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Can Ear Piercing Cure Migraines

Is There Any Scientific Proof Or Research Supporting Daith Piercing As Pain Treatment

Migraine Dairies | Can a daith piercing cure migraine?

No. While some people with migraine say they have experienced relief from their symptoms after getting a daith piercing, the only evidence that supports this is purely anecdotal, and there is no research that supports that theory. The American Migraine Foundation believes that many results are temporary and may be a product of the placebo effect, so it does not recommend daith piercings as a treatment strategy in light of potential risks like infection and pain. For more discussion about daith piercings and what others who have tried them say, visit the .

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No Magic Pill Erpiercing

Daith piercing is a piercing in the place where the cartilage ridge inside your outer ear, called the helix, ends above the opening to the ear canal. Acupuncture targets this area to relieve migraine headache pain. So the theory is, piercing this trigger point permanently relieves migraines.

But Dr. Estemalik says theres no medical research that supports this theory. While some people swear that a daith piercing actually gets rid of their migraines, whats probably at work is a temporary placebo effect, says Dr. Estemalik.

A placebo;is an inactive treatment, such as a sugar pill, that mimics an active medication or therapy. The placebo effect happens when you believe the placebo whether a pill or, in this case, a piercing is effective. In turn, the placebo has an effect on the medical condition and can positively affect the perception of pain.

Placebos aside, there is no scientific evidence or clinical trial results that support ear piercing as a solution to migraines, Dr. Estemalik says.;Theres nothing in literature Ive heard of, nothing Ive read about, nothing I have studied out there that supports such a procedure to treat migraine headaches, he says. Receiving a piercing in that area will not alter the pain pathway of migraine.

Downsides Of Daith Piercing

Without solid evidence that daith piercing is an effective treatment for migraine headaches, experts cannot recommend it. What’s more, the practice has a number of negative aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Pain at the time of the piercing: It’s typically more difficult to pierce through cartilage than the less-resistant flesh of the ear lobe.
  • Recovery: It takes longer for cartilage to fully heal.
  • High risk of infection: There’s less blood flow to cartilage, which makes it harder for white blood cells to arrive at the site of an infection to ward it off.
  • Allergic reaction: Certain metals can cause an allergic reaction in people predisposed to them.

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How Did The Daith Piercing Affect Migraine Frequency

Just over half of all those who had a daith piercing experienced a reduction in migraine frequency.;The remainder stayed the same or got worse. Below is a the breakdown of those who reduced their attacks:

  • 15% reduced their attacks by approximately 10-50%.
  • 7% of people reduced their attacks by half.
  • 24% reduced their attacks by more than half.
  • 18% of people experienced a full remission in migraine. i.e. it eliminated their migraine attacks.

The most common response was a reduction by over half in migraine frequency.;This group represented 24%;of all respondents.;

Some people also worsened.;

5% of people experienced an increase in migraine frequency since their daith piercing.

Whether this is due to the piercing itself, other factors or a combination was not explored in this survey. See the limitations section below.

Risks Of Daith Piercings

Cure Migraines with a Piercing?

As with any body piercing, daith piercings carry risks. Some these risks are more serious than others and include:

  • infections during healing with pathogens, such bacteria, yeast, hepatitis, HIV or tetanus
  • bacterial infections that occur after healing has occurred
  • allergic reaction
  • nerve damage, including loss of sensation
  • swelling
  • pain
  • scarring or keloids

Before undergoing daith piercing to relieve a migraine, it is wise to speak with a qualified acupuncturist or auriculotherapy practitioner. These alternative therapists may help an individual decide whether daith piercing is a preferable option to the therapies they offer.

A migraine is more than just a regular headache. It is an attack of severe head pain that generally lasts for hours but can last days.

Migraines are usually accompanied by sensory symptoms, including:

  • flashes of light
  • increased sensitivity to light and sound

Which groups are most affected?

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are more commonly experienced by certain groups, including:

  • women
  • those aged 35 to 55
  • lower socioeconomic groups
  • Caucasians

Migraines are the cause of a huge financial burden. A person who experiences regular migraines spends an average of $145 per month on migraine related healthcare costs. By comparison, those who do not get migraines spend an average $89 per month.

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Do Daith Piercings Help With Migraines


    The use of daith piercings to help relieve migraines comes from acupuncture. Studies have shown that acupuncture can heal migraines. According to WebMD1 reported study, After completing the study, all of the participants including those in the sham group reported fewer days with migraines than before the study began.

    • A daith piercing works in the same way acupuncture works to relieve migraines.
    • Both hormonal and stress-related migraines are related to the pressure the patient feels in the ear, temples etc. resulting in headaches.
    • Piercing the ear relieves tension points, thus stopping the migraines.

    How does the daith piercing for migraine relief work? The pressure point is located in the cartilage found in the innermost fold of the ear. By piercing this cartilage, the pressure and tension are relieved, this stopping the migraines.

