identify all sorts of health-related problems. Due to their strong sense of smell, they can identify odors we humans cant. As any dog owner knows, they are also extremely keen on our behavior and are able to pick up on subtle changes. If you or someone you love deals with chronic migraines, you may want to consider a migraine alert dog.

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What If I Need To Change My Mind About My Disability Dog

You will have to pay for the service dog.

If you decide not to get a service dog, you will not be able to use any veterans benefits.

However, if you get a service dog, you will be able to get an additional benefit called the VA-provided service dog benefit.

The VA-provided service dog benefit is an extra benefit that is not based on your disability rating.

Get A Doctors Recommendation

To apply for a service dog, youll need to prove that you have a condition that qualifies for a service animal. Have a doctor or a licensed health professional diagnose your disability. The medical professional must provide you with a prescription or recommendation letter indicating that a service dog can help manage your disability or mitigate your mental health condition.

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Migraine Alert Dog Breeds

What breeds are migraine alert dogs?

Migraine alert dog breeds can include a variety of different animals. It is important to know that there may not be any one breed, in particular, that is better than the next because it depends on an individuals preferences and needs. This decision should never be made based solely on looks, but rather the migraine sufferer should find an animal that they can trust.

Migraine alert dog breeds include Labradors, Border Collies, and German Shepherds to name a few. Golden Retrievers can get the job done, and in my case? It is an Australian Shepherd. Each migraine sufferer will have their own unique needs which is why it is important for migraine sufferers to find an animal that they can work with.

Scam #: They Promise To Deliver The Trained Animal To You

Fundraiser by Tiffany Griffin : Help Train my migraine ...

Most of the organizations that we have found require you to participate in the training process. After all, youll need some training to learn how to work with your new partner! If the agency asks for lots of money and promises to deliver the animal without any effort on your part, be very skeptical.

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What Happens If I Need A Service Dog For My Service Member

If you need a service dog for your service member, you will need more information about the process.

The organization may ask you to fill out an application. Or they may ask you to sign an agreement.

You may need to visit a center to complete the process.

The center will contact you when the process is complete.

Max Is An Absolute Dream Of A Dog He Is Gentle Sweet And A People Pleaser He Would Be Suited To Any Home As He Would Be Great With Children Or An Older Family He Is Easily Taught And Eager To Learn He Is A Small Male At About 20 Lbs So He Is Easy To Handle

About Max

Birth Date: August 3, 2017

Size: 20 lbs – will get up to 40 lbs

Color: Black

Parents: Purebred, Health Certified, DNA Tested – Goldenretriever & Poodle

Coat: Nice loose wavy coat, soft, and very low shedding and low dander.

Max’s Training

Max has started his first phase of training. He is extremely intelligent and eager to please. Max picks up on new skills quickly, because is interested in making the handler happy he is more willing to offer new behaviors and he will be easy to socialize. Max should breeze through phase 1 & 2 with minimal daily work .

First Phase Completion: June 1st, 2018

You may add phase 2 or 3 to Max’s training program.

Max’s Service Module Finish Recommendations

These are our top recommendations for Max: Home with Autistic Assistance needs, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Therapy, and more.

Max does not have dominant trait personalities, he is a little strong willed which requires consistent behavior reinforcement, he will settle into his behavior conditioning between 12-18 months without additional reinforcement. He shows affection willingly. He will probably only get to be 40-25 lbs at 2 years of age. With that in mind here are some services he may not be good for: mobility support and hearing ear assistance.

Max’s Guarantee

Health Guarantee: 4 Year Genetic Health Guarantee

Work Guarantee: Max will be ready to take his AKC Canine Good Citizen Test after completion of Phase 1. Additional phases come with additional guarantees.



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Migraine Alert Dog Kit

What is a migraine alert dog kit?

The migraine alert dog kit should include a leash, food and water bowls, ID tag with the contact information for the migraine sufferer as well as their migraine service animal. These kits are easy to keep handy, and the dog should be leashed at all times when out and about anyway.

You can get as crazy as you want but I like this set of Dog Travel Bag for Supplies by Lucky Tail.