    FACT CHECK: According to the statistics:

    In the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. Some migraine studies estimate that 13 percent of adults in the U.S. population have migraines, and 2-3 million migraine sufferers are chronic.

    Acupuncture techniques work by stimulating nerves in muscle tissues and under the skin. It makes the body produce endomorphs pain relieving substances. As a result, the body is relieved of any pressure and pain that is causing the discomfort.

    What Does A Daith Piercing Have To Do With Migraine

    Acupuncture is a common treatment for migraine, and some claim there is an acupuncture pressure point on the same spot in the ear that corresponds to the digestive system. This theory first spread on social media and was popularized on Facebook and Pinterest. Dr. Will Foster, an acupuncturist in Knoxville, Tennessee, confirms that this is a pressure point associated with digestive organs in that part of the ear. The belief is that wearing an earring in your daith provides constant compression to that pressure point, which many believe can relieve pain, especially if acupuncture in the same spot has been effective for you in the past. But Foster noted that this theory hinges on a piercer puncturing a very precise pressure point, which is unlikely to be achieved without an acupuncturists guidance, and even then, could not guarantee relief.

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    Risks Of Tragus Piercing

    Tragus piercings are generally super safe if theyre done correctly. But there are still some things you should keep in mind before trying this method.

    • Healing takes time. Tragus piercings take longer than earlobe piercings to heal. It can take 6 months to a year to fully bounce back, but discomfort should chill out in a couple of weeks.
    • Go to a professional. You should never DIY a piercing at home. You also need to follow your pros aftercare instructions to reduce your risk of infection.
    • Its not for everyone. Folks who have diabetes, hemophilia, or any health condition that prevents the body from healing should avoid piercings.
    • Be careful which metal you use. You should figure out if you have a skin sensitivity before you pull the tragus trigger. Nickel is the most common metal allergy, but some folks are also allergic to other kinds like copper, stainless steel, and silver.
    • Let your doc know ASAP if you have infection symptoms like pus, itching, burning, swelling, or throbbing.

    Want to know more about tragus piercing aftercare? Check out this great guide.

    The Research Behind Tragus Piercings

    Piercer Discusses DAITH Migraine Cure Piercing

    Tragus piercings seem promising because of results that have been achieved using acupuncture. Studies show that when acupunctures performed in the same area as the tragus piercing, it helped relieve migraine and tension headaches.

    One 2016 Cochrane review analyzed 22 different trials that included a total of almost 5,000 participants. The researchers found that acupuncture helped reduce migraine frequency more than no treatment at all.

    Reminder: While piercings and acupuncture both involve needles, theyre not the same thing. We need more studies to prove tragus piercings specifically can provide relief.

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    Does It Matter Which Ear You Pierce

    Theres no science to back the idea that piercing one ear will provide better results than the other ear. But most folks get it done on the side of their head thats most affected by migraine. You could also opt to have both sides pierced, but its still possible that it might not make a difference.

    Limitations Of This Research

    This research was conducted as an informal and anonymous poll. As such there are many limitations:

    • There was no control over who was selected and who wasnt. It was open to anyone who wanted to help provide answers for others considering this treatment option. As such there could be a bias towards successful participants wanting to share with others versus those who didnt get results and had moved on.;
    • The number of daith piercings was not asked. We do not know whether people had one ear or two ears with a daith piercings.
    • Adverse events, side effects, poorly inserted piercings, infections etc were not accounted for or recorded. These may have influenced the results of some people.
    • How much change in migraine frequency or severity that is solely attributable to the daith piercing was not measured. Some people may claim to have experienced their results entirely from the daith piercing, others may have combined the piercing with other treatments and for others there may be a placebo effect.;

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    Tragus And Daith Ear Piercings For Migraines With Reviews

    We want an easy way out of the migraine pain.

    ;I suffered for years trying anything I could get my hands on to get relief.

    ;After going through many health courses and learning what causes migraines and headaches Ive been migraine free for 5 years now.

    ;In this I am going to share everything there is to know about;tragus and daith ear piercings for migraines, along with reviews like the one below.

    Are Headaches A Common Side Effect Of Piercings

    Daith Piercing for Migraines: Does It Work and Is It Safe?

    Theres very little medical research that says new ear piercings commonly cause headaches. Headaches arent among the most common side effects of piercings. However, anecdotal evidence suggests its not an unusual side effect.

    Piercings arent the most comfortable procedures to begin with. Certainly, any well-trained technician will take measures to make the piercing more comfortable, but some initial reactions may include:

    • pain at the piercing site
    • bleeding
    • skin irritation
    • headache

    If you develop a headache, its likely a result of some mild pain and discomfort caused by the piercing.

    This may be especially true for piercings in areas of cartilage, like the inner ear. Softer tissues, like the earlobe, may be less likely to result in additional issues.

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    Daith Piercing: The Bad

    Even while some people noticed results with the Migraine piercing, many noticed no results, slight results, or only temporary improvement. The following daith piercing reviews for migraines show the negative side.

    Relief was only temporary:“It worked for a month or so while there was built up pressure from the healing of a new piercing. When it was fully healed, it no longer worked the same. But, it provided relief for a few months. – Hannah S.

    “The Migraine piercing worked at first. Not after it healed. Oh well, I like the piercing anyway.” – Julie L.

    Looks cool, but didn’t help.“I had both ears done with the ear piercing for migraines – no relief at all for Hemiplegic Migraines but my migraines are atmosphere-related not digestive. I wish I had read this before I tried it. I know someone who had great results. If you’re not sure I would try it and if nothing else you’ll have a “hip” piercing. Seeing an acupuncturist first is a very good suggestion.” – Kimberley G.

    “The daith piercing helped slightly. I get better pain relief from occipital nerve block shots.” – Joy L.

    “Daith piercing didn’t work for me. Acupuncture is next for me. Am forever hopeful that something will work.” – Lis M.

    “Got the ear piercing for headaches, it’s just pretty, didn’t help at all.” – Angela M.

    “I have Chiari and daily chronic migraines…got the daith and unfortunately didn’t help one bit.” – Tanya B.

    Can You Treat Migraine With An Earring

    In online discussions about migraine in the unfiltered depths of the internet, the subject of daith piercings as a form of treatment comes up again and again. This unconventional approach, while rooted in the same principles as acupuncture, is a hotly debated route to relief that some migraine patients swear by. The question everyone wants to know is if this treatment method holds any water. In short, the answer is no. But there are few authoritative sources that go into detail to explain why. Heres everything you need to know about daith piercings, plus some feedback from our on the piercing.

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    What People Are Saying On Social Media

    I think its a bit like everything else we read or hear, someone I know got rid of the migraines when he/ she changed their diet, or only drank water, or eats 5 bananas every day ;For some people, yes it may have an effect, for every one, no. I dont have any food triggers, and only drink water. But my triggers are everything else, not enough sleep, too much sleep, bad sleep, low blood sugar, wind, cold temperatures and warm temperatures. Sunlight, sharp lights in general. Noise. Stress. I get a migraine just going to my mailbox if the weather is just right for it. Inge S

    The thing with this is that its on a pressure point. If you walk into any regular piercing parlor and get a Daith piercing, that doesnt mean its going to help your migraines. You need someone who knows what theyre doing when it comes to piercing AND pressure points. That way, they can put it in exactly the right area. Emma A

    I have horrible migraines and Im currently taking 5 medications to help with them. I am willing to get this piercing to see if it works so I can get rid of all these medications. And if it doesnt work Im ok with it because Ill have a new piercing ;Each person is different what might work for one person might not work for another. Roxann G

    As cool as this sounds it is bull*%&# I have it pierced on both ears and have for almost 7 years and I still get really bad migraines. Bliss H

    There are a few considerations you should be aware of before getting a new piercing.

    How Acupuncture Helps With Migraines

    We Get Piercings To Try And Cure Our Chronic Migraines

    Research shows that acupuncture reduces the frequency of migraines. Its effect is similar to preventative medications, and it controls the painful symptoms. The tiny spot near the place where daith piercing is carried out is also recognized as a pressure point for migraines.

    The acupuncturist inserts fine needles into particular points of the body and stimulates them manually or electrically. It causes the blood vessels around the needle to dilate and increase the blood flow to the tissues. Acupuncture is executed by a highly trained and skilled acupuncturist who knows all about pressure points and easing headache pain most effectively.

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    Daith Ear Piercing And How Does It Work To Stop Migraines

    There are two ear piercings that are gaining a lot of attention in the migraine treatment world because so little is focused on dealing with the actual causes of migraines like neuronal excitation and inflammation.

    The two piercings are:


    ;There are some differences between the two but there is far too little scientific literature on either to make clear distinctions.

    Daith piercing is the more popularly discussed method of preventing and relieving migraines and headaches.

    The Migraine Professional community definitely vouches for daith piercings effectiveness more than the tragus.

    There is also little known about why they work or if they are simply placebo but here is what we do know.

    Acupuncture uses similar areas to treat diseases which we will talk about further down

    ;are specifically used on the vagal nerve for relief.

    Acupuncture, acupressure vagal nerve stimulation are the closest reasons we have that connects the possible migraine relief to tragus and daith piercings. But make sure to read our huge warning below.

    Its fairly simple.

    You find a reputable tattoo shop, get the piercing done and take care of it so that it heals well.

    Some even advocate pulling on the piercing when you feel pain coming on to stimulate the vagus nerve further. See video below:

    What Is A Daith Ear Piercing Can It Cure Migraines And Is It Painful To Have Done

    The daith piercing is a piercing through the inner most cartilage of the ear – which means it can be a little more uncomfortable than a lobe piercing to have done

    • 11:04, 11 Apr 2018

    PIERCINGS are very popular and thousands of people are fans of this method of body modification.

    But what is a daith;ear piercing and can it really help to ease migraines? Here’s the lowdown.

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