Some dog vests have a pocket or clear plastic section on them where you can put important medical papers for any possible first responders, a dose of that migraine medication if you can take something like Imitrex, etc. I have to take liquid morphine so that isnt really a way to carry my prescription bottle, but it works for those lucky enough to take non-narcotic meds. .

Lily Is A Gorgeous Girl That We Found From A Great Breeder In Iowa Lily Is Raised In Home And Has An Amazing Level Of Intelligence If You Find Yourself Interested In Lily Please Begin Research On The Breed Belgian Tervuren’s Are An Amazing Breed But Are Not Suited To Every Home

All About my Service Dog’s MIGRAINE ALERT // Info, scent training, puppy photos, & demonstration

About Lily

Size: Will be 65lbs mature weight

Color: Fawn

Coat: Standard Shepherd Coat – Will require Grooming once monthly to keep shedding down

Lily’s Location: Lily is with our trainer in IL.

Lily’s Training

Lily is gaining confidence and getting to go out in public more and more as she grows. She is learning loud noises and the business of the house.

Lily’s Service Module Finish Recommendations

Lily would be excellent to get to Service Work. As she grows we will update with better recommendations once we learn her strengths.

Adoption Parent Requirements

Dog Handling Courses on ORA: Each Client is required to go through and finish the ORA courses of Community Canine and Family Canine. We would love you to take our body language class as well.

Pet Insurance: $30-$65 Per/Month

Food: While in our care Open Range feeds Dr. Gary’s Best Breed Salmon and Whole Grain diet After purchase contract completion the owner can pay a monthly food fee or switch to PawTree and your pupy will have his own custom diet and personal food bag.

View The Open Range Service Dog “How It Works” Page.

Lily Will Come Home With:

  • Age appropriate shots and veterinary care
  • Leash, Collar, Service Vest, Favorite Toys
  • Kennel
  • Micro-Chip
  • Neutered
  • New parent may purchase toys, bed, or other items that will be taken care of and come home with the pup

Lily’s Current Routine


Does Open Range offer training customization? Not with Service Dog Phase Training, NO.


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Migraine Service Dog Questions

Q Can migraine alert dogs be trained for other types of issues?

A Yes. A migraine sufferer may want to train their migraine alert dog with multiple sensory warning signs that are specific to the type of attack theyre prone to, such as a panic attack or heart arrhythmia. Its also important to note that there is no one size fits all migraine alert dog training.

Q Does my migraine sufferer need to have a disability?

A This one is tricky as chronic migraines ARE a disability, just not in the traditional senses. It is important that the migraine sufferer and their migraine alert dog are able to communicate effectively with each other so they can work together as partners.

This will take time for both parties involved, but migraine sufferers will need to learn how to detect the sensory warning signs of an upcoming migraine attack which are often difficult for people who do not suffer from migraines themselves.

Q Can a migraine alert dog be trained without using food?

A Yes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to migraine alert dog training. Some migraine sufferers may opt-out of using food while others find that its the only way they can effectively train their dogs because they are not physically present with them at all times and cannot reward them accordingly for good behavior in a timely manner.

Get Financial Help Getting A Service Dog

If you are thinking about how to get a service dog by enlisting some financial help, the following organization can help:

9. 4 Paws For Ability

4 Paws For Ability helps people with disabilities, especially children and veterans, receive service dogs at a fee. If other agencies have turned you away as being young or not disabled enough, you are a prime candidate at this organization. Their placements are mainly targeted at people who other agencies have rejected. Youll be required to have a physician recommendation to prove your disability and the need for a service animal.

When figuring out how to get a service dog from 4 Paws For Ability, bear in mind that their service dogs arent free. Youll be required to pay part of the training fee for the service animal. Typically, recipients pay a $17,000 non-tax-deductible fee out of the $40,000-$60,000 required to train their service animal.

The good thing is, 4 Paws For Ability has fundraising options to help recipients raise the required money.

10. The Service Dogs for America

SDA is another organization that offers financial assistance for service dogs. Know the following fees when thinking about how to get a service dog from The Service Dogs for America:

See our guide on frugal living tips with a big impact on saving money.

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